Rumic Theater
Reserved Seat
Japanese Title: Takarazuka e no shotai (Invitation to Takarazuka)
Originally Published In: Big Comic Spirits 1993 Vol. 34

Summary: Meet Masahiko, the lead singer of a new Visual Kei rock band named "Willow". Masahiko's grandmother recently passed away and he took the opportunity to let his family and everone else at her funeral know exactly what he thought of her. Arriving in full rock-star regalia, Masahiko dumps out all of his Takarazuka (a Japanese stage show consisting of elaborate costumes popular with girls) posters. As his father shouts that he's "disowned," Masahiko laughs and extends his middle finger directed towards his deceased Grandmother's photo.

Willow heads off for their next performance thanking Masahiko for playing on the same day as his Grandmother's funeral (he could care less). At the performance Masahiko falls into his usual stage routine, he stands in front of the microphone in a wooden, rigid stance and never moves throughout the entire set.

The next day Azuki, one of the members of Willow, decides that if they're going to win the upcoming competition it's not going to be with Masahiko on vocals. They tell Masahiko that he can audition with the rest of the vocalists, but Masahiko shows up late with no memory of where he's been. He quickly notices that he's got quite a few Takarazuka posters with him, and Yuzuhara, another bandmate with a spirtual intunement, notices the spirit of his Grandmother around him. Masahiko soon realizes that his Grandmother is possessing him to finish using up her season tickets for Takarazuka shows. Masahiko then recalls a painful memory that led him to hate his Grandmother and never be able to cut loose in front of an audience!