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Page 1


Panel 1

A view of the convent with leaves blowing in the wind.


Narration: The Convent


Angela: Wha…?


Panel 2

Angela looking concerned.


Angela: So its alright if I don’t pay him…


Panel 3

Kosaku jogs in place inside the church as he talks to Angela.


Kosaku:  Yeah, surprisingly the champ is a really understanding guy.


Angela: Oh...


Panel 4

Kosaku looking upbeat.


Kosaku: Sister…


Don’t worry.


Panel 5

Angela in profile.


Angela: But, why…


Page 2


Panel 1

Mukoda appears suddenly and smacks Kosaku in the back of his head.


Mukoda: ‘Scuse me.


I knew you’d probably be here, ya bum.


Angela: Coach…


Panel 2

Mukoda grabs Kosaku by the collar of his shirt.


Mukoda: Kosaku, where the hell were you all night?


Panel 3

Kosaku waves to Angela as Mukoda drags him out of the church.


Mukoda: C’mon…


You’re staying at the gym from now on.


Kosaku: See ya, Sister!


Panel 4

Angela looks stunned as Kosaku leaves.


Angela: Hatanaka-san…


Did he go to the host club to discuss my debt…?


Panel 5

Mukoda’s Gym.


Panel 6

Kosaku in the ring, sparring with Mukoda.


Mukoda: Throw it more from the hips.




Page 4


Panel 1

Kosaku lands a powerful punch to Mukoda’s padded hand.


Mukoda: That’s it! That’s the punch that’ll knock him out!


Kosaku: Yeah, knock him out!


Panel 2

Kosaku thinks back to his meeting with Ryusei.


Ryusei: And after our fight…


If you can beat me, I’ll cancel her debt.


Panel 3

Kosaku smiles confidently.


Kosaku: Sister Angela…


I’ll win your heart.


Panel 4

Ishida and Shunpei stand outside the ring, watching Kosaku spar.


Shunpei: So Ryusei Kurenai works at a host club?


Ishida: Yeah, nice way to earn a buck.


Panel 5

The dark haired boxer looks over to Shunpei as he works the speed bag.


Dark Haired Boxer: I heard there’s supposed to be an ad for the fight on TV tonight.


Shunpei: Oh yeah?



Page 5


Panel 1

A closeup of a television set with Ryusei on the screen.


Announcer: This is Club Ring’s number one host, Ryusei-san.


But it’s a slightly different title we’re concerned with.


Panel 2

Everyone from Mukoda’s Gym is sitting around the television.


Announcer: He also holds the title of the Asian Pacific Boxing Championship.


Mukoda’s Gym Boxer: Those two titles….how does he handle it?


Panel 3

Ryusei being interviewed.


Announcer: What’s the best present you’ve ever received from a girl?


Ryusei: Um,


A watch, a car, and my condo…


Panel 4

Kosaku and Mukoda looking at the screen with curiosity.


Kosaku: That’s right he drives a Porsche.


Mukoda: Kosaku, you’ve met him?


Panel 5

Ryusei looking sensitive as photographer’s flashes go off behind him.


Ryusei: But probably the best gift of all…


Was love.


Panel 6

Mukoda’s boxers looking at the screen.


Ishida: Hell of a way to make a living.


Dark Haired Boxer: I’ll say.




Page 6


Panel 1

Ryusei sits outside the ring, propping his chin on his hands.


Ryusei: Sometimes I wonder…


Why is it that I fight?


You get hot and sweaty.


And there really isn’t any money in it.


Panel 2

Ryusei looks tired and bored as he postulates.


Announcer: So why continue?


Ryusei: Hm, I guess it’s because…


I’m so powerful.


Panel 3

A close-up of Ryusei.


Ryusei: No…more like,


It’s a man’s romance.


Panel 4

Shunpei and the Dark Haired Boxer watching the television.


Shunpei: What…?


Dark Haired Boxer: I think I’m gonna puke.


Panel 5

Everyone at the gym around the television.


Shunpei: Hatanaka-senpai, I hope you beat this guy’s ass.


Kosaku: I will…but he’s really not a bad guy.


Announcer: And you’ll be defending your title next month, Ryusei-san…


Page 7


Panel 1

The convent at night.


Panel 2

The nuns are gathered around the television watching the same interview.


Mother Abbess: So that is Hatanaka-san’s next opponent.


Angela: …


Panel 3

Angela in profile, thinking.


Angela thinking: How could I have been fooled by such a lie?


Panel 4

A flashback to Angela in Club Ring with Ryusei.


Ryusei: I was sold off by my parents.


Panel 5

A dark panel.


Ryusei: They were three million yen in debt.


Panel 4

Angela closes her eyes and thinks.


Angela thinking: After all this time I can’t believe how foolish I still am.


Panel 5

Angela’s thoughts.

But as for Ryusei-san,


I just can’t afford the 400,000 yen.


Page 8


Panel 1

A cold gust of wind blows through the streets of Tokyo.


Sign: Christmas sale.


Panel 2

Kosaku looks exhausted as he jogs down the street with Mukoda following him on his bicycle.


Mukoda: Kosaku!


Quit drag-assin’ around, Kosaku!


C’mon, catch your breath!


Kosaku: Huh, wheeze, gasp, pant.


Panel 3

Angela pulls up on her bicycle..


Angela: Hatanaka-san…


Panel 5

Mukoda elbow drops Kosaku as he notices Angela.


Angela: Good afternoon Coach.


Mukoda: Ah, Sister Angela.



Page 9


Panel 1

The group stops on the street to chat.


Angela: Hatanaka-san, are you still making progress with your weight loss?


Mukoda: Eh,


Same old, same old.


Kosaku: Sister Angela.


Panel 2

Angela smiles at Kosaku.


Angela: Hatanaka-san, I know its tough but,


Please do your best.


Panel 3

Kosaku smiles back and blushes.


Kosaku: I will.


Kosaku thinking: It’s all for you, Sister.


Panel 4

Several days later.


Panel 4

The convent.


Voice: Sister Angela,


You have a visitor.


Panel 4

Mizue enters.


Mizue: Hi there, Marie-chan.


Italy was so much fun.



Page 10


Panel 1

Angela approaches her Aunt.


Angela: Auntie Mizue.


Mizue: I’m sorry.


I totally forgot about…


Panel 2

Mother Abbess walks into the room and interjects herself into the conversation.


Mother Abbess: Sister, are you feeling better?


Mizue: Oh, she’s just fine Mother Abbess.


Panel 3

Mizue smiles happily at Mother Abbess as Angela begins to panic.


Mizue: I’ll tell you the whole story.


You see, this host…


Angela: Let’s go talk in the chapel!


Panel 4

Angela and Mizue alone in the chapel.


Angela: Well Auntie? Do you have the 400,000 yen?


Mizue: Wha-?


Panel 5

A closeup of Angela.


Angela: Don’t you remember…


The money, I didn’t have enough.


Panel 5

Mizue looks perplexed.


Mizue: Oh,


But you asked Hatanaka for the money, didn’t you?



Page 11


Panel 1

Angela and Mizue continue their discussion in the chapel, surrounded by stain glass windows.


Angela: What…?


Mizue: That’s what I heard from the other hosts.


Panel 2

A bead of sweat flows down the side of Angela’s face.


Angela: Hatanaka-san…


Took over my debt!?


Panel 3

Mizue responds matter-of-factly.


Mizue: They said if Hatanaka wins his next match the debt will be cancelled.


But then again…


Panel 4

Angela’s jaw drops as she hears the news.


Mizue: If he loses, he’ll owe 800,000 yen.


Angela: That’s…


Panel 5

The sun is going down and the wind blows as Angela rides her bicycle to the gym.


Angela thinking: Why Hatanaka-san,


Why make such a ridiculous promise?


Panel 2

Sign: Mukoda’s Gym


Panel 3

Angela bursts into the gym.


Angela: Pardon me.


Panel 3

The boxers are crowded around a kneeling Kosaku.


Dark Haired Boxer: Oh, Sister Angela.


Good timing.


Kosaku: Water~ water~


Shunpei: Senpai, Sister’s here.


Panel 3

Angela frowns and raises her voice at Kosaku who is dazed and on the floor.


Angela: Hatanaka-san!



Page 12


Panel 1

In Mukoda’s room, Kosaku has his face buried in his arms. Angela sits in front of him, with Mukoda and the two younger boxers standing in the doorway.


Kosaku: Sister, you came to see me…


Angela: Hatanaka-san,


I’ve heard something.


Panel 2

Angela’s gaze is lowered nervously.


Angela: I want you to take back your promise. Right now.


Panel 3

Kosaku lifts his head weakly.


Kosaku: Promise… oh…


Panel 4

Kosaku smiles weakly as Angela begins to yell at him.


Kosaku: You mean, the one where if I win the debt will be cancelled…?


Angela: And if you lose you’ll owe him 800,000 yen!


Panel 4

Mukoda looks concerned.


Mukoda thinking: Huh…!?


What the hell?


Panel 5

Angela with a stern look on her face..


Angela: This scheme of yours, it worries me.



Page 13


Panel 1

Kosaku’s eyes are unfocused as he responds.


Kosaku: You said…


You’re worried…?


Panel 3

Angela is becoming frustrated.


Angela: You don’t have to…


Get revenge for me.


Panel 4

An overhead view of the room as Angela kneels in front of Kosaku.


Angela thinking: When I entered the monastery,


I swore to devote my existence to God.


Angela: There’s nothing I can do.


Panel 5

Kosaku stares at the floor.


Kosaku: It’s okay to watch from the sidelines.


There’s nothing else I need.


Panel 5

Angela looks surprised.


Angela thinking: What…?



Page 14


Panel 1

Kosaku closes his eyes and speaks from his heart.


Kosaku: Sister, as long as you’re happy,


And smiling, then I’ll be fine.


Panel 2

Angela is taken aback as the others peer in from the doorway.


Angela: Hatanaka-san…


Panel 3

Angela’s demeanor quickly changes and she begins to yell at Kosaku.


Angela: Wha..


What are you saying?


Panel 4

Kosaku sits in stunned silence, his eyes glassy.


Panel 5

Hands clasped to her chest, Angela continues to unload on Kosaku.


Angela:  You…


Are you only boxing for someone else!?



Page 15


Panel 1

Frowning, Angela continues to argue her point.


Angela:  Is it for me? Or for the money…?


Then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons!


If you’re fighting for my sake then…


Panel 2

Mukoda and the others look on as Angela continues to argue with Kosaku.


Angela: Don’t you think you owe Coach Mukoda an apology? Because he’s been sharing your hardships all this time!



Mukoda thinking: Me?


As long as he wins I won’t complain.


Panel 3

Kosaku looks up at Angela calmly.


Kosaku: At any rate…


The money is my problem now and mine alone.


Panel 4

Angela stares down at him.


Angela: And if you lose?


Panel 5

Kosaku’s face becomes serious.


Kosaku: I’ll win.


Panel 6

Angela is frustrated and it shows.


Angela: But if you lose...




Page 16


Panel 1

Kosaku has had enough, and yells back.


Kosaku: Shut up!


I’m gonna triumph in that ring!


Panel 2

Angela is stunned, her mouth is wide up but she remains silent..


Panel 3

Mukoda, Ishida and the other boxers are all stunned as well.


Panel 4

Even Kosaku seems surprised by his words, as his mouth hangs open.



Page 17


Panel 1

Angela staggers backwards as she and Kosaku look at one another nervously.


Kosaku: Ah…


Panel 2

Angela turns and leaves the room, walking past Ishida and Mukoda.


Mukoda: Sister.


Angela: Excuse me.


Panel 3

Kosaku watches as Angela leaves.


Kosaku: Sister.


Panel 4

Angela peddling her bike, still looking stunned.


Angela: Mr. Hatanaka got so angry.


Panel 5

Kosaku looks up at Mukoda, who stands with his arms crossed, the two other boxers standing behind him.


Kosaku: Did I just really piss her off?


Mukoda: Huh.


That was pretty scary.


Dark Haired Boxer: Man, I feel sorry for the Sister.


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