Rumic Theater
My Sky
Japanese Title: Watashi no Sukai
Originally Published In: Big Comic Original 2013 Vol. 6

Summary: Mr. Inukai has recently suffered a loss in his family- his dog Sky, whom he loved dearly, passed away leaving him alone with his wife who does not understand how much he misses his dog. Strangely enough an the ghost of an old man appears that looks similar to Sky, even down to the markings on the back of his white suit jacket. Mr. Inukai struggles to understand why his deceased dog has returned as a ghost in the form of an elderly man when he first meets his young neighbors the Nakagawas.

Ms. Nakagawa is a single mother with an abusive boyfriend that takes advantage of her and mistreats her son Yuto. Mr. Inukai watches silently with Sky as the boyfriend steals money and becomes physically abusive towards Ms. Nakagawa, until he sees young Yuto with a handprint across his face where he was slapped. He is shocked when Ms. Nakagawa seems indifferent to his abuse, but then Sky warns him that he smells something strange in the apartment. Mr. Inukai and Sky rush to see that Ms. Nakagawa was acting cold to her son so he would leave while she doused her boyfriend in gasoline so she could burn him to death for abusing her son. Mr. Inukai manages to stop her from going through with it, while Sky uses his nose to sniff out Yuto after he runs away.