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Revenge Doll
Japanese Title: Ribenji Dorru
Originally Published In: Big Comic Original October 10, 2013

Summary: Sentaro Yuda is a manga artist who had a minor hit ten years ago with "Revenge Doll," which was made into a late night anime. Now he is struggling to reignite his popularity when a reader sends him a doll called Sanjusama. The doll is able to place three curses, one for each of its eyes. Little by little Yuda tries out the doll and watches as those around him become injured. Yuda proves to be incredibly petty and spiteful, angrily placing his manga before the happiness of others and sleeping with his assistant Mitsuki simply to spite his other assistant who had a crush on her.

After testing the doll Yuda's situation worsens, his old editor is now editor-in-chief and promptly cancels his latest series, while his assistant Shunsuke Kazami gets promoted to fill the void left by Yuda's cancellation. Having tested Sanjusama on Mitsuki and giving her a stye on her eye and inflicting whiplash on his editor Hiyamizu, Yuda decides to use the fatal third eye to curse Himura, his editor-in-chief. Just as he is about to Himura appears, appealing to Yuda to do his best on the final ten chapters of his series and revealing that he has had some bad news from his doctor and may die soon. Yuda only thinks about how lucky he is not to have wasted his fatal wish on an already dying man.

Mitsuki tries to get rid of Sanjusama but the doll keeps returning to Yuda who finally decides he'll kill Kazami. Instead he remembers the request of the editor-in-chief to do his best and decides to try harder. Little by little his standing in the readers' survey improves and he hopes Shonen Heat will offer him a spot to do another series when his current one concludes. However no offer comes and Yuda realizes if he kills Kazami before he creates his final chapter he'll likely be asked to continue his series to fill the void left by a deceased Kazami. Yuda paints the eye as he shouts Kazami's name but accidently uses correction fluid instead of ink. Ultimately Kazami's series becomes a massive hit and everyone who suffered under Yuda is relieved of their maladies, while Yuda stews at home with nothing to do.