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Page 1


Title Page


Page 2


Panel 1

A flashback to Kosaku yelling from the last chapter.


Kosaku: Shut up!


I’m gonna triumph in that ring!


Panel 3

Angela looks down sadly as she walks though the city.


Angela: *sigh*


Panel 3

Angela in profile..


Angela: It’s the first time I’ve seen him get angry.


Panel 3

A white panel.


Angela: Hatanaka-san is just trying to protect me.


He wasn’t even going to tell me that he had taken over my debt.




Page 3


Panel 1

Angela continues to walk as passerbys walk through the city in the background.


Angela: I wonder if…


Hatanaka-san hates me now…


Panel 2

Angela remembers the look of determination on Kosaku’s face..


Kosaku: I’ll win.


Panel 3

Angela in profile, thinking.


Angela: Maybe my encouragements…


Had become a bother to him?


Panel 4

Shunpei leaves a restaurant looking franticas the dark-haired boxer roams the street.


Shunpei: Well, he’s not here Coach.


Dark-haired Boxer: I looked all over the restaurant but he’s not there, either.


Panel 5

Angela looks surprised at what she has seen.


Angela: Are those his friends from the gym…?


Panel 6

The boxers head off in the opposite direction from her as Angela watches them intently.


Shunpei: Okay.


We’ll hit the vending machines and water fountains next.


Dark-haired Boxer: I’m on it.


Angela (thinking): Hatanaka-san…


He didn’t break his diet did he…!?




Page 4


Panel 1

A playground at dusk.


Panel 2

Angela rubs her head as she finds Kosaku crouched down in front of a water spigot.


Angela: I don’t believe it…


Panel 3

Angela walks out from behind the bushes.


Angela: Hatanaka-sa…


Panel 4

Kosaku doesn’t move and just sits silently.


Angela: !?


Panel 5

Kosaku looks sad as he watches the water flowing in front of him.


Angela: He’s not moving…?




Page 5


Panel 1

The water pours from the spigot.


Kosaku (thinking): I bet…


Panel 2

Kosaku in profile.


Kosaku (thinking): She…really hates me now…


Panel 3/4

A flashback to Angela getting angry with Kosaku.


Angela: Of course it worries me!


Is it for me? Or the money…?


Then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons!


Then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons!


Panel 5

A white panel.


Angela: If you’re fighting for my sake then…


Panel 6

Kosaku thinking.


Kosaku (thinking): For my sake…


Panel 7

Kosaku rises from his knees.


Panel 8

Angela stares from the bushes.


Angela (thinking): Hatanaka-san…



Page 6


Panel 1

Kosaku looks up into the sky.


Kosaku (thinking): My…


Reason for fighting…


Panel 2

Coach Mukoda suddenly appears and bashes Kosaku over the head with his bicycle.


Mukoda: You dumb bastard!


Panel 3

Angela comes out from behind the bushes as Mukoda looks surprised to see her, and Kosaku lays unconscious.


Angela: O-Oh, Coach.


Mukoda: Sister Angela.


Panel 4

A close up of Angela’s face as she pleads with Mukoda.


Angela: Hatanaksa-san… he didn’t drink anything.


All he did was watch the water.


Panel 5

Mukoda looks surprised.


Mukoda: Sister Angela, were you watching him?



Page 7


Panel 1

Leaves begin to fall as Angela blushes.


Angela: Yes…for a while…


Mukoda: …


Panel 2

Angela bows her head.


Angela: Pardon me.



Panel 3

Mukoda watches as Angela turns and walks away.


Mukoda: Sister Angela…


Panel 4

Mukoda stares into the distance as leaves fall all around him.


Mukoda: I guess she didn’t let what happened the other day get to her.


Even after you went and took the decision out of her hands…


Panel 5

Kosaku lays on the ground, still loopy and unconscious.


Mukoda: She doesn’t seem to have any hard feelings about it.


Panel 6

The church at night.


Panel 7

Angela is in her nightgown, praying at the side of her bed.


Angela: Hatanaka-san,


Panel 8

A close up of Angela’s face in profile.


Angela: All you were trying to do is ensure I was taken care of.





Page 8


Panel 1

A flashback of Kosaku looking cheerful.


Kosaku: Why not leave the monastery and come live with me?


Angela thinks: That’s what he always says.



 Panel 2

A white panel.


Angela thinks: I’m so worried…


I wish I could do something to help.


Panel 3

A tight shot of Angela, her fists clenched in prayer below her chin.


Angela thinks: And yet I…


Panel 4

Angela lowers her face to her mattress.


Angela: I’m so ashamed of myself.



Page 9


Panel 1

The night sky.


Angela: I don’t know how to face him and,


And if I can’t see Hatanaka-san then…


Panel 2



Panel 3

Houses in the morning light.



Panel 4

The church.


Panel 5

Angela enters the church.


Angela (thinking): Today… I guess I’ll go to the sermon.


Panel 5

Angela holds a bouquet of roses but wears an uncertain look on her face.


Angela: And I’ll do my best to make amends properly.



Page 10


Panel 1

Kosaku is staring at the rectory..


Panel 2

Angela is shocked as she looks up and finds him there, she blushes slightly.


Page 11


Panel 1

Kosaku smiles as he turns to face Angela.


Kosaku: Sister.


Panel 2

Angela’s is clearly flustered as she clutches her roses.


Angela: Ha… Hatanaka-san…


Panel 3

Kosaku faces her now and speaks.


Kosaku: I’ve been thinking about things a lot since the other day.


My reasons for fighting, I mean.


Panel 4

Kosaku and Angela face each other with the rectory between them in the background.


Kosaku: And…


Sister, it’s because of you.




Page 12


Panel 1

Kosaku in profile.


Kosaku: And consequently…


For my sake too.


Panel 2

Kosaku flashes his usual cheerful smile as he hands Angela a ticket to the match.


Kosaku: Here’s your ticket…


For my next fight.


Panel 3

Angela looks surprised as she clutches the ticket.


Angela: O-


Panel 4

Angela blushes and raises her eyebrows.


Angela: Okay.



Page 13


Panel 1/2

Angela clutches the ticket to her chest protectively as she longingly watches Kosaku jog away.


Angela: Hatanaka-san…


Panel 3

As Angela goes back inside she runs into a nun wearing glasses.


Nun: Oh Sister, your Aunt is here.


Panel 3

Angela walks down the hall looking confused.


Angela: What could Auntie Mizue possible want…


Panel 4

Angela is shocked as she opens the door to see Mizue talking to Mother Abbess.


Mother Abbess: Sister Angela was at a host club!?


Mizue: Indeed, Mother Abbess.



Page 14


Panel 1

Angela rushes into the room to do damage control as Mother Abbess looks at her incredulously.


Angela: A… Auntie.


Mizue: Oh, Marie-chan.


Panel 2

Angela shakes nervously as Mother Abbess glares at her and Mizue looks at her cluelessly.


Mother Abbess: Because of your unusual behavior of late, I wanted to discuss things with her.


Mizue: Sorry, it just slipped out.



Panel 3

Mother Abbess looks at Angela sternly.


Mother Abbess: Regardless of the fact that you were tempted into going,


You still went to the club and on top of it you are now in debt,


Panel 4

Angela looks shocked and afraid as Mother Abbess confronts her.


Mother Abbess: I would like nothing more than to tell you you are disqualified from being a nun, but…


Panel 5

Angela wobbles as her sentence is handed down.


Mother Abbess: Sister Angela,


After this Sunday you are forbidden from going out for a week!


Angela (thinking): Whaa!



Page 15


Panel 1

Angela has returned to her room and is once again praying at the side of her bed..


Angela: I can’t go out after Sunday…


Panel 2

A close up of the ticket between Angela’s fingers.


Angela: But the fight is that next… Saturday.


Panel 3

Angela looks shocked upon realizing that she will miss the match.


Angela: I won’t be there to cheer him on.


Panel 4

Tokyo at night.


Narration: Fight night.


Panel 5

The outside of an upscale, well-lit, building.


Narration: Korakuen Hall.


Announcer: And now for tonight’s main event,



Page 16


Panel 1

The inside of Korakuen.


Announcer: The Orient Pacific Featherweight title match,


Is scheduled for twelve rounds.


Panel 2

A small panel of Kosaku as he bounces in place.


Announcer: In the blue corner, tonight’s challenger, from Mukoda’s Gym…


Hatanakaaaa Kosakuuuuu!!


Panel 3

A huge panel of the champion as he walks around the ring, already raising his arm in victory.


Announcer: And in the red corner, the Featherweight Champion!


Kurenaiiiii Ryuseiiiiii!!



Page 17


Panel 1

Half of the audience looks stunned as the other half is made up of handsome men and sexy women who begin to cheer loudly upon the introduction of Ryusei Kurenai.


Girl 1: Kyaaa! Ryusei-chan!


Host 1: Ryusei-san!


Panel 2

Kosaku and Mukoda stare at the audience from inside the ring.


Mukoda: Huh… different kinda crowd tonight.


Kosaku: They’re from the club.


Panel 3

The entryway of the arena has a few late comers arriving.


Panel 4

Kosaku watches the entryway intently.


Kosaku: She’s not here yet…


Panel 5

Mukoda clears his throat and begins to speak.


Mukoda: Anyway Kosaku…


We’ve had some ups and downs along the way,


Panel 6

Mukoda jumps into Kosaku’s face excitedly.


Mukoda: But tonight we’ve made it! This is for the title!


Give it all you’ve got!



Page 18


Panel 1

Kosaku responds emphatically.


Kosaku: I will, Coach.


Panel 2

Ryusei and Kosaku approach each other with their gloves raised.


Ryusei (thinking): Don’t forget, Hatanaka.


When I beat you, you’re gonna owe me 800,000 yen!


Panel 3

Angela is praying beside her bed.


Angela (thinking): It’s begun.


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