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Page 1

Panel 1

Takahashi is sitting in her room, smoking as she draws at her desk.

Narration: It was the third year after my debut, and I had graduated from college to start my weekly serialization in Shonen Sunday.

Takahashi: I’d like something to eat.

Narration: I was still living in the same apartment I had during my student days, Nakano’s old wood and mortar apartment.


Panel 2

Takahashi and her editor sitting at a table at a café.

Narration: The person in charge at the time…

Editor: Since we’re starting a new magazine we’d like a series from you.

Takahashi: (Thinking) Lucky.


Panel 3

A white panel.

Narration: I only had one idea though.

Takahashi: I want to make it about an apartment building.

Panel 4

Takahashi leans out her window, staring at a building resembling Maison Ikkoku across the street. A kendo mask and arm guards are hanging out of a second-story window.

Narration: My place had been built next to this really weird apartment.

Sign: (A finger points to the building) Vague memory.

Takahashi: Creepy.

Panel 5

A hole in a window that has been crammed with books to plug it up.

Narration: Everyday in the front window a mask and arm guards were left out to dry.

Narration: And another window pane was cracked with books sticking out of it.


Page 2

Panel 1

Takahashi attempting to relax at her dinner table turns as she hears laughter outside her window.

Narration: I never actually saw the neighbors.

Voice: Wa ha ha ha ha!

Takahashi: I can only hear their voices. It must be a student dorm.

Narration: In the spring of 1980 the mysterious apartment building was torn down.



Panel 2

Kyoko Otonashi sweeping.

Narration: It was that apartment on which Maison Ikkoku was based.


Panel 3

Takahashi leaning out her window to peer across the street once again.

Sound FX: Boom

Takahashi: I should have taken some pictures.

Narration: By the time serialization began, the building was gone.


Panel 4

Takahashi meeting with her editor at the café again, however this time both are dressed for winter.

Narration: Debut day.

Narration: I completely forgot to bring a copy.

Takahashi: Eh.


Panel 5

Takahashi smiles as she picks up the first issue of Big Comic Spirits.

Narration: It felt like a storm was coming.

Takahashi: There it is. (I was still naïve.)

Narration: I bought the first issue at a neighborhood general store.


Panel 6

Takahashi with her two assistants, Kuniko Saito and Makiko Nagano, all crowded around the same small table, trying to work.

Narration: I got really fired up when I had to do the promo poster, but when the first issue came out I was excited and nervous. It was a lot of fun though.

Takahashi: This is too cramped.

Narration: My two beautiful staffers.

Narration: In the winter of 1980 I was determined to move because of concerns about my work space.

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