Rumic Theater
Permanent Love
Japanese Title: Paamanento rabu
Originally Published In: Big Comic Original 2005 Vol. 4

Summary: Due to his job, Mr. Kamimoto is forced to relocate from Tokyo to a small town. His wife and daughter decide not to move with him and provide no help or support for him while he moves into his new apartment. Mr. Kamimoto feels unloved and betrayed when he sees his wife on television waiting at the airport to see the celebrity du jour from Korea arrive in Tokyo. Over the course of the next few weeks his wife keeps popping up on TV in the throngs of fans cheering for the star.

Soon Kamimoto meets a hairstylist named Suzuka at a small restaurant who seems to dislike the Korean celeb as much as he does and he falls for her instantly. Kamimoto fantasizes about becoming a father to her son, and being a good husband to her, unlike her deceased husband who drank heavily and fought with her. Soon Kamimoto finds himself looking for any excuse to get his hair cut, dyed, or permed by the beautiful Suzuka.