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MOON, The Great Pet King
Japanese Title: MOON dai petto ou
Originally Published In: Shogaku 3-nensei 1992 #10 - 11 September - October and 1993 #12 - 1994 #1 December - January

Summary: This was Takahashi's first foray into manga for children. It follows MOON, a giant alien rabbit who is trying to get back to his planet. He lands in Japan and gets help from a young boy named Shota. The first few chapters revolve around Shota trying to overcome his fear of heights. The following year Takahashi published two more chapters, this time involving decorating the school's Christmas tree, and a skiing trip where the children meet a young ghostly snow child that freezes their hotel room. The running gag in the series is that MOON has gained so much weight while on Earth he is unable to fly or be of much help to the children.