Rumic Theater
Hidden in the Pottery
Japanese Title: Hachi no naka
Originally Published In: Big Comic Original 1988 May

Summary: After attending the funeral of her neighbor, Mrs. Tonegawa, the young woman begins to hear odd things about Mrs. Tonegawa's daughter-in-law. She hears that the daughter-in-law (Young Mrs. Tonegawa) was very cruel to the recently diseased Mrs. Tonegawa. That she refused to cook for her, after Young Mrs. Tonegawa's husband died in a car accident that injured her mother-in-law, Young Mrs. Tonegawa refused to care for her and hired a private nurse.

After the funeral, Young Mrs. Tonegawa asks the young woman to care for her plants while she's away. The young woman is somewhat apprehensive, but agrees to help while Young Mrs. Tonegawa is away. While caring for the plants, one of them happens to fall and break it's pot. Picking up the pieces the young woman notices that there is a triangular white object in the pot, which she immediately recognizes as a bone. She also hears an odd story from one of her neighbors about Old Mrs. Tonegawa apologizing and crying while Young Mrs. Tonegawa dragged her back into the apartment.

Could Young Mrs. Tonegawa have killed someone? Are these really pieces of someone's bones in the plant pots? The young woman begins to worry, and decides to confront Young Mrs. Tonegawa about the bone she has found... which doesn't seem to please Young Mrs. Tonegawa.