Rumic Theater
Winged Victory
Japanese Title: Uchi ga megami ja!!
Originally Published In: Shonen Sunday 1989 April

Summary: After 999 straight losses the Yakihata Agricultural High School Rugby Team has decided to disband after their 1,000th loss. Kango, the team captain refuses to admit defeat, because he keeps seeing a young ghost-like girl cheering for them at every game. Kango tells the Principal and his Coach (who are his father and older brother) that they're the ones responsible for starting and maintaining the school's losing streak, but he'll be the one that can finally turn it around.

While practicing one night, The Goddess arrives to introduce herself to Kango. She tells him that she's been cheering for the rugby team since it's inception. Upon hearing this, Kango quickly blames her for the team's 999 consecutive loses. Kango comes across a picture of his father posing with a girl named Tsukiko, who looks exactly like the Goddess. Kango's father tells him how Tsukiko used to cheer for them until her weak heart gave out on the day they lost their first game.

The fateful day of the final game arrives, and the Goddess refuses to cheer for the team. Kango puts on a spectacular preformance, and has a chance to make the final goal. Within meters of the goal, he's tackled, but before he hits the ground his team picks him up and as they cross the goal, everyone sees the Goddess of Victory cheering them on!