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Page 1


Title Page


Page 2


Panel 1

Kosaku sits in front of his TV watching a tape of Ryusei fighting.


TV: It’s another knockout victory for Ryusei Kurenai!


He really is the demon with the face on an angel!


Panel 3

Kosaku stares in disbelief while thinking of Ryusei.


Kosaku’s thinks: That debt-collector host,


He really is the Asia-Pacific Champion.



Page 3


Panel 1

Kosaku concentrates as he stares straight ahead.


Kosaku thinks: Sister Angela…


She said her aunt forced her to go to that host club, but…


Panel 2

An exterior shot of the church the following day.


Voice: Sister Angela,


Is it just my imagination...


Panel 3

Inside the church, Mother Abbess speaks with Sister Angela.


Mother Abbess: Or did I see you talking to a flashy man in front of the church yesterday?


Angela: Eh!?


Panel 4

Angela looks worried.


Angela thinks: She… she saw!?


Panel 5

Angela imagines Ryusei holding up the bill for her visit to the club.


Ryusei: The bill for the 400,000 yen of pink Dom Perignon,

I’m here to collect!


Panel 6

Angela sweats and her heart beats loudly.


Angela thinks: What… should I do?


If it gets out that I went to a host club…





Page 4


Panel 1

Angela continues to fret.


Angela thinks: I’ll be ineligible to be a nun!


They’ll kick me out of the monastery…


Panel 2

Kosaku runs into the church.


Kosaku: Mother Abbess.


That guy you were talking about, I know him.


Panel 3

Mother Abbess arches an eyebrow and looks pointedly at Kosaku while Angela looks concerned.


Mother Abbess: Oh?


Angela: Mr Hatanaka...


Panel 4

Kosaku and Mother Abbess chat away from Sister Angela.


Mother Abbess: Ah…


So he’s your next opponent, Mr. Hatanaka.


Angela: …


Panel 5

A shot of leaves falling.


Angela: Um… Mr. Hatanaka.


Panel 6

Angela and Kosaku chat outside in the playground.


Angela: Thank you so much.

You… let me remain silent about things.


Kosaku: Sister…


Panel 7

Kosaku stares at the ground.


Kosaku: Still…


Do you like him? His face?





Page 5


Panel 1

Angela looks regretful as Kosaku continues to talk to her.


Angela: … I was naïve.


Kosaku: B-but you do owe him 400,000 yen, don’t you!?



Panel 2

Angela yells at Kosaku, who has a comical tear in his eye.


Angela: He has a bad reputation for tricking people out of money.


Kosaku: But…


Panel 3

Angela holds her head as she thinks about the money she owes.


Angela: 400,000 yen…


Kosaku: Sister…


Panel 4

Kosaku looks concerned.


Kosaku: Um, Sister.


Isn’t there anything I can do!?


Panel 6

Angela looks over her shoulder at Kosaku..


Angela: Mr. Hatanaka…


Angela thinks: I can’t…



Panel 7

Angela’s thoughts in an empty text box.


Angela thinks: Right before Mr. Hatanaka’s big match,


I can’t let him worry about my problems.


Panel 8

Angela smiles at Kosaku to diffuse the tension.


Angela: Thank you again.


But I’ll be alright.


Kosaku: Sister.




Page 6


Panel 1

Kosaku begins to tell Angela what’s on his mind.


Kosaku: Sister, how are you going to be able to pay back the 400,000 yen though?


Panel 2

Kosaku continues to talk as Angela looks uncomfortable.


Kosaku: Plus, when the champ comes to get his money…


Panel 3

Kosaku looks worried as he continues to list all the bad things that could happen.


Kosaku: Mother Abbess will find out what’s going on.


And then...


Panel 4

Angela stares at the ground…


Kosaku: She might fire you…


Panel 5

Kosaku and Angela stare at each other as leaves blow past them.


Panel 6

Kosaku thinks to himself.


Kosaku thinks: That’s…


actually pretty good for me.




Page 7


Panel 1

Angela loses it on Kosaku and starts screaming at him.


Angela: Shut up!


I told you it was my problem, so just butt out!!


Panel 2

Kosaku falls to the ground in shock as Angela towers over him.


Panel 3

Angela clears her throat before continuing.


Angela: Anyway…


You just focus on your fight, Hatanaka-san.


Panel 4

Angela turns around and storms off.


Angela: Excuse me.


Panel 5

Kosaku is still on the ground, as he watches Angela leave.


Kosaku: Sister…


Kosaku thinks: She was pissed…




Page 8


Panel 1

Angela kneels in front of the altar.


Angela thinks: Please forgive me Lord. Allow me to enter the church.



Panel 2

Angela sits in silence.


Panel 3

Angela continues to sit, awaiting a sign, but starting to sweat a bit.


Angela thinks: Hatanaka-san…


I guess things aren’t so rosy now…


Panel 4

The nun with glasses enters the room.


Nun with glasses: Sister Angela, telephone.


It’s one of your friends.


Angela: Oh, really?


Panel 5

A close-up of the telephone.


Ryusei’s voice: Marie-chaaan!?


It’s meeee.


Angela: …


Panel 6

Angela looks nervously over her shoulder as she clutches the phone closely to her ear.


Angela: Ch-Champion-san!?


Ryusei’s voice: No, you can just call me Ryusei.


Panel 7

Angela looks really worried as she continues to talk.


Angela: I-I could get into trouble with you calling me here at the monastery.


Ryusei’s voice: I could get in trouble too.


Panel 8

Angela shifts nervously as she hunches over the phone.


Angela: I know, the money…


Just give me a little more time…




Page 9


Panel 1

Mother Abbess watches Angela trudge through the hall looking exhausted.


Mother Abbess: What is it?


You don’t look so good.


Angela: No, I’m fine.


Panel 2

That night at the gym...


Voice: Kosaku, your footwork.


Panel 3

Inside the gym Mukoda watches as Kosaku spars with Ishida..


Mukoda: The champ’s stereotypical, he’ll try to out box you.


Lower your upper body and


Kosaku thinks: Sister.


I haven’t seen you in a few days, but,


Panel 4

Kosaku ignores Mukoda as he is lost in thought.


Mukoda: Throw the left. The left! Back up


Kosaku thinks: I wonder how she is.


Panel 5

Mukoda punches Kosaku in the back of the head.


Mukoda: Oi.


Panel 6

Mukoda grabs Kosaku by the collar.


Mukoda: Am I not getting through to you?


Kosaku: Eh-heh.






Page 10


Panel 1

The next morning, back at the church.


Angela thinks: Well…


Auntie Mizue is still in Italy


Panel 2

Angela stares at the telephone.


Angela thinks: Now I’m worried…


Panel 3

Angela recalls what her aunt said at Club Ring.


Auntie: Oh well, it can’t be helped. It’s about 400,000 yen…


I can pay it.


Panel 4

Angela looks worried.


Angela: But… she hasn’t.


Panel 5

Angela stares at the phone, sweating..


Angela thinks: I didn’t want to do this, but I don’t have any other choice.


I’ll have to ask Father and Mother to pay the bill for me.


Panel 6

A close up of the telephone..


Voice on the phone: We’re not home right now.


Please leave your message after the beep.


Angela: …


Panel 7

Angela turns to see the nun in glasses coming towards her.


Nun in glasses: Sister Angela, you have a letter.


It was sent via air mail.



Page 11


Panel 1

Angela looks shocked as she examines the picture enclosed in the envelope..


Panel 2

Angela’s hand shakes as she reads her mother’s letter and holds the picture of her aunt and parents standing in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. .


Mother’s letter: Marie-chan, your father and I went to Italy.


With decided to go with Aunt Mizue.



Panel 3

Kosaku stops by the church to talk to Angela but runs into Mother Abbess instead.


Kosaku: Wha?


Sister Angela!?


Mother Abbess: She wasn’t feeling well, so she went up to her room.




Page 12


Panel 1

Kosaku looks concerned.


Auntie: Sister...


Is she alright?


Panel 2

In her room, Angela is laying face down on her bed.


Angela thinks: They’re going to be in Europe for another week.


It’s hopeless.


Panel 3

Mother Abbess looks at Kosaku sternly.


Mother Abbess: At any rate you won’t be seeing Angela.


Off you go.


Panel 4

Kosaku looks disappointed.


Kosaku: Okay…


Mother Abbess: Lately,


Panel 5

Kosaku stares at the ground as Mother Abbess talks to him.


Mother Abbess: Angela has been getting a lot of calls


From some man who claims to be one of her friends.


Panel 6

Mother Abbess looks annoyed, but Kosaku realizes who she is talking about.


Mother Abbess: It’s not you, is it Mr. Hatanaka?


Kosaku thinks: The champ…


Panel 7 and 8

Kosaku walks away and then looks up at the window of Angela’s room.


Kosaku: Sister.





Page 13


Panel 1

That evening at the gym.


Voice: Yeah,


Five more kilograms and you’ll be at the limit.


Panel 2

Kosaku sits on the scales as Mukoda weighs him.


Mukoda: You haven’t gained any weight, but you haven’t lost any either.


Ishida: You’ve hit a wall.


Panel 3

Kosaku stares into space thinking..


Kosaku: Sister must be suffering…


Panel 4

Mukoda claps his hands together.


Mukoda: Okay.


You’re gonna stay at the gym from now on.


Panel 5

Ishida and Mukoda talk to one another.


Ishida: Coach, aren’t you rushing things a little?


We’ve still got another month before the fight..


Mukoda: The amount of time isn’t the problem.


Panel 6

Mukoda looks serious.


Mukoda: Kosaku’s been hitting his weight goals every time we ask.






Page 14


Panel 1

Mukoda spins around barking orders at Kosaku.


Mukoda: Kosaku, go pack your bags.


From tonight on you’re…


Panel 2

Mukoda turns around to see that Kosaku has disappeared.


Mukoda: Where the hell’d he go!?


Panel 3

That night at Club Ring..


Panel 4

A few hosts stand around the interior entrance.


Host 1: Hi there!


Host 2: Welcome to Club Ring!



Page 15


Panel 1

The hosts are confused to see a man come in, specifically Kosaku.


Host 1: Uh…


Sir, are you sure you’re in the right place?


Host 2: This is a host club, sir.


Panel 2

Ryusei spots Kosaku from across the room..


Ryusei: Huh, Hatanaka-kun?


Kosaku: Ryusei-san.



Panel 3

Ryusei turns to face Kosaku.


Ryusei: What do you want, I’m working.


Kosaku: Well.


Panel 4

Kosaku looks concerned as he speaks with Ryusei.


Kosaku: About the 400,000 yen…


I’ll deal with it.



Page 16


Panel 1

Ryusei looks mildly surprised.


Ryusei: You mean the 400,000 Marie-chan owes me?


Panel 2

Kosaku looks slightly irritated as he continues..


Kosaku: I’ll pay it.


It’s really eating at Sister Angela, so...


Panel 3

Ryusei holds out his hand.


Ryusei: Okay…


Pay up.


Kosaku: I don’t have it right now.


Panel 4

Ryusei walks away, but Kosaku grabs him by the waist, trying to keep him from leaving.


Ryusei: Then why am I talking to you?


Kosaku: Wait!


Panel 5

Kosaku is pleading.


Kosaku: I’ll pay you with the purse from the title fight.


Panel 6

Ryusei looks over his shoulder at Kosaku.


Ryusei: With the money from our title fight?


The most you’re guaranteed to make is 200,000 yen.


That’s not enough.


Kosaku: Even so.


Panel 7

Ryusei watches Kosaku, who sighs sadly.


Ryusei: What?

It’s not like you’re Marie-chan’s boyfriend.


Kosaku: *sigh*


It’s because I go to her church.






Page 17


Panel 1

Two of the hosts discuss the situation.


Host 1: Maybe he wants her to be in his debt.


Host 2: Isn’t that a waste of money?


Kosaku: It’s not a waste.


Panel 2

Kosaku stares at the ground as he speaks seriously.


Kosaku: If I can help Sister Angela,


Then that’ll make me happy.


Panel 3

Two of the female patrons look moved by Kosaku’s speech.


Female patron 1: Wow, that’s amazing.


Female patron 2: I wish guys like that would work here.


Panel 4

Ryusei looks somewhat awed by Kosaku’s words.


Ryusei: I’m impressed.


Ryusei thinks: All this for a woman.


What a moron.



Page 18


Panel 1

Ryusei faces Kosaku from across the room.


Ryusei: Hatanaka-kun, let me tell you


why I became a host.


Kosaku: Okay.



Panel 2

Ryusei puts on his sad face as he brushes his hair back from his eyes..


Ryusei: I was sold off by my parents.


You see, they were deep in debt.


But this face of mine was good for something.


Panel 3

With his hands in his pockets, Ryusei stares at the ground, putting on a sad show for Kosaku.


Ryusei: When I was a sophomore in high school,


I quit school.


Panel 4

As he continues to talk, one of the patrons starts to cry.


Ryusei: My parents ran off to who-knows-where.


Patron: How sad.


Panel 6

Even Kosaku is moved.


Kosaku: Ryusei-san, you’re having to pay it all off on your own?


That’s tough.



Page 19


Panel 1

Ryusei cracks a small smile.


Ryusei: You have no idea.


They owed about three million yen.


Panel 2

Kosaku is shocked.



Panel 3

And then he speaks.


Kosaku: Geez, that’s a lot.


Three million in debt…



Panel 4

Ryusei turns to him with a smirk.


Ryusei: Yeah, well…


Panel 5

Ryusei turns to him with a smirk.


Ryusei: I just made all that up.


Kosaku: Huh…


Kosaku thinks: So all that was a lie?


Panel 6

Ryusei looks proud of himself.


Ryusei It was a little tale like that that ran up the nun’s debt.


And after our fight…





Page 20


Panel 1

Ryusei smugly stares at Kosaku.


Ryusei: If you can beat me, I’ll cancel her debt.


Panel 2

Kosaku is shocked.


Kosaku: R-really!?


Panel 3

Ryusei continues to stare straight at Kosaku.


Ryusei: But if you lose,


You’ll owe me 800,000 yen.


Panel 4

Kosaku jumps up excitedly.


Kosaku: Awright!


Ryusei: Hey,


Did you hear me? Especially that last bit?


Panel 5

Kosaku shakes Ryusei’s hand energetically.


Kosaku: I heard ya!


You’re a good guy, Ryusei-san.





Page 21


Panel 1

Kosaku looks overjoyed.


Kosaku: I’ll win for sure!



Panel 2

Ryusei looks peeved.


Ryusei: Is that so…


Panel 3

Ryusei waves as he starts to take his leave.


Ryusei: Well, I’ll see you at Korakuen Hall.


But I’ll be keeping my belt.


Panel 4

Two of the hosts look comment on what they are seeing.


Host 1: Ryusei-san, that’s some promise to make.


Host 2 thinks: Is this really okay? That’s a serious wager.


Panel 5

Ryusei looks serious as he closes his eyes.


Ryusei: I have no reason to think I’ll lose.


Ryusei thinks: Besides…





Page 22


Panel 1

Ryusei thinks back to a conversation he had with his trainers.


Trainer 1: Hatanaka’s well known for not being able to lose weight.


Trainer 2: This’ll be an easy title defense.


Ryusei: Fine.


Panel 2 and 3

Ryusei looks confident as he thinks about his upcoming match..


Ryusei thinks: Hatanaka was picked for specifically to make me look good but pose no real threat, but it’s pissing me off how lightly he’s taking this.


You’d better be ready Hatanaka.


That 800,000 yen is mine.


Panel 4

Ryusei is shocked to see Kosaku is sitting with some of the female patrons flirting and having a good time.


Kosaku: Oh, don’t worry, I’m actually pretty hungry.


Patron 1: Have some fried chicken.


Patron 2: Maybe you could start working here.


Ryusei thinks: What the hell?


He’s actually eating?


He really is a moron!

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