Rumic Theater
War Council
Japanese Title: Sengoku seito-kai
Originally Published In: Shonen Sunday Zokan 1982 #2

Summary: Yu Sanada has been chosen as the new President of the Official Student Council. The Official Student Council has the job of assigning budgets to other school groups (as long as it has the offical stamp, that is). The Combat Student Council and the Scholastic Student Council are willing to do anything to get the stamp.

Sanada accepts the job as the new President, which requires him to guard the stamp full-time. The other Students Councils though are willing to kill anyone that gets in their way, and Sanada becomes Public Enemy No. 1!

Nanako begins to realize that Sanada has a huge crush on her, and winds up having to help him escape the other clubs attacks. Sanada and Nanako realize that the power of the stamp is too great for any one person to control, so in an effor to save Nanako, Sanada throws the stamp into the river. Unfortunately, what he threw wasn't the stamp, but a decoy and so the chase begins anew.