Rumic Theater
Time Warp Trouble
Japanese Title: Hara hara horu
Originally Published In: Big Goro 1978 August

Summary: After hearing a lecture in his history class, Minoru decides that if the same policies are continued Japan will have a severe famine within the next 50 years. While eating his lunch he tells his fellow chemisty club members that they need to design a fermentation chemical that will increase the amount of nutrients absorbed by the body. But eating and mixing chemicals is never a good combination, and Minoru causes a large explosion.

When the smoke clears, a group of rugged men are standing in the classroom. Once they smell food they go crazy and raid the cafeteria of all it's food. Once the principal finds out, he takes the men and the chemisty club into his office to find out what all this is about. From what the men say, they appear to be from Tenmei Era Famine (circa. 1783) The principal doesn't believe any of this, and threatens to call the police. The Villagers beg the principal, and tell him they're going home to return the food they've found to their starving families. Once through the portal, it's revealed that they aren't from the 18th century, but from the year 2053 when another extreme famine has wrecked Japan.