Rumic Theater
The Executive's Dog
Japanese Title: Senmu no inu
Originally Published In: Big Comic Original 1994 January

Summary: One day Kogure's boss comes by with his dog, Gorgeous. He needs the junior man to watch his dog for a few days. Almost immediately Kogure's stress begins to build when he finds that one of his children have drawn eyebrows on Gorgeous the Dog to make him look like his boss. Kogure worries about his job so much that he begins to develop a bald spot.

As if this was not stressful enough, the boss's mistress pays a visit to see Gorgeous but winds up moving in with Kogure and his family. Soon her large four poster bed is crowding their tiny living room, and as they eat breakfast she lays around in her lingerie and has her female friends over to visit. Ultimately the boss's wife comes calling and Kogure takes the fall by claiming the boss's mistress as his own. All in a days work for a stressed out salaryman like Kogure.