Rumic Theater
Trouble With the Neighbors
Japanese Title: Rinka no nayami
Originally Published In: Big Comic Original March 5, 2011

Summary: Hazama is a typical salaryman with a friendly boss and a nosy apartment building manager. Hazama lives in a company owned apartment complex next to his boss, Ukita, who is married to a much younger and very attractive woman named Mariko. Unfortunately, his job has taken him away from home and his new bride, Yukarin, who is pregnant. Almost every night Ukita insists on going out drinking with Hazama, who dutifully drags his stumbling drunk boss back home to his lovely wife.

After one such night, Hazama finds a note under his door that simply says "Mariko Ukita is having an affair." He mentions this to the apartment manager who tells him that something had happened to the previous tenant of his apartment. It turned out the man who lived there prior to him had also been accused of having an affair with Mariko and, ironicallly, also worked under Mr. Ukita. Before long similar letters were spread throughout the apartment building and the man moved away out of shame. Now, it seems to be happening yet again. Hazama explains to the apartment manager that he loves his wife, but upon showing her a picture of Yukarin (who is quite fat), no one seems to believe that he could really choose her over the beautiful Mariko. Soon Hazama is having to drag his boss back home after another night of drinking, where her confesses to Mariko that he recieved a letter about an affair. She mentions that it has happened before, but the very next day Hazama finds a photograph of himself that shows him speaking with Mariko. It seems someone was watching them the previous night.

Mariko finds a sack of photos showing her talking with Hazama, and soon she and Hazama catch the culprit in the act. It turns out that her own husband was surrepticiously photographing her, but while he was taking the photographs he points out that he was out of the country when the first letter was sent. Depressed, Mariko admits that she sent the first letter out of frustration that her husband was spending so little time with her. With that settled, the party realizes that someone still took the first photograph of Hazama talking to Mariko. Suddenly Hazama's pregnant wife sheepishly comes forward, admitting that she drove up to see Hazama one night and found him talking to the beautiful Mrs. Ukita. With the misunderstanding all cleared up, the two couples happily iron out their differences.