Rumic Theater
Living Room Lovesong
Japanese Title: Cha no ma no rabusongu
Originally Published In: Big Comic Original 1996 February

Summary: While waiting for her husband to return from work so they can celebrate their anniversary a middle-aged woman passes away from eating a durian fruit with alcohol. At the funeral Mr. Tadakoro thinks about how he had begun to take his wife for granted recently, and now that she is gone, he begins to realize how much he loved her. Even though he loves her, he is surprised that he has not cried at her death.

Ten months go by, and Mr. Tadakoro seems to be slowly recovering from his wife's death. He has begun to take a special notice of Hitomi Momoi, a young girl working in his office. One night after returning home from work he is surprised to find the television on. Mr. Tadakoro is even more shocked to see the ghost of his wife sitting in his living room. His wife pesters him and proves to be even more trouble when he realizes he is the only one that can see her. Eventually he begins to see more and more of young Ms. Momoi as she comes by to cook for him. He finds that he has developed a crush on her, made none the easier by the ghost of his wife who has started spreading rumors about Momoi and his "relationship".

Mr. Tadakoro tries everything to get rid of the pestering spirit of his dead wife, but she refuses to leave. One night while he is lying awake sick in bed and thinking of Momoi he sees her standing outside in the rain. He heads out to comfort her and then sees her boyfriend. He watches as they reconcile and leave together, and Mr. Tadakoro returns home dejectedly. The ghost feels sorry for her husband and tells him to look in a drawer in the living room and then vanishes for a final time. In the drawer he finds a letter his wife had written him on their anniversary and he is finally able to cry over his lost spouse.