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Page 1

Panel 1
An opening shot of the church at sunset. Sister Angela stands in front of it wearing plain clothes and carrying a purse.

Angela: Well then, Mother Abbess, everyone, I'm going back to my parent's home.

Panel 2
Mother Abbess and the other nuns stand at the gate talking to Angela.

Mother Abbess: Have a safe trip, Sister Angela.

Round Faced Nun: I know your father will be pleased.

Panel 3
Here comes Kosaku out jogging with Coach Mukoda following on a bicycle with a megaphone.

Mukoda: Kosaku, you piece a crap! Sucking down those sweets!

Kosaku: We've still got a month before the match...

Page 2

A full color page showing Mukoda throwing his megaphone at Kosaku, as Kosaku grins happily.

Mukoda: We ONLY have a month left. How the hell do you expect to lose 10kg, huh?

Kosaku: C'mon, trust me.

Page 3

Another full color page with Kosaku noticing a Angela waiting at the bus stop up ahead.

Kosaku: Ah...

Page 4

Panel 1
Another color page of Kosaku getting excited as Mukoda rides up behind him.

Mukoda: Huh...? Who's that?

Kosaku: Sister Angela.

Panel 2
Angela notices Kosaku approaching, in the background is a shot of Angela in her nun's habit as Mukoda realizes who they are talking to.

Angela: Oh, Mr. Hatanaka.

Panel 4
Mukoda looking bewildered.

Mukoda: Sister?

Panel 5
Mukoda parks his bike by the bus stop as Kosaku runs up to Angela and grabs her hand, which she tries to slap away.

Mukoda: Now that's a surprse.

Kosaku: You look so cute in your street clothes.

Angela: You're too kind.

Page 5

Panel 1
The black and white pages begin here. Mukoda and Angela are standing and talking as a few leaves fall in the background.

Mukoda: So, what are you up to, Sister?

Angela: Well...

Panel 2
Angela smiles.

Angela: I'm going back to my parents home for a little while.

Panel 3
Kosaku and Mukoda look surprised. Kosaku sweats a bit.

Kosaku: Huh...

Panel 4
Kosaku right up in Angela's face and speaks loudly as the other people waiting on the bus stare at he and Angela. Angela looks very shocked.

Kosaku: Sister, did you get kicked out of the convent!?

Angela: Do you think I have such a bad reputation?

Panel 5
A shot of whispy clouds in the sky.

Kosaku: Your dad's sick!?

Angela: Well, yes...

Panel 6
Angela looks a little sad as she talks, meanwhile a Mercedes Benz pulls up at the bus stop next to them.

Angela: I received permission from the church to visit for two or three days...

Voice from inside car: Ah, we're here.

Page 6

Panel 1 and 2
An emaculately dressed woman steps from the car. She is attractive and fairly youthful looking. A driver steps out of the Benz as well.

Woman: So good to see you Marie-chan. We nearly missed you. Come, let's go for a ride.

Panel 3
Angela and Kosaku both look a little surprised.

Angela: Auntie...

Panel 4
Auntie walks up to Angela.

Auntie: Gosh, you're dressed awfully plain. We're not going to a wake you know.

Panel 5
Auntie waves a hand and laughs as Angela talks.

Angela: But I'm going to visit my sick father... And nuns have no need for flashy clothes...

Auntie: Hohoho, but you're still a novice.

Panel 6
Kosaku approaches and Angela looks incredibly pissed off. Auntie watches curiously.

Kosaku: Um, Sister. She called you Marie-chan...

Auntie: Who's this?

Page 7

Panel 1
Kosaku gives a little bow and puts his hand nervously on his neck. Auntie stares at him.

Kosaku: Oh, hello, I'm...

Panel 2
Auntie smiles widely as Angela gets flustered behind her.

Auntie: You're... incapable of making a living.

Angela: Auntie!

Panel 3
Auntie and Kosaku laugh happily.

Kosaku: Eh!? How'd you know?

Auntie: Hohohohoho.

Panel 4
The scene changes to an exterior shot of Mukoda's gym at night.

Voice: So she's gone to see her folks, eh. And they picked her up in a Benz no less.

Panel 5
Inside the gym is bustling with activity. Shunpei and his boxer friend stand on the apron of the ring with Mukoda next to them. In the ring Ishida is acting as a sparring partner.

Dark Haired Boxer: Sounds like the Sister comes from a good family.

Mukoda: I guess. But a Benz isn't anything to get excited about.

Panel 6
The dark haired boxer and Shunpei turn to watch Kosaku, who is across the room confidently working on the heavy bag.

Dark Haired Boxer: I thought she and Upperclassman Hatanaka were incompatible from the start, but now...

Shunpei: Things just went from bad to worse for him.

Kosaku: Feh.

Page 8

Panel 1
Kosaku closes his eyes as he buries his glove into the bag.

Kosaku: Marie... what a beautiful name.

Panel 2
Kosaku looks up into the air as a vision of Angela appears behind him. In the background the dark haired boxer and Shunpei whisper to one another.

Kosaku: I have a feeling this is going to take our relationship to the next level.

Dark Haired Boxer: How many years has it been since he's even been on a date?

Shunpei: After all this all he's got is her first name...

Panel 3
A nighttime shot of a neighborhood.

Voice: So this kind of place is fashionable nowadays?

Panel 4
An exterior view of what looks like an upscale home. It is actually a restaurant with a small Italian flag flying by the door.

Voice: Restaurants in neighborhoods with no signs outside?

Voice: It certainly is. Hohohoho.

Page 9

Panel 1
A close up of some artfully prepared food.

Voice: This place is particularly popular with female customers.

Voice: Until last year the chef here was studying abroad in Italy.

Panel 2
Angela looks concerned.

Angela: So what? Father, Mother...

Panel 3
Angela and Auntie sit on one side of the table, across from them are Angela's Mom and Dad.

Angela: Father, are you sick or not?

Angela's Dad: I feel terrific.

Angela's Mom: Who on earth would tell you such a lie?

Panel 4
Angela glares at Auntie, who just smiles.

Angela: Auntie...

Angela: Oh, so I arranged a little time off for you. It's for your own good.

Panel 5
Angela's parents look content as they enjoy their meal.

Angela's Dad: But this food is quite superb.

Angela's Mom: It really is.

Auntie: Indeed, indeed. Absolutely right.

Page 10

Panel 1
A handsome chef emerges from the kitchen. His long hair is pulled back into a ponytail and he wears an earring in his left ear. Women throughout the restaurant begin to get excited.

Chef: How's the food this evening?

Female Customer 1: Oh, there he is!

Female Customer 2: Sooo handsome. Chef Wakaoji!

Panel 2
Chef Wakaoji walks around the restaurant stopping at each table and stopping to chat.

Female Customer 3: You truly are a young prodigy, Chef.

Chef Wakaoji: Oh, please.

Panel 3
Auntie leans over to Angela as they both stare at Chef Wakaoji.

Auntie: So? He's cute, eh, Marie-chan?

Panel 4
Chef Wakaoji comes over to Angela's table and chats with Auntie.

Chef Wakaoji: As always madam, thank you for gracing us with your presence once again.

Auntie: Tonight's meal was the best yet.

Page 11

Panel 1
Angela sits patiently and smiles.

Auntie: Ah, this is... My niece, Marie.

Panel 2
Chef Wakaoji smiles.

Chef Wakaoji: Oh... you're the nun from the church...

Panel 3
Auntie beams with happiness as Angela makes friendly banter.

Angela: Well, I'm still in training actually.

Auntie: Yes, still in training, of course.

Panel 4
Angela leans in to Auntie looking a little purturbed.

Angela: You don't have to repeat what I say.

Auntie: Well, being in training and being the real thing are two very different things.

Panel 5
Back in the kitchen Chef Wakaouji is tugging on his sleeves as he chats with an old man.

Old Man: So m'boy, what sort of fancy ladies did we have tonight?

Chef Wakaoji: Morishita, when we're at the restaurant I want you to call me "chef".

Panel 6
Chef Wakaoji picks up some prongs as Morishita watches him.

Morishita: ... Chef. Why're you rolling up your sleeves...?

Morishita: Its been awhile since my skills have felt this reinvigorated.

Page 12

Panel 1
A shot of a very unique, frou-frou bit of food on a plate.

Voice: A chef original.

Voice: Roasted lamb in green sauce.

Panel 2
Everyone cuts their meat and studies it intently.

Angela's Dad: Hmm... I wonder what's in this sauce...

Angela's Mom: It has a unique fragrance.

Panel 2 and 3
Panel 2 shows a shooting star streaking across the night sky, and then panel 3 shows the door opening outside of the restaurant as the bell above the door jingles.

Voice: Thank you for the meal.

Panel 4
Auntie and Angela's parents files out of the restaurant looking sick, their eyes closed and little trails of vapor following behind them. Angela lags behind talking to the chef.

Chef Wakaoji: I hope everything was satisfactory?

Angela: Oh...

Panel 5
Angela looks uncomfortable and ill, but is smiling.

Angela: The hors d'oeuvres, the pasta, the salad, and the dessert, they were all delicious.

Panel 6
Wakaoji moves in closer looking very excited. Angela looks nervous due to his request.

Chef Wakaoji: By all means then, please come again.

Angela: Oh, that would be a little...

Panel 7
Chef Wakaoji stands there with his mouth open, smiling, waiting for Angela to finish what she was saying. Angela has nothing else to add and stares nervously at him.

Angela: ...

Page 13

Panel 1
Auntie and Angela's Parents are huddled outside talking to one another while Angela chats with Wakaoji.

Angela's Dad: What could have caused this?

Angela's Mom: I think it was the sauce.

Auntie: This is the first time this has ever happened.

Panel 2
Angela looking a little ill and awkward while talking to the chef.

Angela: Um... I'm a nun, so going out very often is sort of...

Panel 3
Wakaoji turns serious.

Chef Wakaoji: Well that's a shame.

Panel 4
Wakaoji takes Angela by the hand.

Chef Wakaoji: I know. We'll figure out something.

Angela: Huh?

Panel 5
Back inside the restaurant we see two plates of the uneaten lamb smothered in sauce.

Voice: ... I don't get it.

Panel 6
In the kitchen Wakaoji and Morishita study the uneaten food.

Chef Wakaoji: I put my heart and soul into this and they barely touched it. Why is that, Morishita?

Morishita: M'boy...

Panel 7
Wakaoji stares blankly at Morishita.

Chef Wakaoji: Chef.

Morishita: Well chef, did you cook the lamb meat...?

Panel 8
Chef Wakaoji gets serious.

Chef Wakaoji: Of course, first thing today.

Page 14

Panel 1
Wakaoji looks over his shoulder as Morishita samples the green sauce on his finger.

Chef Wakaoji: I've heard a rumor that lamb meat can be a bit peculiar... maybe that's the problem, Morishita.

Morishita: ... if you say so chef... But this sauce...

Panel 2
Wakaoji holds up a blender with some liquid in it.

Chef Wakaoji: I used this.

Morishita: Chef, that's...

Panel 3
A darkness shadows Morishita's face. He's gravely serious.

Morishita: My homemade protein drink... green juice.

Panel 4
Wakaoji looks surprised.

Chef Wakaoji: ... Eh.

Morishita: Feh.

Panel 5
A shot of a train crosses a bridge at night.

Voice: You're so hard-headed, Marie-chan. You're not going to stay?

Panel 6
Auntie's Benz is speeding down the street.

Voice: That's right Auntie. Considering that Father is alright.

Voice: Hey, he looked sick to me when we were leaving the restaurant.

Panel 7
Inside the back seat of the car, Angela and Auntie both are holding their handkerchiefs to their mouths looking rather ill.

Angela: Everyone looked sick.

Auntie: Anyway...

Page 15

Panel 1
Auntie looks over at Angela.

Auntie: So what do you think? About the chef... Mr. Wakaoji?

Panel 2
Angela looks tired and puzzled.

Angela: What do I think...

Panel 3
Auntie leans over to Angela with her arms crossed.

Auntie: He's a young genius chef. His looks are out of this world. And furthermore his parents have serious money. How about it?

Panel 4
Angela's still puzzled.

Angela: Uh... what are you trying to say...

Panel 5
Auntie is beaming with happiness and points a finger into the air.

Auntie: Well, come out of that monastery and you and he can get married.

Panel 6
Angela is flabbergasted.

Angela: Wha...

Panel 7
Now Angela is getting mad and sweating a bit, Auntie has a funny expression on her face and is blowing cigarette smoke out of her nose.

Angela: Auntie, is that what this has all been about...

Auntie: Yup, it was a marriage interview.

Page 16

Panel 1
An exterior shot of the convent at night.

Voice: Oh, Angela. You're back already?

Voice: Y-yes, my father was doing much better than I thought.

Panel 2
Inside her sparse, white room Angela kneels at the side of her bed and stares up at a painting of Mary and baby Jesus on her wall.

Angela's thoughts: Dear Lord, please forgive me. I was careless and deceived.

Panel 3
Angela bows her head and closes her eyes, her hands joined together in prayer.

Angela's thoughts: I swear I will spend my entire life here at the monastery.

Panel 4
Angela leans over until her head is resting on her hands and is pressed against the bed.

Angela: ...

Panel 5
Now she has separated her hands, but continues to bury her face into the bedspread.

Angela's thoughts: Even though I was tricked, if Mother Abbess finds out about the marriage meeting I could be in real trouble.

Panel 6
Angela looks up, sweating.

Angela's thoughts: I have to keep what happened today absolutely secret.

Page 17

Panel 1
An exterior shot of the church the following day.

Voice: Amen.

Panel 2
The interior of the church, a few parishioners mill about.

Voice: That concludes today's mass... see you again next week.

Panel 3
Kosaku enters the church wearing his sweatsuit and waving at Angela happily.

Kosaku: Sister.

Angela: Mr. Hatanaka...

Panel 4
Kosaku pulls out an envelop and studies it as he talks to Angela.

Kosaku: Um, here's the ticket for my next fight.

Panel 5
Angela looks at Kosaku.

Angela: Is there anything I can do to reciprocate?

Panel 6
Kosaku looks serious, closing his eyes and letting out a little sigh.

Kosaku: Well... this is difficult to say...

Panel 7
Kosaku grabs Angela's hand and stares into her eyes. Angela, on the other hand, looks extremely irritated.

Kosaku: But please watch over me Marie-chan.

Angela: Call me Sister Angela.

Page 18

Panel 1
Kosaku and Angela are standing in front of the altar. Kosaku turns to look over his shoulder as he hears a voice behind him.

Voice: Marie-chan.

Panel 2
Its Wakaoji carrying a picnic basket and Auntie, both are quite well dressed.

Chef Wakaoji: Sister.

Auntie: I've brought Mr. Wakaoji with me.

Panel 3
Kosaku looks rather matter-of-fact. Angela, on the other hand, looks extremely paniced.

Kosaku: Hey, it's your aunt.

Panel 4
Wakaoji shows Angela the basket happily, Kosasku looks a little surprised now.

Wakaoji: To make up for the other day.

Auntie: Uh, um...

Panel 4
Mother Abbess enters the room, looking as stone-faced as ever. Angela looks very surprised, while Auntie looks excited and gestures towards Wakaoji.

Mother Abbess: Sister Angela. Do you know each other?

Angela: Mother Abbess...

Auntie: Good afternoon, Mother Abbess. This is...

Page 19

Panel 1
Angela grabs Auntie by the arm and rushes her away, Auntie looks very surprised.

Angela: AUNTIE.

Auntie: Ahhhhh!

Panel 2
Angela is pissed and gets in Aunties face while sweating profusely. Auntie looks happy, but a bit nervous too.

Angela: I have absolutely rejected the marriage meeting, alright!

Panel 2
Kosaku pops up behind Angela who is shocked by his loud exclaimation.


Panel 3
Kosaku angrily shouts at Angela while she angrily tries to shush him by putting her finger up to her mouth.



Panel 4
Mother Abbess leans around from behind Wakaoji and lazily waves Angela over.

Mother Abbess: Sister Angela.

Panel 5
Angela looks nervous as she turns to see what Mother Abbess wants. Kosaku has a comical little tear in one eye.

Angela: Y-yes...?

Panel 6
Angela walks over and Wakaoji happily smiles at her. His picnic basket resting on the back of a pew.

Chef Wakaoji: Don't worry, Sister.

Angela: Hm...?

Panel 7
A close-up of Wakaoji looking rather dapper and calm.

Chef Wakaoji: I absolutely understand your position in all of this.

Angela: Oh...?

Page 20

Panel 1
Wakaoji looks serious as he talks with Angela. Off to one side Mother Abbess watches Angela, while the round-faced nun and the nun with glasses investigate the basket.

Chef Wakaoji: The other day you reluctantly had to eat some of my cooking, this is my way of making it up to you...

Mother Abbess: It will only take us a moment to get ready then.

Nun in Glasses: Oh... food?

Panel 2
Angela looks a little relieved.

Angela thoughts: Then... this has nothing to do with a marriage interview.

Panel 3
On the other side of the room Kosaku whispers to Auntie as he tries to find out what is going on.

Kosaku: But is that alright? I didn't think she was allowed to get married...

Auntie: Feh.

Panel 4
Auntie looks serious, a little sparkle can be seen in her eye.

Auntie: It's fine. As long as it's before she takes her solemn vows.

Panel 5
Kosaku looks surprised.

Kosaku: Solemn vows?

Panel 6
Auntie leans in towards Kosaku and covers he mouth as she talks.

Auntie: The sisters in the church have to take them. You have to apprentice for quite awhile before you can become an official member.

Kosaku: Oh. Quite awhile...

Page 21

Panel 1
Auntie seriously states the facts.

Auntie: Ten years. It can take ten years of training before you are given permission to take your vows.

Panel 2
Kosaku is shocked.

Kosaku: TEN YEARS!!

Panel 3
Kosaku and Auntie look across the room at Angela. Angela seems to sense their gaze and looks over her shoulder nervously.

Kosaku: So she still has a long way to go...

Auntie: I'm sure even she wonders if she should just give up.

Panel 4
Kosaku gets excited all of a sudden, smiling happily.

Kosaku: If what you said is true, then this is my chance!

Auntie: But you can't earn a living.

Panel 5
Auntie clutches her fist with flames rising up behind her.

Auntie: You'll see, those two will be married. For the sake of Marie-chan's happiness.

Panel 6
Kosaku looks startled as he watches Wakaoji and Angela on the other side of the church.

Kosaku: Gah.

Page 22

Panel 1
It's nighttime once again and we see the convent from outside.

Voice: Is this lamb?

Panel 2
A close-up of a gourmet meal on a plate.

Voice: This is amazing, this is like something made by a world-class chef.

Panel 3
All the nuns are sitting around the table in their black habits. Only Angela, a novice, wears a white habit. Their hands are all clutched in prayer.

Long Faced Nun: I wonder what this black sauce is.

Round Faced Nun: It's very thick...

Mother Abbess: Give us this, our daily bread.

Panel 4
Angela puts some of the food into her mouth.

Panel 5
Mother Abbess, the nun in glasses, and another nun also sample the food.

Panel 6
Angela and the other nuns look like they are ready to be sick.

Panel 6
An exterior shot of the Italian restaurant of Wakaoji.

Panel 7
Morishita is tending to something on the stove.

Morishita: M'boy... chef. Uh... what happened to what was in this pot...?

Page 23

Panel 1
Wakaoji looks up from his "Date Spots" magazine.

Chef Wakaoji: Huh? That black sauce,

Panel 2
Wakaoji walks over to Morishita.

Chef Wakaoji: I used it on the lamb I took to the church.

Morishita: Chef, that was...

Panel 3
Morishita's face is suddenly enveloped in darkness and shadow.

Morishita: That was something I was boiling to eat on my break, sweet red bean soup.

Panel 4
Wakaoji looks calmly distressed as he talks with Morishita.

Chef Wakaoji: Soup...? Is it tasty?

Morishita: Yes, it is.

Panel 5
Wakaoji holds his hand to his mouth while Morishita looks somewhat surprised.

Chef Wakaoji: This is horrible, Morishita. That girl is going to hate me.

Morishita: M'boy, this girl...

Panel 6
Wakaoji places his hand on his chest as he talks to Morishita. Behind him is a picture of Angela in her street clothes as he describes to Morishita who he is referring to.

Chef Wakaoji: Miss Marie. Has it already been decided?

Morishita: If that's the case then you should prepare for the worst!

Page 24

Panel 1
Wakaoji takes his hat off dramatically as Morishita clenches his fists behind him.

Chef Wakaoji: Until now I'd never met someone as beautiful as she is. I want Miss Marie for my wife.

Morishita: Good luck, m'boy.

Panel 2
Tears stream down Morishita's face.

Morishita's thoughts: But... please taste any sauces before you use them.

Panel 2
An exterior shot of Mukoda's Gym at night.

Panel 3
Kosaku angrily hits the heavy bag.

Kosaku: SHIT! If after all this time she goes off with some other guy. I'm getting pushed out...

Panel 4
Exhausted, Kosaku hugs the heavy bag.

Kosaku: Tch... If she really could have been with me, we would have been together a long time ago.

Panel 5
Back at the church, Angela kneels before the altar whimpering.

Angela: God... am I to be punished for what I haven't said... about the marriage meeting?

    Translation Notes
  • The way Angela refers to her aunt, "Obasama" is very formal, but the kanji used in the word is very telling. It is used exclusively for an aunt that is younger than one's own parents. So I decided to translate it as "Auntie" to indicate this youthfulness.
  • We learn in this chapter that Angela's real name is "Marie". Now this is not Marie as many English speakers would assume. Her name is pronounced the Japanese way, "MA-REE-EH". The kanji the name is written with are "hemp", "advantage or benefit" and "drawing or painting". This is just the standard Japanese spelling of the name, rather than one of Takahashi's elaborate pun names.
  • The "green drink" mentioned on page 14 is a Japanese concotion called "Aojiru", which is made from kelp.
  • "Omiai", which is what the "marriage meeting" term is referring to in Japanese, is sometimes referred to as an "arranged marriage". There is no element of forcing someone to get married as the arranged marriage term might suggest, so I prefer "marriage meeting". Omiai actually refers to the process of introducing two people for consideration to marry, and is another reason I like "marriage meeting" better than "arranged marriage".
  • On page 22 Mother Abbess says "itadakimashou", which is a ritualistic Japanese phrase that Japanese people say before eating, which is often translated as "let's eat" or "thanks for the food". I chose to translate it using this line from the Lord's Prayer, as it seemed a fitting translation given the circumstances.
Translation by Harley Acres. Please do not reproduce or repost this translation elsewhere.