Rumic Theater
When My Eyes Got Wings
Japanese Title: Yami o kakeru manazashi
Originally Published In: Shonen Sunday Zokan 1982 #8

Summary: Ikumi and her boyfriend Daisuke are going through a bit of a rough patch in their relationship. She feels Daisuke is breaking a lot of his promises to take her out and do things with her. After one such argument, Ikumi is walking home with her friends when she hears a little boy call out from his hospital window asking her to return his ball.

After returning the ball Ikumi takes a shine to the sickly child named Hitomi. He shows her his bird that he's named "Peeping Tom," and begs her to come and see him again tomorrow. Ikumi keeps her promise and returns the next day, but this time with her boyfriend Daisuke. That night something crashes through Daisuke's window, and he recognizes the bird outside as Peeping Tom. The next day, he tells Ikumi that he doesn't want her to visit the hospital again, and then goes to have a talk with Hitomi. Hitomi shows off a small part of his powers, but doesn't impress Daisuke. Daisuke then goes to discuss what has happened with Ikumi, which she finds a little unbelievable until they see Peeping Tom following behind them. When walls start to crumble around them and accidents start to happen, the know they aren't dealing with an ordinary child.