Rumic Theater
One or Double
Japanese Title: 1 or W
Originally Published In: Shonen Sunday 1994 Vol. 36

Summary: Miyamoto has grown tired of Coach Wakatabe's harsh Kendo instuction so he decides to head back to Tokyo. On the way to the bus he runs into Ichiyanagi, the new Kendo Club Coordinator who talks him into staying. On the way back, Coach Wakatabe comes flying down the hill on his bicycle causing Miyamoto, Ichiyanagi, and himself to crash over the guard rail and into the ocean.

After a few hours Miyamoto awakens to the news that Coach Wakatabe and Ichiyanagi did not survive the accident. As Miyamoto goes to pay his final respects to Ichiyanagi's body, she suddenly leaps up and announces everyone should head back to camp. After a few hours at back at the training camp, Miyamoto walks in on Ichiyanagi changing clothes and then turns to see her ghost in front of him. The ghost explains that before she could return, Coach Wakatabe jumped ahead of her and lept into her body. The Coach tells Miyamoto that he'd leave her body if he can score at least one point against him in a Kendo match, a feat that is impossible for Miyamoto to accomplish. After a lot of practice Miyamoto defeats the Coach who gives a tearful goodbye to his students, but not before the police arrive to tell everyone that the Coach's body has been found and has been comatose for the last few days.