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The Golden Gods of Poverty
Japanese Title: Gorudo * hinga [Ogon no binbo shin]
Originally Published In: Shonen Sunday Zokan 1978 #9

Summary: Poor Sakae has become a test subject in his parents bizzare experiments. They're convinced that by using some of his bone marrow they can create gold and solve their financial problems. The experiment goes wrong, and instead of creating gold, the "Good Luck Gods" are summoned. Expecting to recieve gold, Sakae's parents let the Gods live with them. The Gods get together and tell Sakae that they've used up all their luck and are now very poor. Sakae hatches a plan that will benefit everyone. The Gods can rob a bank and renew their supply of gold, and he'll help them and force his inconsiderate parents to worry about him for a change. Takahashi originally published this story earlier and redrew parts of it. You can find the original version published under the title "Koufuku Gousei Karada" (Happiness Body Synthesis) in Bibito.