Rumic Theater
?'s Illness
A Band of Young Ruffians
A Cry For Help
A Thousand Years of Innocence
Aberrant Family F
Aim For the Ace!
Arbitrary Infection
As Long As You Are Here
Birds of Fate
Bye-Bye Road
Cute Flower
The Diary of Kemo Kobiru
The Diet Goddess
Dinner and the Witch
Dust in the Wind
Dutiful Vacation
The Entrepreneurial Spirit
Equation of Nirvana
Excuse Me For Being A Dog!
The Executive's Dog
Extra-Large Size Happiness
The Face Pack
Fire Tripper
The Golden Gods of Poverty
Grafitti Pop
The Grandfather of All Baseball Games
A Guilty Happening
Happiness List
Happy Talk
House of Garbage
Hidden in the Pottery
I Can't Throw Away Books
In Lieu of Thanks
Kemo's 24 Hours
Laughing Target
Living Room Lovesong
Maris the Chojo
Memories of My Hometown
The Merchant of Romance
Middle-Aged Teen
The Mirror Came
MOON, The Great Pet King
Multiplying Wives - A Fairy Tale
My Scandal
My Sky
My Sweet Sunday
My Workplace, Manga, and Myself
One Day Dream
One Hundred Years of Love
One or Double
Permanent Love
Positive Cooking
Red Bouquet
Reserved Seat
Revenge Doll
Scene of the Crime
Shake Your Buddha
The Shape of Gluttony
Sleep and Forget
Someday He'll Get You
Star of Futile Dust
The Star With A Thousand Faces
That Darn Cat
The Tragedy of P
This Year a Championship!
Those Selfish Aliens
Thus, Half of Them Are Gone
Time Warp Trouble
To Grandmother's House We Go
Trouble With the Neighbors
War Council
War on the Back
Wasted Minds
Wedded Bliss
When My Eyes Got Wings
Winged Victory
with CAT
Wrong For One's Age