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Page 1


Panel 1

Late one night at Mukoda’s Gym, Kosaku sits on a bench eating while talking to his two friends. In the ring, Ishida is training another young boxer.

Kosaku: Did Coach go out somewhere?


Dark-haired Boxer: He said it was something about your next match.


Panel 2

Kosaku starts eating right in front of his friends.


Kosaku: Huh, really.


Dark-haired Boxer: Uh, Hatanaka-senpai.


Shunpei: Cut it out, you know we don’t eat at the gym.


Panel 3

Coach Mukoda comes through the door and hits Kosaku for eating.


Dark-haired Boxer:  Ah, Coach.


Shunpei: You’re back.


Panel 4

Mukoda grabs Kohaku and is shaking, apparently with anger.


Mukoda: Everybody just settle down.


Dark-haired Boxer: Huh?


Shunpei: Okay.


Page 2 and 3


Panel 1

Mukoda clenches his fist and sheds a tear.


Mukoda: It’s been a long time coming.


Two or three times I’ve thought the gym was done for.


But now,


Panel 3

Mukoda grabs Kosaku and everyone looks shocked.


Mukoda: Kosaku, you’ve got a title fight!


The Orient Pacific champ picked you!


Panel 4

Kosaku stares into space, dumbfounded.


Kosaku: A title fight… me…



Page 4


Panel 1

The next day at the church, Angela is equally surprised by the news.


Angela: Wha…


So if you’ll win, you’ll be the champion?


Panel 3

Kosaku stares at the ground looking very determined.


Kosaku: Yeah… but from here on,


Panel 4

Kosaku clinches his fist and looks off dramatically.


Kosaku: I’ll work my hardest because I know God will be watching.


Angela: …Yes.


Panel 5

Kosaku closes his eyes.


Kosaku: And most of all…



Page 5


Panel 1

Kosaku clutches Angela’s hand as she looks down with embarrassment.


Kosaku: Sister Angela!


You’ve always watched over me…


Angela: Um, Mr. Hatakana.


Panel 2

Mukoda rides up on his bicycle and slaps Kosaku on the back.


Mukoda: Hey!


Panel 3

Taiyaki fish cookies fall out of Kosaku’s shirt after he gets slapped on the back.


Panel 4

Mukoda looks irritated while Angela and Kosaku laugh nervously.


Mukoda: So…


Kosaku: C-Coach…


Angela: Hello, Coach.


Panel 6

Mukoda looks exhausted from having to deal with Kosaku.


Mukoda: Kosaku, don’t you get it?


This isn’t like all your other fights.


Panel 7

Kosaku nibbles on his taiyaki.


Kosaku: I know.


When I win, I’ll be the champ, right?



Page 6


Panel 1

Mukoda punches Kosaku in the head while Sister Angela watches.


Mukoda: Then you might want to consider loosing some weight!


Kosaku: But, the match isn’t for another two months though…


Panel 2

Mukoda rides off on his bicycle dragging Kosaku behind him.


Mukoda: Excuse us, Sister.


Kosaku: I hope you’ll come see me at the fight.


Angela: Please do your best.


Panel 3

Angela holds her hands over her heart.


Angela thinks: Mr. Hatanaka could be the champion…


It seems like a dream.


Panel 4

A shot of the gym at night…


Voice: Who knows why they picked Hatanaka-senpai for the match,


Panel 5

The dark haired boxer and Shunpei whisper to one another while watching Kosaku.


Dark-haired Boxer: But they did.


Shunpei: Yeah.



Page 7


Panel 1

Kosaku hits the heavy bag.


Voice: He’s got  a ten win/six loss record, which is pretty fair,


Panel 2

Shunpei and the other boxer watch, somewhat mystified.


Dark-haired Boxer: And is famous for not being able to drop weight.


Shunpei: And so he’s basically in rough shape before his fights even start.


Panel 3

Mukoda watches Kosaku working out.


Mukoda: Mmm.


You look like a real paper tiger, Kosaku.


Kosaku: Feh.



Page 8


Panel 1

Kosaku looks supremely confident.


Kosaku: Forget it, there’s no need to worry.


I’ve got ten wins, all KOs.


Panel 2

Kosaku uppercuts the heavy bag while everyone watches him unenthusiastically.


Dark-haired boxer: And six sloppy losses, all from KOs.


Shunpei: That’s what he wants us to forget.


Kosaku: Absolutely victory!


Panel 3

An empty panel with Kosaku’s declaration.


Kosaku: And when I become the champ…


Panel 4

Kosaku imagines himself lovingly gazing into Sister Angela’s eyes.


Kosaku: Sister,


I want you to leave the convent and marry me.


Angela: I will!



Page 9


Panel 1

Ishida hangs his arms over the ring ropes while he talks to Mukoda.


Ishida: Coach, I overheard something before,


It’s about the champ, Ryusei Kurenai…


Mukoda: Yeah?


Panel 2

Mukoda looks surprised as Ishida talks.


Ishida: In addition to being a boxer, I hear he’s got a job on the side.


Mukoda: Another job…?


Like what?


Panel 3

Exterior shot of the church.


Voice: Sister Angela, Mother Abbess would like to speak to you.


Angela: Alright.


Panel 4

Angela looks shocked as she stands in front of Mother Abbess’s desk.


Angela: What!? My mother…!?


Mother Abbess: It seems she’s been hospitalized.


I’m giving you permission to go visit her.



Page 10


Panel 1

That night at the hospital…


Angela: Mother!


Panel 2

Angela’s mother is lying in a hospital bed; her father is standing at her mother’s side.


Father: Marie…


Angela: Father,


How is mother doing?


Panel 3

Angela’s mother has her eyes closed tightly.



The devil’s party…


Panel 4

Angela looks worried.


Angela: Devil!?


Panel 5

Angela’s father looks at Angela.


Father: I’ve already called your aunt to help, since my blood pressure has been so high lately.


Angela: Auntie…?



Page 11


Panel 1

Auntie bursts into the room carrying flowers.


Auntie: Sis, are you alright?


I was shocked when I heard. This came right out of the blue.


Panel 2

Angela and her father turn to see Auntie enter.


Father: Mizue-san.


Angela: Auntie.


Panel 3

Auntie laughs cheerfully.


Auntie: Oh, Marie-chan, how are you?


Panel 4

Angela’s mother reaches out towards her daughter.


Mother: Marie-chan,


Please save Mizue.


Angela: Mother…


Panel 5

Angela’s mother looks weakly at her.


Mother: Mizue has been bewitched by the devil himself.


It’s a demon with the face of an angel.


Panel 6

Auntie laughs while Angela leans over her mother’s bed.


Mother: If she doesn’t repent she’ll surely go to hell.


Angela: Mother!?


Auntie: Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho!



Page 12


Panel 1

Auntie’s Mercedes driving down the street at night.


Auntie: My God, Marie-chan, your mother… she really has lead a sheltered life.


Angela: Um, Auntie…


Panel 2

In the back of the car, Auntie smokes a cigarette while she chats with Angela.


Angela: I’m not really sure what this is all about.


Auntie: Oh.


Panel 3

Auntie smiles at Angela.


Auntie: Well then, shall we go there together?


Panel 4

Angela looks nervously at Auntie.


Angela: Um…


To hell?


Auntie: Idiot.


Panel 5

The car zooms off into the night.


Auntie: To heaven!




Page 13


Panel 1 and 2

An exterior shot of Club Ring, and then an interior showing a lot of handsome young men.


Guys: Come on in!


Welcome to Club Ring!!


Panel 3

Angela stares in stunned silence.


Panel 4

Auntie looks eagerly at Angela.

Angela: Um, Auntie, this is a….


Auntie: You got it, it’s a host club.



Page 14


Panel 1

An incredibly handsome blonde haired man in a white suit enters the room.


Man: Mizue-chan.


You look beautiful tonight.


Panel 2

Auntie holds up her glass, toasting the man.


Auntie: Ryusei-chan, come over here.


Panel 3

Ryusei sits down next to Auntie and leans over to look at Angela.


Ryusei: And this is?


Auntie: My niece, Marie.



Page 15


Panel 1

The other hosts watch closely while Ryusei chats with Angela.


Ryusei: Cool costume.


What store do you work at?


Angela: Huh!?


Angela thinks: I have no idea what he’s talking about.


Auntie: Oh, she doesn’t work at an image club. (((Translation note: An image club is a brothel where prostitutes dress in costumes.)))


Panel 2

Two of the other hosts are excited.


Host: No kidding, you’re a real nun!?


Other host: That’s unusual.


Panel 3

Auntie smiles, while Angela gets mad.


Auntie: Oh no, she’s still just a novice.


She can quit anytime.


Angela: Auntie!


Panel 4

Ryusei lights Auntie’s cigarette while they chat.


Ryusei: Huh, is that so Marie-chan.


Angela: My name is Sister Angela, and no, I’m not going to quit.


Panel 5

Ryusei gazes at Angela.


Ryusei: I want to be a god too.


I could really fall for a pretty girl like you.


Panel 6

Angela is taken aback.


Angela: Ah,


What a suspicious man.



Page 16


Panel 1

The hosts cheer while Angela looks on nervously.


Host: Let’s break out the Dom Perignon!


Shouts: Dom Perignon! Open it! Awright! This is great!


Angela: I don’t understand any of this.


This is supposed to be fun?


Panel 2

Angela looks concerned and turns towards Auntie.


Angela: Auntie, let’s hurry up and go.


Panel 3

Auntie gets on her cell phone, which shocks Angela.


Auntie: Hey Mother Abbess, sorry, but we’re going to be late tonight…


Marie’s mother is knocking on death’s door…


Yes, she’s going to have to stay here tonight…


Panel 4

Auntie hangs up the phone with a big smile on her face.


Auntie: I got her permission.


Angela: But you lied…


Panel 5

Auntie cheerfully waves to Angela as she gets up.


Auntie: I’m going to go to the bathroom.


Ryusei-chan, take care of Marie.



Page 17


Panel 1

Angela looks nervous.


Angela: Um,


You know, Auntie is married.


Panel 2

Ryusei doesn’t seem phased as Angela pleads with him.


Ryusei: And?



Angela: Please, don’t try to tempt her.


Panel 3

Ryusei leans in and stares into Angela’s eyes.


Ryusei: Marie-chan.


Angela: It’s Sister Angela.


Panel 4

Ryusei looks serious and somewhat sad.


Ryusei: Well then, Sister.


Would you like to hear a story about why I became a host?



Panel 5

Angela seems interested.


Angela: Huh?


Your parents sold you?


Panel 6

Ryusei closes his eyes and scratches his head.


Ryusei: They were severely in debt…


But I was blessed with a beautiful face…


Ryusei: Oh…


Panel 7

Ryusei looks even sadder now.


Ryusei: No matter how hard they worked, they couldn’t repay it.


Angela: Were they really that far in debt?




Page 18


Panel 1 and 2

Ryusei is nonchalant while Angela is shocked.


Ryusei: 300 million yen.


Panel 3

Ryusei smiles weakly.


Ryusei: And so,


That’s why I work as hard as I can.


Panel 4

Angela looks concerned after what she has heard.


Angela thinks: Is he telling the truth…?


Angela: That’s unfortunate.


Panel 5

Angela stares at the floor.


Angela: I wish I could help.


Panel 6

Ryusei closes his eyes.


Ryusei: Don’t worry about it.


Panel 7

Ryusei still looks sad as Angela listens to him.


Ryusei: As for your aunt, she seems to like the pink champagne, but I couldn’t ask you to…


Angela: Oh.


Panel 8

Angela looks at Ryusei calmly.


Angela: Maybe a little champagne then…


Angela thinks: I’m sure it’s only about 2000 yen.


Panel 9

Ryusei gets really, really excited.


Ryusei: Really!? Sister!



Page 19


Panel 1

Ryusei throws his arms in the air as everyone cheers.


Host: Open the pink Dom Perignon!


Panel 2

Auntie returns as all the hosts applaud.


Auntie: Huh?


Shouts: Dom Perignon! Open it!


Auntie: Hang on Marie-chan.



Panel 3

Auntie looks surprised.


Auntie: You ordered pink Dom Perignon?


Angel: Um…


Panel 4

The other hosts are in awe of Ryusei.


Host: I can’t believe it, Ryusei-san.


Other host: You tricked the Sister.


Angela: Huh?



Page 20


Panel 1

Angela looks confused.


Angela thinks: Tricked…?


Angela: Um… but…


He said he had a 300 million yet debt…


Panel 2

Ryusei laughs.


Ryusei: Soooory.


I lied.


Panel 3

Angela is still shocked and confused.


Angela: But…


What do you mean you lied…


Panel 4

Auntie looks disappointed.


Auntie: Marie-chan, you are such an idiot.


Pink Dom Perignon,…



Page 21


Panel 1

Ryusei holds up his glass and winks.


Ryusei: …Costs 400,000 yen!


Panel 2

Angela is shocked.


Angela:  Wha!?


Panel 3

Angela stares blankly at her aunt.


Angela: … are you lying…?


Auntie: I’m dead serious.



Page 22


Panel 2

Outside the convent.

Voice: So… you mother has made a dramatic recovery?


Angela: Yes, Mother Abbess.


Panel 3

Mother Abbess sits behind her desk while Angela looks worried.


Mother Abbess: That’s good to hear.


Angela: Thank you so much.


Panel 4

Angela says a silent prayer.


Angela thinks: Lord, please forgive me.


It was because I was lied to after all.




Panel 5

Angela thinks back to her aunt and Ryusei laughing at the club.


Auntie: Marie-chan’s ignorant in the ways of the world.


Just but it on my bill, Ryusei-baby.


Ryusei: Oookay.


Panel 6

Angela kneels before an altar.


Angela thinks: I’m such a fool for being tricked like that.


It really is the devil’s party!



Page 23


Panel 1

At the gym that night.


Mukoda: What’s going on Kosaku?


You’re actually losing weight for a change.


Panel 2

Kosaku is standing on a scale while Mukoda weighs him.


Koasku: Feh.


Panel 3

Kosaku smiles confidently.


Kosaku: I’m taking this fight seriously, because I’ve got a lot riding on it.


Panel 4

Kosaku and Mukoda both grin while Ishida, Shunpei and his friend look glum as they watch them spar.


Mukoda: Great, no more half-assing it!


Even I don’t have any reason to be depressed about this one.


Ishida: After just a month and a half…


Dark-haired boxer: That’s something to be scared about in itself.


Panel 5

Kosaku happily jogs into the church.


Kosaku: Sister Angela.


Panel 6

Angela looks up.


Angela: Mr. Hatanaka…



Page 24


Panel 1

Kosaku jogs in place while Angela chats with him.


Angela: Is your weight loss going smoothly?


Kosaku: Yeah, it’s great!


Panel 2

Kosaku looks serious as he twiddles his thumbs.


Kosaku: And because of that, I’d like to talk to you about something again.


Angela: Alright.


Panel 3

Kosaku looks really happy.


Kosaku: If I win the championship,


Will you mar…


Panel 4

Kosaku stops talking as he hears a horn honking outside.


FX: Honk honk honk


Panel 5

A gorgeous white sports car pulls outside.


Kosaku: Whoa, cool Porsche.



Page 25


Panel 1

Angela is mortified to see Ryusei get out of the car. Kosaku looks pretty calm.


Ryusei: Ah, you’re here.




Kosaku thinks: He called her Marie-chan…


Does he know her?


Panel 2

Angela’s mother is agape as she speaks to Ryusei.


Angela: Um,


What are you doing at the church?


Panel 3

Ryusei puts on his lover boy expression.


Ryusei: Well,


It’s the end of the month, isn’t it?



Page 26


Panel 1

Ryusei happily presents Angela with his bill.


Ryusei: The bill for the 400,000 yen of pink Dom Perignon,


I’m here to collect.


Panel 2

Both Angela and Kosaku are stunned.


Both think: What!?


Panel 3

Kosaku snatches the bill as Angela pleads with Ryusei.


Angela: U-um… but…


But I thought my aunt was…


Kosaku: A host club!?


Panel 4

Ryusei shakes his head.


Ryusei: Mizue-chan forgot to pay me before she took off to Italy.


Angela: Th-that’s…


Panel 5

Kosaku cries as he shouts at Angela, who yells back at him.


Kosaku: Sister,


You went to a host club?


Angela: Mr. Hatanaka, lower your voice!



Page 27


Panel 1

Ryusei looks somewhat surprised when he hears Kosaku’s name.


Ryusei: Hatanaka…?


Panel 2

Ryusei approaches Kosaku.


Ryusei: Oh,


Are you really Hatanaka-kun?


Panel 3

Kosaku looks surprised.


Kosaku: Hmm?


Have we met before?


Panel 4

Ryusei glares at Kosaku.


Ryusei: … you don’t know me?


Because I certainly know you.


Panel 5 and 6

Angela looks shocked as Ryusei throws a punch at Kosaku, who catches it in his hand.



Page 28


Panel 1

Ryusei continues to stare at Kosaku.


Ryusei: I know you all too well.


You’re challenging the champion, so I’ve watch all the videos.


Panel 2

Kosaku is shocked when he realizes who he is talking to.


Kosaku: Champion…


Ryusei Kurenai!?


Panel 3

Ryusei puts his sunglasses on and turns to leave.


Ryusei: I’ll see you at Korakuen Hall.


But I think I’ll hold on to my belt.


Panel 4

Kosaku and Angela are both shocked.


Kosaku thinks: That’s the champ.


Angela thinks: That’s who Mr. Hatanaka is going to fight!?


Panel 5

Ryusei drives away.


Ryusei: Darn,


I forgot to get my money.


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