Rumic Theater
Middle-Aged Teen
Japanese Title: Oyaji rotin
Originally Published In: Big Comic Original 1997 May

Summary: Mr. Furuda seems like an average businessman. He works long hours and does not get to spend much time with his family. One night he never returns home and the next day his family recieves a call from the hospital. When Mrs. Furuda and their son, Minoru, arrive they find Mr. Furuda with a few scrapes and broken glasses, but he seems fine otherwise... until he tells them he is 13 years old.

That evening Mrs. Furuda finds a set of stickers from a picture booth of Mr. Furuda and a cute young high school girl. The picture is surrounded by little hearts which sends Mrs. Furuda into a rage. The next day Minoru sets off with his father in hopes of finding the girl and possibly discovering what his father's relationship to her is. They find the girl, and she immediately rushes over to Mr. Furuda and hands him a large sum of money and his credit card before running away. Minoru heads home to tell his mother the news but Mr. Furuda stays out and continues his search for the mysterious girl. The girl follows him home after he tells her what has happened to him and watches him from a distance.

Over dinner both Mrs. Furuda and Minoru are enraged at Mr. Furuda over his seeming tryst with the young girl. Suddenly Mr. Furuda exclaims he remembers something and jumps up and strikes a bizarre pose. After returning to the hospital they discover that stress seems to be the cause of his regression. Mr. Furuda keeps discussing the young girl on the way home when they happen to run into her. She explains why she was photographed with him. Apparently Mr. Furuda was drunk and trying to use the picture booth when he asked her for help, and she stepped around the curtain just as the flash went off. Eventually Mr. Furuda's child-like behavior is too much for his family and after his feelings are hurt he tries to run away. Minoru and his mother catch him and eventually his memories begin to return. Mrs. Furuda is not happy that the high school girl continues to write to Mr. Furuda though.