Rumic Theater
Laughing Target
Japanese Title: Warau hyoteki
Originally Published In: Shonen Sunday Zokan 1983 #2

Summary: As children, Azusa and Yuzuru were engaged by their parents. Yuzuru told Azusa that he loved her and was happy to be marrying her, and then he went back to his home in Tokyo.

Years later, as teenagers, Azusa's mother dies mysteriously and she announces that she's going to go to Tokyo to meet her bethroded, Yuzuru. Yuzuru hasn't seen Azusa in many years and just assumes she's probably become interested in some other guy. Yuzuru's girlfriend, Satomi, doubts that Azusa will have forgotten him so easily.

Satomi's assumption is correct, Azusa flirts and hang all over Yuzuru. One night, some thugs attempt to attack Azusa and she flies into a rage and kills them. She remembers doing the same thing when she was a small girl. Azusa becomes very jealous of Satomi and uses her demonic powers in an attempt to kill her, but not before Yuzuru realizes what's going on. Yuzuru has no other choice but to kill her with an arrow through the heart.