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Page 1


Title Page


Panel 1

Outside the church at night…


Narration: Sister Angela, you are forbidden from going out for a week.


Panel 2

Mother Abbess looks angry.


Mother Abbess: If you choose to ignore this…


Panel 3

A red background with only these words written across it.


Mother Abbess: Then you will leave the monastery permanently.


Panel 4

Angela kneels by her bed and prays.


Sister Angela: …


Panel 5

Angela looks worried as she prays.


Angela thinks: I won’t be able to be a nun…



Page 2 – 3


Panel 1

Angela looks up clasping her hands together.


Angela thinks: The gong has already been rung.




Panel 2

Kosaku and Ryusei start to square off.


Ring announcer: Let’s get it on!


The Orient Pacific Featherweight fight is scheduled for twelve rounds.



Page 4


Panel 1

Ryusei grins at Kosaku as they get ready to fight.


Ryusei: You remember your promise, right, Hatanaka-kun?


Kosaku: Of course.


Panel 2

Kosaku dashes forward ready to throw down.


Kosaku: When I win, you’ll forget about…


The 400,000 yen debt.


Panel 3

Calm and collected, Ryusei studies Kosaku.


Ryusei thinks: What an optimistic fool.


Panel 4

Ryusei blocks Kosaku’s punch and nails him with a left to the face.


Ryusei: And if you lose you owe me 800,000 yen.


And you’ll pay me in full!




Page 5


Panel 1

Mukoda shouts at Kosaku from ringside.


Mukoda: Kosaku you moron, guard!


Ishida: The first thing they talk about is the money.


Panel 2

Shunpei and his friend look worried.


Shunpei: You’d think he’d focus a little more on just winning the title.


Dark-haired boxer: Yeah, I thought it was his dream.


Panel 3

Ryusei blocks one of Kosaku’s blows.


Kosaku: Gah,


Panel 4

Ryusei throws a punch at Kosaku, which he blocks as he retreats.


Kosaku: !


Panel 5

Mukoda looks a little nervous as he watches them trade shots.


Mukoda: He… He’s fast.


Panel 6

Kosaku throws a jab at Ryusei’s face, which he easily side-steps.


Ryusei: Oops.


Panel 7

The women in the crowd squeal as they fear that Ryusei’s handsome face will be damaged.


Woman 1: Kyaa, he’s aiming for his face!


Woman 2: A host’s face is his life!



Page 6


Panel 1

The bell rings as the announcer comes over the PA system.


Announcer: That’s the end of the first round.


Panel 2

Mukoda works on Kosaku in the corner between rounds.


Mukoda: Kosaku, remember your footwork.


Kosaku: Yeah…


Panel 3

Kosaku looks out into the audience.


Panel 4

Kosaku scans the audience looking for Angela.


Kosaku: Sister Angela…


She’s not here yet…


Panel 5

In Ryusei’s corner, his coach is looking confident while he looks bored.


Ryusei’s Coach: Once you finish this title defense you’ll be able to go after the World Title.


Then you’ll be making some serious money.


Panel 6

Ryusei’s Coach looks excited as he gives his boxer a pep talk.


Ryusei’s Coach: Then you’ll be able to pay off your parents


300 million yen debt.


Panel 7

Ryusei closes his eyes and smirks.


Ryusei: Money isn’t…


The reason that I box.





Page 7


Panel 1

The bell rings and Ryusei heads back to the center of the ring, as his coach watches him, confused.


Ryusei’s Coach: Is that so?


It’s just money is all you ever talk about.


Panel 2

Kosaku looks serious as he heads back to begin the round. Mukoda calls out to him.


Mukoda: Ya gotta go for his face, that’s his weak spot.


Break his defense and nail him.


Panel 3

Kosaku begins the round with a punch that Ryusei blocks.


Panel 4

A close-up of Ryusei.


Ryusei: I won’t let you touch my face.


Panel 5

Ryusei lands a hard punch to Kosaku’s face.


Ryusei: It’s how I make my living!




Page 8



Panel 1

Ryusei backs Kosaku into the corner with another massive punch that Kosaku only barely manages to block.


Ryusei: If you so much as think you’re going to touch my face,


Then you’re going to have to pay!


Panel 2

Ishida and Shunpei look on from outside the ring.


Ishida: He’s…


Shunpei: A selfish little brat…



Panel 3

Kosaku is getting hammered by a barrage of punches from Ryusei.


Kosaku: Ugh,




Panel 4

Suddenly Kosaku lands a hard punch to Ryusei’s gut.


Ryusei: Oogh!


Panel 5

Kosaku’s ringside team looks on with excitement.


Mukoda: Awright!


Dark-haired Boxer: A body blow.



Page 9


Panel 1

Ryusei jumps back to regain his balance.




Panel 2

Kosaku charges forward.


Kosaku: Did it even hurt him!?


Panel 3

Ryusei covers his face, angered by Kosaku’s solid punch.


Ryusei: Damn, I got careless.



Panel 4

Ryusei comes back swinging and punches Kosaku in the face.


Panel 5

Shunpei and the Dark Haired Boxer feel Kosaku’s pain.




Panel 6

The bell sounds and the round ends just in time.


Announcer: That’s it for round two.


Panel 7

Ryusei’s Coach talks to him in the corner.


Ryusei’s Coach: Chill out, Ryusei.


Hatanaka could nail you with one hard hit.


Panel 8

Ryusei stares across the ring at Kosaku’s corner.


Ryusei: It was nothing,


It caught me on the hip.


Mukoda: Kosaku?


You’re being careless out there.



Page 10


Panel 1

Mukoda stares at Kosaku, who is sitting in a daze.


Mukoda: Huh?


Kosaku: Sister…


Panel 2

Mukoda slaps Kosaku in the face.


Mukoda: HEY!


Panel 3

Mukoda gets right in Kosaku’s face, yelling at him.


Mukoda: Concentrate!


This is the title fight!


Kosaku: Y… yeah.


Panel 4

The bell rings and Ryusei heads back into the center of the ring.


Ryusei’s Coach: Ryusei, watch out for those one punch power shots.


Ryusei: Pssh.


Panel 5

Ryusei approaches Kosaku, with a bored look on his face.


Ryusei thinking: Stop jerking me around, Hatanaka.


I was goofing off before, trying to look good out there, but I’m not playing around anymore.


Panel 6

Suddenly Ryusei lands a damaging punch to Kosaku’s head.


Ryusei: So I’m just gonna have to


Knock you out!



Page 11


Panel 1

Kosaku pulls back his head, obviously hurt.


Kosaku: Grr,


Panel 2

Kosaku attempts to land another body blow.


Panel 3

Ryusei’s corner becomes terrified as they realize what Kosaku is trying to do.


Ryusei’s Coach: He’s goin’ for the body!


Cutman: Look out!


Panel 4

Ryusei pulls his hands in the way of Kosaku’s punch.


Ryusei: Ugh,


Panel 5

Kosaku uses his other fist to aim a punch at Ryusei’s face.


Panel 6

Ryusei quickly pulls his hands up to protect his face.


Ryusei: The body shot was a faint?


He doesn’t have enough room to…


Panel 7

Kosaku punches Ryusei hard in the face.


Ryusei: !



Page 12


Panel 1

All of Ryusei’s supporters in the crowd gasp.


Host 1: No, not his face.


That’s how he makes his money!


Panel 3

Ryusei falls back…


Shunpei: Whoa, he landed it!


Dark-Haired Boxer: He punched right through his defense!


Panel 4

Ryusei falls back with a stunned look on his face.





Page 13


Panel  1

Ryusei manages to keep his balance and stay on his feet.


Panel  2

Mukoda shouts to Kosaku from outside the ring.


Mukoda: Don’t stop now Kosaku!


Rain hell down on him!


Panel 3

Kosaku readies himself for another attack.


Kosaku: Yeah!


Panel 4

Suddenly, Ryusei is in Kosaku’s face, catching Hatanaka off guard.

Ryusei thinking: I thought he’d say that.




Panel 5

Ryusei yells as he hits Kosaku with a hard uppercut to the jaw.


Ryusei: Let’s see how you like it in the face!



Page 14


Panel 1

Kosaku falls to the canvas as the referee jumps in to begin the count.


Panel 2

Mukoda and Ishida look like its all over.


Mukoda: Ko-Kosaku.


Panel 3

The audience screams.


Crowd: You did it, Ryusei-san!


Panel 4

A shot of the arena as the referee counts…


Referee: Two








Page 15


Panel 1

Ryusei returns to his corner looking disappointed.


Ryusei: Dammit,



I might not be able to work tomorrow.


Referee: Six.


Panel 2

Kosaku opens his eyes.


Panel 3

Kosaku springs to his feet ready to fight.


Referee: Eight…


Panel 4

Shunpei and his friend are surprised as they watch Kosaku get up.


Shunpei: He’s up…


Panel 5

A shot of the ceiling as the announcer calls out the end of the round.


Announcer: And the third round comes to a close.


Panel 6

Mukoda sponges Kosaku down as Ishida tends to him in the corner.


Mukoda: Damn, you had me worried there.


Kosaku: I’m fine.


Panel 7

Mukoda and Kosaku look across the ring to Ryusei’s corner.


Mukoda: Well, at least it looks like you’ve put a dent in his day job for awhile.


Kosaku: This time I’m…




Page 16


Panel 1

Kosaku looks ready to go at it again.


Kosaku: Ready to finish him off.


For Sister!


Panel 2

Mukoda looks irritated with Kosaku’s declaration.


Kosaku: …Oh,


And for you too Coach.


Mukoda: Thanks for clearing that up.


Panel 3

Kosaku thinks back to getting punched by Ryusei.


Kosaku thinks: I won’t lose.


Panel 4

Outside of the convent, a voice calls out in the night.


Voice: Mother Abbess,


It’s Sister Angela…


Panel 5

Inside Angela’s room…


Voice: She’s gone…


Panel 6

Two of the nuns look worried as they report the news.


Nun with glasses: We don’t know where…


Round-faced nun: Starting today she was supposed to get your permission for such things…




Page 17


Panel 1

Mother Abbess is stone faced.


Mother Abbess thinks: Sister Angela…


Is this your answer?


Panel 2

Angela runs down the stairs at the train station.


Angela thinks: Please forgive me, Mother Abbess.


Panel 3

A blank panel with Angela’s thoughts…


Angela thinks: This week…


I’ve done almost nothing but pray.




Panel 4

Angela looks worried as the rushes ahead.


Angela thinks: The only thing I could think about was Hatanaka-san.



Page 18


Panel 1

Another white panel with only Angela’s thoughts.


Angela’s thoughts: Hatanaka-san, I’m on my way.


Panel 4

Ryusei rushes in to finish off Kosaku.


Ryusei: Time for the knockout blow.


Panel 5

Kosaku fights back and almost lands a punch on Ryusei’s elbow.


Ryusei: !



Page 19


Panel 1

Ryusei backtracks, narrowly avoiding another punch from Kosaku.


Ryusei: That was too close!


Panel 2

Ishida and Mukoda look on outside the ring.


Mukoda: He dodged!


Ishida: His body’s wide open, press him!


Panel 3

Kosaku once again tries to hit Ryusei in the head, but his opponent manages to pull up his glove to block.


Ryusei: Ugh!


Panel 4

Ryusei attempts to counter Kosaku.


Ryusei thinking: This bastard!


Panel 5

Mukoda and Ishida are beginning to get nervous.


Mukoda: This match is starting to get good, huh?


Ishida: I’ll say.


Mukoda: I wonder where he’s getting this strength since the Sister’s not here.


Panel 6

The other pair of boxers from Mukoda’s Gym watch Kosaku in awe.


Shunpei: He’s probably forgotten all about it.


Dark-Haired Boxer: Yeah.


It’s a good thing that senpai’s got a thick head.



Page 20


Panel 1

The timer counts down the seconds left in the round.


Panel 2

Kosaku and Ryusei trade punches in the middle of the ring.


Panel 3

The ceiling of the arena.


Announcer: That’s it for the eleventh round!


Panel 4

Mukoda and Ishida tend to Kosaku in the corner.


Mukoda: Just one round left!


Can you do it, Kosaku!?


Kosaku: Ee’s ‘owin’ down.


Ishida: Is he really okay?


Panel 5

Ryusei’s Coach seems concerned as he questions his boxer.


Ryusei’s Coach: What’s going on, Ryusei,


Can’t you knock this guy out!?


Panel 6

Ryusei in profile.


Ryusei thinking: I can’t lay him out.


Panel 7

Mukoda is taking care of a cut under Kosaku’s eye.


Ryusei thinking: You bastard,


Now I’m really pissed.


Panel 8

Ryusei’s corner is trying to encourage him.


Ryusei’s Cutman: Hatanaka’s struggling, he’s not world class like you.


Ryusei’s Coach: Just remember your parent’s debt…



Page 21


Panel 1

Ryusei stares at the ground, looking pensive.

Ryusei: Oh… the 300 million…


Panel 2

A shot of the crowd.


Announcer: This is it, the final round!


Ryusei: That’s… just something I made up.


Panel 3

Ryusei marches back into the center of the ring.


Ryusei’s Coach: Huh?


Panel 4

Ryusei walks up to Kosaku.


Ryusei: Hey Hatanaka, about my debt…


Kosaku:  !?


Panel 5

Ryusei delivers a devastating punch to Kosaku’s face.


Ryusei: It’s 700  million.




Panel 6


Ryusei’s Cutman: Huh?


Ryusei’s Coach: Is he serious!?



Page 22


Panel 1

Kosaku falls to the ground once more as Rysei stands over him.


Panel 2

Mukoda and Ishida are shocked.


Mukoda: Ko, Kosaku.


Panel  3

Ryusei goes back to his corner as the referee begins to count.


Referee: Two




Panel 4

Ryusei stares down at Kosaku, frowning.


Ryusei: 700 million, but my skills as a host,


have helped me almost pay it off,


Referee: Five.


Panel 5

A white panel.


Ryusei: Boxing alone just wasn’t profitable enough.


And so…


Because of my debt, I couldn’t quit boxing.




Page 23


Panel 1

Ryusei turns away, thinking the match is over.


Ryusei: I guess you just didn’t have enough spirit…




Announcer: He’s up!


Panel 2

Kosaku is on his feet looking determined.


Ryusei: You want more, bastard?


Panel 3

A close up of Kosaku’s face.


Kosaku: I won’t…





Page 24


Panel 1

Ryusei charges in but misses.


Kosaku thinking: Because if I lost,


Panel 2

Kosaku counter punches and lands a straight left to Ryusei’s face.


Kosaku thinking: Sister would be devastated!!


Panel 3

Angela rushes into the arena just in time to see Kosaku fighting back.


Angela: Hatanaka-san!



Page 25


Panel 1

Kosaku’s corner yelling at him.


Mukoda: C’mon Kosaku, you gotta knock him out!


Ishida: We can’t risk a decision!


Panel 2

Ryusei’s corner yelling at him.


Ryusei’s Coach: You’ve gotta rally, Ryusei!


Ryusei’s Cutman: Get in close!


Panel 4

Ryusei rushes in.


Ryusei: So this is it, huh?


He’s going down for sure!


Panel 4

Ryusei punches Kosaku in the head.


Ryusei: Hey dumbass…


It was all for the money, huh!?


For a measly 80 thou!?


Panel 4

One of Kosaku’s eyes are closed as he hears Ryusei taunting him.


Kosaku: I didn’t do it for the money!



Page 26


Panel 1

Kosaku lands a massive uppercut to Ryusei’s head knocking his mouthpiece out.


Kosaku: I did it for love!



Page 27


Panel 1

Angela is stunned upon hearing Kosaku’s words.


Panel 2

Ishida, Mukoda and the others are on the verge of tears at seeing Kosaku knock down Ryusei.


Mukoda: He…


Boxers: He did it!


Panel 3

The ceiling of the arena.


Referee: Five.




Panel 4

The Referee is kneeling next to Ryusei.


Refree: Eight.


Ryusei thinking: Love…


Panel 5

Ryusei stares at the ceiling, lost in thought.


Ryusei thinking: What’s that…


Refree: Ten.



Page 28


Panel 1

The audience applauds.


Panel 2

Mukoda holds the ring ropes open for Kosaku as he gets out of the ring, his title belt over his shoulder as he sees Angela for the first time.


Kosaku: Oh…


Panel 3

Close up of Kosaku’s smiling face.


Kosaku: Sister,


You made it…


Panel 4

An empty panel.


Angela: I’m…


Panel 5

Kosaku and Angela standing facing one another, as Angela takes off her habit.


Angela: Not “sister” anymore though.



Page 29


Panel 1

Angela begins to cry as she looks at Kosaku.


Angela: I came because…


I wanted to see you.


Panel 2

Kosaku looks back at Angela.


Kosaku: Sis…



Page 30


Panel 1

Angela and Kosaku embrace.


Kosaku: Marie-chan.


Boxers: Whaaaa!


Panel 2

Ryusei sits with his arm around Mizue at Club Ring.


Narration: And so…


Ryusei: Mizue-chan, why don’t we settle up regarding the money I’m owed.


Mizue: I’m so sorry, Ryusei-chan.


I’ll pay it.



Page 31


Panel 1

Snow falling in the sky.


Panel 2

Outside the church.


Angela: I’m very…


Very sorry, Mother Abbess.


Panel 3

Angela and Mother Abess talking to one another.


Mother Abbess: It’s the path you’ve chosen.


I hope you follow it just as strongly.


Angela: Yes ma’am…


Panel 4

Mother Abbess speaks to her former novice.


Mother Abbess: And God…


Will always be on your side.


Panel 5

Angela is crying, she cannot look Mother Abbess in the face.




Thank you so much.



Page 32


Panel 1

Angela looks over her shoulder as Mukoda rides past on his bicycle.


Mukoda: Kosaku, you moron, where do you think you’re going?


Panel 2

Angela calls out to Mukoda.


Angela: He’s at it again, Coach!?


Mukoda: Yes, again.


Panel 3

Mukoda sighs.


Mukoda: Now his whole defensive game


Is just shot to pieces.


Panel 4

Angela walks alongside Mukoda, not looking back.


Angela: I see, I’ll help look.


I’ll go check the water fountain and the restaurants.


Panel 5

Mother Abbess watches as Angela leaves the flock.


Mother Abbess thinking: Sister Angela…


Have you chosen the thorny path?




Page 33


Panel 1

Snow falling in Tokyo.


Panel 2

A closeup of a greedy looking Kosaku as he is about to munch on some buns.


Kosaku: Heh heh heh…


Panel 3

Kosaku is surprised as he notices Angela standing behind him.


Panel 4

Kosaku looks embarrassed.


Kosaku: Oh, uh…


I uh… haven’t eaten anything yet…


Panel 5

Angela grabs Kosaku under his arm and pulls him off.


Angela: Well, let’s head back.


Coach is waiting.




Page 34


Panel 1

Kosaku smiles at Angela.


Panel 2

Angela smiles back at Kosaku.


Panel 3

Snow falling.


Narration: And that is the lamb’s blessing.


Written down the side:


Though the stomach is empty, the heart is full, and love is symbolized in a smile… Please look forward to Rumiko Takahashi-sensei’s next work.

Translation by Harley Acres. Please do not reproduce or repost this translation elsewhere.