Rumic Theater
One Hundred Years of Love
Japanese Title: Hyaku-nen no koi
Originally Published In: Big Comic Original 1993 February

Summary: On December 14, 1994 Risa Hoshino passed away at the age of 90. On her bedside, a nurse finds a photo of a young man that had recently been in the hospital named Takanezawa. When the nurse begins discussing with the family why Risa would have a photo in a locket of a man she barely knew, Risa jumps back to life and demands that they return her photo.

Risa discovers that once she came back from the dead that she had telekinesis (the ability to move objects with one's mind). She decides to track down Takanezawa, so she flies off on her crutch in search of him.

Upon finding Takanezawa, Risa explains that he looks just like a man she loved when she was a young girl. The man, Yosaburo, had committed suicide when Risa spurned him, and she was never able to forgive herself. Yosaburo had jumped off a cliff, and Takanezawa seems to enjoy mountain climbing, which worries Risa, but even worse the nurse that Takanezawa loves has recently been proposed to by a doctor. Risa has to do her best to ensure that nothing happens to Takanezawa that might drive him to suicide like his previous incarnation, Yosaburo.