Rumic Theater
Those Selfish Aliens
Japanese Title: Katte na yatsura
Originally Published In: Shonen Sunday 1978 Volume 28

Summary: Those Selfish Aliens was released in 1978 and was Rumiko Takahashi's first published work. For it she won Shogakukan's "Best New Comic Artist Award".

The story follows Kei, a young man delivering newspapers until he is abducted by aliens. The aliens insert a tiny bomb into his body and set it to go off if it's removed. Once Kei awakens he finds that the alien space craft is being pulled into the ocean.

The ship crashes into the ocean, and is captured by Fish Men. The Fish Men decide to use Kei to destroy the air on the surface world, so they too plant a small, ultra-destructive bomb inside him. Kei awakens and escapes with a young girl named Akane who had been kidnapped by the Fish Men a year ago. After escaping in the alien craft, they crash into a city and are believed to be aliens. The government believes the only way to prevent the aliens from invading is to destroy their mothership, so they too plant a bomb inside of Kei. The Fish Men (the Dappya Men from Urusei Yatsura) start to invade Earth, and before all hell breaks loose everyone realizes what they've done. The destructive power of the three bombs inside Kei will not only destroy Earth, but the entire universe as well! The Aliens, Fish Men, and Government Agents decide to protect Kei for the rest of his life, for should he die, the bombs will detonate.