Rumic Theater
A Thousand Years of Innocence
Japanese Title: Chitose no mushin
Originally Published In: Shonen Sunday 2017 Vol. 17 & 18

Summary: Mushin and his master venture into a cursed temple to confront an evil entity that has taken up residence inside a wooden statue only for the spirit to get the better of the young man. A battle ensues and the creature flees. A thousand years later a school girl named Ai is confronted by bullies when Mushin appears and exorcises them using the blood of an oni that has possessed him. He explains that the students were being controlled by small wooden shikigami sent by the immortal creature he has been chasing for ten centuries.

Ai realizes the more Mushin uses his blood to battle the shikigami possessed students that his hair grows whiter and he seems to weaken. When the pair finally face off against the wooden statue it reveals that it is Mushin's master who had willingly given himself over to dark powers in order to gain immortality as he was dying. Ai is nearly killed and Mushin's oni blood takes over, turning him into an oni and giving him the strength to kill his former master.