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Page 1

The title page shows Angela standing in front of the convent, her hand resting on her chest as she looks off to one side.

Page 2

A full length drawing of Kosaku jogging sadly, thinking about what has happened.

Kosaku: *sigh*

Panel 2
Kosaku thinks of Angela talking to Wakaoji.

Kosaku: C'mon, trust me.

Panel 3
He then recalls what Auntie told him.

Auntie: You'll see, those two will be married.

Panel 4
A plain white panel with Kosaku's words...

Kosaku: He's a young chef and owner of his own restaurant. Plus his parents are rich, he's the better man!

Panel 5
Kosaku angrily throws a punch as he jogs along.

Kosaku: Dammit, I'm... I'm not gonna lose!

Panel 6
A sweet potato salesman drives along the street next to Kosaku, calling out on his loud speaker as Kosaku looks nervous.

Potato Salesman: Sweet potatos! Potatos!

Page 3

Panel 1
Kosaku is reaching for a bag of sweet potatos when a voice shouts behind him. His arms flail as he hears the shout.

Voice: Mr. Hatanaka!

Panel 2
It's Sister Angela, clutching a Bible in one hand an a concerned yet stern look on her face.

Angela: You weren't about to give up were you!? Your match is in two weeks.

Panel 3
Angela and Kosaku stare at one another.

Angela: Just hold out a little while longer. Please do your best.

Kosaku: Sure...

Kosaku thinking: That's what you always say, Sister.

Panel 4
Kosaku looks a little sad.

Kosaku: Um... Sister...

Panel 5
A shot of the sky as we hear Angela's exclaimation.

Angela: Ma-married!? Me!?

Panel 6
Angela and Kosaku sit on a bench and talk.

Angela: It must be a joke.

Kosaku: But your aunt...

Panel 7
Angela looks worried as she talks to Kosaku.

Angela: Mr. Hatanaka. Have you been worrying about such foolishness?

Page 4

Panel 1
Kosaku angrily shouts at Angela.

Kosaku: It's not foolish to me!

Panel 2
Kosaku clutches Angela's hand and stares into Angela's eyes.

Kosaku: If something like that happened and you went away... I'd...

Panel 3
Compassionatly, Angela stares at Kosaku.

Angela: Mr. Hatanaka...

Panel 4
Angela looks a little comically peeved and pulls her hand out of Kosaku's as he laughs nervously.

Angela: Please relax. I have... no interest in marrying ANYONE...

Panel 5
Angela turns to walk off and looks back over her shoulder smiling.

Angela: Please do your best, because... I'll be cheering you on at your next match.

Panel 6
Kosaku watches pensivelly as she leaves.

Kosaku thinking: Sister. Can I really believe you?

Page 5

Panel 1
A exterior shot of the church.

Voice: Ah, you've come back, Sister Angela.

Panel 2
Auntie's sitting inside having tea with Mother Abbess. She looks concerned.

Auntie: Oh Marie-chan. This is terrible.

Panel 3
Angela looks surprised.

Angela: Auntie...?

Panel 4
Mother Abbess has her hands folded and approaches Angela.

Mother Abbess: Angela, you need to make preparations to return home. I'll give you a week off.

Angela: Oh?

Panel 5
Auntie's Benz zooms down the street.

Voice: Father was hospitalized!?

Panel 6
Angela, now in her street clothes, looks very worried.

Angela thinking: How... he seemed perfectly healthy when I saw him a few days ago...

Page 6

Panel 1
The car stops not at the hospital, but at Chef Wakaoji's restaurant. Wakaoji stands out front excited with a big smile on his face and his arms outstretched.

Chef Wakaoji: Hey, it's Miss Marie! You've come back.

Panel 2
Morishita stands outside as well.

Morishita: We've been waiting for you.

Panel 3
Angela looks puzzled while Auntie looks very pleased with herself.

Panel 4
Angela turns and yells at Auntie.

Angela: Auntie.

Auntie: Since you have the day off you can help around here.

Panel 5
Auntie points at Angela.

Auntie: After all, you'll be running this restaurant one day too. Study hard.

Page 7

Panel 1
Angela storms off as Auntie watches her.

Angela: I've had enough of your jokes, I'm going home.

Auntie: And what would they say at the convent if they knew you were having a marriage meeting?

Panel 2
Angela looks very perturbed as she stops walking. Auntie feigns sorrow.

Angela: ...

Auntie: I think they might not allow you to become a nun.

Panel 3
Angela and Auntie stare at each other.

Angela: Auntie... Why are you pushing this engagement business so strongly!?

Auntie: Marie-chan...

Panel 4
Angela watches blankly as Auntie speaks.

Auntie: My dear, you have a lot to learn about the way the world works.

Panel 5
Wakaoji comes over to Auntie and Angela.

Chef Wakaoji: Sister you're obviously a very devoted Christian.

Auntie: She is, but lately,

Panel 6
Auntie closes her eyes and looks serious.

Auntie: She's started to have some doubts about entering the monastery... I just want her to see how the rest of us live...

Shunpei: Things just went from bad to worse for him.

Panel 7
Auntie clutches her hands as sparkles flutter around her eyes. Angela blankly looks at her sweating a little.

Auntie: And since your parents are so wealthy, there's no reason why I can't borrow a little money once this engagement matter is settled.

Angela: Ah, "borrowing".

Page 8

Panel 1
Inside the restaurant, Angela has now changed into a waitress uniform.

Angela: *sigh*

Angela thinking: Please forgive me, Lord. I've gotten swept up in all of this.

Panel 2
Wakaoji happily sticks her chef hat on top of his head.

Chef Wakaoji: Miss Marie, don't be nervous, come and check out my workspace.

Panel 3
A shot of women happily eating in the restaurant.

Panel 4
Inside the kitchen Angela watches as Morishita dashes around the room cooking while Wakaoji stands rigidly in the middle doing nothing.

Angela thinks: Wow... its busy back here.

Panel 5
A white panel with Angela's thoughts.

Angela thinks: A restaurant's kitchen really is like a battlefield... really...

Panel 6
Angela is sweating a bit when she notices something odd.

Angela thinks: ...Hm?

Page 9

Panel 1
Angela looks surprised as she watches Morishita zipping around the kitchen doing all the cooking while Morishita just stands there, staring at the ceiling with a blank look in his eyes and his mouth hanging open a bit.

Angela thinks: Chef Wakaoji... he's just standing around...!?

Panel 2
Morishita turns to Wakaoji.

Morishita: M'boy, soon you need to...

Chef Wakaoji: Yup.

Panel 3
Wakaoji bows to all the ladies in the restaurant as he makes his rounds checking on their food and being friendly.

Chef Wakaoji: Thanks for coming.

Lady: This is the best yet, chef.

Panel 4
Angela cautiously approaches Morishita in the kitchen.

Angela: U-um...

Morishita: Morishita, ma'am.

Panel 5
A bead of sweat trickles down Angela's face as she talks to Morishita.

Angela: By any chance, is all the cooking done by...

Morishita: Me, yes, I cook everything.

Panel 6
Morishita picks up a bottle of wine as he continues to cook while he chats with Angela.

Angela: Um... I thought Mr. Wakaoji studied abroad in Italy though...

Morishita: Well, he was pretty busy with sightseeing.

Panel 7
Suddenly Wakaoji reappears in the kitchen laughing loudly as Morishita tosses something in a frying pan. Angela is shocked by Wakaoji's sudden appearance.

Morishita: Since we went over together I wound up going to class in his place.

Chef Wakaoji: Those were good times, eh, Morishita.

Angela: ...

Page 10

Panel 1
Outside the daycare attached to the convent.

Voice: Wha!?

Panel 2
Kosaku talks to some of the daycare employees, and looks a little concerned.

Kosaku: She went back to her parents home!? H-how come?

Panel 3
Kosaku watches while one of the ladies plays with a child and talks to him.

Woman: Well, I'm not sure exactly...

Panel 4
Kosaku looks surprised.

Woman: That crazy aunt of hers took her.

Kosaku: Gah.

Panel 5
Back at the gym Kosaku takes out his frustrations on the heavy bag.

Kosaku thinks: What the hell... what's going on!?

Panel 6
A shot of an angry Mother Abbess as Kosaku thinks back.

Mother Abbess: You want Angela's phone number!? I don't think so!!

Panel 7
Kosaku continues to think as he punches the bag.

Kosaku thinks: I've gotta see her. Then I'll see for myself!!

Page 11

Panel 1
Kosaku stops punching the bag as he overhears Shunpei on the phone behind him.

Shunpei: Oh, Megu-tan. I got a reservation at Chef Wakaoji's place. Yeah yeah, I rad about it in a magazine.

Panel 2
Kosaku digs through Shunpei's gym bag while he chats on the phone and finds a magazine called "Gourmet Map".

Shunpei: But I got a part time job, I've been saving up for this.

Panel 3
Kosaku opens the magazine and finds an article with Chef Wakaoji's picture next to a caption that reads "the store without a sign".

Kosaku thinks: It's him.

Panel 4
Shunpei stares at the roof while chatting on the phone.

Shunpei: How about tomorrow then...? Huh? You're busy? Permanently...?

Panel 5
Shunpei looks crushed.

Shunpei: Um...

Panel 6
Shunpei starts to cry and hangs up the phone when a hand pats him on the back.

Shunpei: ...

Panel 7
Kosaku grabs Shunpei as Shunpei cries and freaks out at the same time.

Kosaku: Think of me as Megu-tan.

Shunpei: Wha, what tha-.

Panel 8
The scene changes to Wakaoji's restaurant.

Voice: Madame Marie, you should get a little rest...

Page 12

Panel 1
Angela is peeling and slicing some sort of vegetable.

Angela: No, that's alright Mr. Morishita. I don't think I'm going to be able to help anymore...

Panel 2
Angela shows Morishita the pan of sliced veggies while Wakaoji looks on.

Angela: Does the vegetable relish look alright?

Morishita: Yes. Good work.

Panel 2
Angela turns to look at Wakaoji, chiding him politely.

Angela: ... Chef, don't you have some dishes to wash?

Chef Wakaoji: Yeaaaaah.

Panel 3
Out in the restaurant, Kosaku mournfully sips his soup while Shunpei stares at him, a little tear running down his cheek.

Kosaku: *sigh* I don't have any appetite.

Shunpei: They why are you eating? If coach finds out about this he's going to kill me.

Panel 4
A waitress approaches and refills Kosaku's glass.

Shunpei: Oh.

Panel 5
Shunpei looks up at the waitress.

Shunpei: Water is fine. This guy's trying to lose weight, so...

Page 13

Panel 1
Both Kosaku and Shunpei realize the waitress is Angela.

Kosaku: Eh.

Angela: Huh.

Shunpei: Ah...

Panel 2
Angela is taken aback, and sweats a little...

Angela: M-... Mr. Hatanaka...

Panel 3
Kosaku stands up, surprised to see Angela.

Kosaku: Sister...

Panel 4
Kosaku moves towards Angela slightly.

Kosaku: Why are you... here...?

Angela: Well, um... the reason for that is...

Panel 5
Kosaku nervously stares at the floor, his face turning a little red due to the awkwardness of the situation.

Kosaku: I see... you're... helping out around the restaurant...

Panel 6
Kosaku runs pass Angela heading for the exit, his face blackened out and streaming with tears.

Kosaku: Excuse me.

Panel 7
Angela dashes out of the restaurant as Kosaku heads off, Shunpei following behind him. Kosaku turns as Angela calls out to him.

Angela: O-oh, Mr. Hatanaka. I have to keep this a secret from the others at the convent...

Kosaku: Sister...

Page 14

Panel 1
Kosaku turns and smiles, trying his best to look happy.

Kosaku: I hope you'll be happy. Goodbye...

Panel 2
Angela looks concerned.

Angela: Wha...!?

Panel 3
Angela gets further away as Kosaku continues to run away.

Kosaku thinking: Sister, you idiot.

Panel 4
Kosaku rusn down the street as people watch him, he covers his face with his hand, tears pouring from his eyes.

Kosaku thinks: Of course she's going to marry that chef.

Panel 5
Angela is left standing outside in shock.

Angela thinks: He said "goodbye"... I'll go back to the convent tomorrow...

Panel 6
The sound of something hitting the floor and a shout.

Voice: Mo-Morishita!

Page 15

Panel 1
Angela opens the kitchen door and finds Wakaoji kneeling on the floor clutching Morishita in his arms.

Angela: What is it? What happened!?

Chef Wakaoji: Morishita, are you in pain!?

Morishita: I'm sorry...

Panel 2
A night shot of the church.

Voice: Oh, hello Sister Angela. Are you calling from the hospital?

Panel 3
Mother Abbess is in her office talking to Angela on the phone.

Angela's voice over the phone: Yes ma'am...

Panel 4
Angela, clearly at a hospital, talks to Mother Abbess on the phone.

Angela: Um... one week might not be long enough...

Panel 5
Angela hangs up the phone, sweating slightly.

Angela thinks: Please forgive me Lord. That's the last time I'll lie.

Panel 6
In a hospital bed, Morishita is resting and on an IV. A doctor checks on him while Wakaoji sits on his other side.

Doctor: He's exhausted.

Morishita: Ohhh...

Chef Wakaoji: Get some rest, Morishita.

Panel 7
Morishita looks up at Wakaoji from his bed.

Morishita: But... next week is...

Panel 8
Wakaoji looks serious as Morishita speaks.

Morishita: The party celebrating the first anniversary of the restaurant. It's a very important week. I've already sent out the invitations.

Chef Wakaoji: Don't worry Morishita.

Page 16

Panel 1
Wakaoji looks very excited.

Chef Wakaoji: I'll handle the cooking.

Panel 2
Angela looks at Wakaoji and Morishita, and looks a little irritated.

Morishita: Now I'm worried.

Chef Wakaoji: Hahaha, coward.

Panel 3
Angela looks serious.

Angela: Anyway, the party is just a week away. You'l have to take a crash course.

Panel 4
An exterior night shot of the restaurant.

Chef Wakaoji's voice: Thank you Miss Marie... you're doing all of this for me...

Angela's voice: No... I'm doing it for Mr. Morishita...

Panel 5
Inside the kitchen Wakaoji clutches his fist as he stands in front of the stove, Angela watches from a few steps behind.

Chef Wakaoji: I understand... I put too much on Morishita.

Panel 6
Wakaoji stares straight ahead.

Chef Wakaoji: This is really his restaurant. I'm ashamed to admit it, but my skill is nothing compared to his.

Panel 7
Angela watches Wakaoji.

Chef Wakaoji: I'm not sure what I can accomplish in only a week's time, but...

Page 17

Panel 1
Wakaoji turns to look Angela in the eyes. He looks very serious.

Chef Wakaoji: You'll see with your own eyes.

Panel 2
Angela looks concered and surprised at the same time.

Angela: Mr. Wakaoji.

Angela thinks: How amazing...

Panel 3
Black smoke billows up from the oven behind Wakaoji.

Panel 4
Wakaoji happily pulls the burned meat out of the oven, while Angela looks fed up and tired.

Chef Wakaoji: Wahaha, singed it a bit.

Angela thinks: I think maybe he's a moron after all...

Panel 5
A shot of the hospital where Morishita is being treated.

Narration: Days later.

Angela's voice: Mr. Morishita, how are you feeling...?

Morishita's voice: Madame Marie, I'm sorry for every day you're kept at this.

Panel 6
Morishita talks to Angela, who is sitting next to his bed.

Morishita: And how is the boy doing...?

Angela: He's constantly in the kitchen...

Panel 7
A close-up, profile shot of Angela.

Angela: So... I've been thinking while I helped during the late shift...

Page 18

Panel 1
Angela looks down at Morishita.

Angela: Mr. Wakaoji is really giving it his all. Of course, he's not like you were, he's not as quick but, while he looks at the recipes you left at the restaurant,

Panel 2
Morishita looks up at Angela from his bed.

Angela: There's something about it... it's as if you're by his side watching over his work, I think...

Panel 3
Angela looks surprised as Morishita speaks.

Morishita: No... It's all because of you Madame Marie.

Panel 4
Angela starts to sweat a bit.

Morishita: He's willing to work hard for you... I know I'm asking a lot but, keep watching over him.

Panel 5
Morishita looks up at Angela from his bed, looking very sad and weak.

Morishita: Please, Madame Marie...

Panel 6
Morishita tries to lift himself a little and scoots towards Angela, looking very desperate.

Morishita: I've been with him his entire life...

Angela: Mr. Morishita.

Panel 7
Angela looks down at Morishita.

Angela: I have to return to the convent very soon. Besides, I...

Page 19

Panel 1
A close-up of Angela's face as she remembers something.

Angela thinks: Besides...!?

Panel 2
A shot of Kosaku in the ring, holding his gloved hands in front of him.

Angela thinks: The day of the restaurant's party... is the same as Mr. Hatanaka's match!?

Panel 3
Angela puts her hand to her mouth as she realizes this.

Angela: How could I... it slipped my mind completely...

Page 20

Panel 1
Angela watches Wakaoji as he checks on something he's cooking in the oven.

Angela thinks: I can't just abandon him either.

Panel 2
A shot of the night sky.

Angela thinks: Mr. Hatanaka... I wonder how you weight loss is going.

Panel 3
A shot of Mukoda's Gym.

Voice: I'm begging you, just stay with him this week.

Panel 4
Inside the gym Ishida tries to walk off, as Mukoda grabs his arm, trying to force him to stay. Kosaku is sitting in a dark corner with little flames swirling around his head.

Ishida: This time his weight isn't the problem, it's because the sister gave him the heave-ho...

Mukoda: Don't leave me alone with him, he's scaring me!

Panel 5
An exterious shot of Wakaoji's restaurant.

Narration: The day of the match.

Panel 6
Auntie comes in, dressed very well and looking happy.

Auntie: Congratulations on your first anniversary. I know I'm a little early.

Page 21

Panel 1
Wakaoji is slumped over in a chair with his eyes closed and a smile on his face.

Auntie: Chef...?

Panel 2
Wakaoji wakes up suddenly.

Chef Wakaoji thinks: *gasp* I must have zoned out.

Panel 3
An elaborate meal is set at a large table. All the chairs have been placed against the walls as Auntie and Wakaoji examine the food.

Auntie: Oh, we'll be eating standing up?

Wakaoji: Yes. Otherwise the faults of this place would be obvious... I do it against my will.

Panel 4
Angela peeks out from the kitchen.

Angela: Chef. Your lamb is going to burn.

Page 22

Panel 1
A close-up of a delicious looking plate of food.

Voice: Alright, now I just add the sauce and it'll be complete.

Panel 2
We can see the backs of Angela and Wakaoji from Auntie's perspective as they finish their preparations.

Chef Wakaoji: Perfect.

Angela: Oh, terrific.

Panel 3
Auntie is peeking in the kitchen door.

Auntie: Ah. Now this is what I like to see, just like a married couple.

Panel 4
Wakaoji looks pleased with himself as he closes his eyes.

Chef Wakaoji: Miss Marie... the only reason I got as far as I did was because of you.

Panel 5
Wakaoji clutches his fist and raises it up in the air as he stares upward.

Chef Wakaoji: I've decided that I'll go back to Italy, and this time I'll study properly.

Panel 6
Wakaoji turns to face Angela, beaming with happiness.

Chef Wakaoji: But what would you say to... coming with me...

Panel 7
Wakaoji turns and realizes that Angela isn't there anymore.

Sound FX: Hyuuu...

Page 23

Panel 1
Angela puts on her habit and walks out of the restaurant with Auntie trailing behind her.

Auntie: Wait a minute Marie-chan, where are you...

Panel 2
Angela turns back towards Auntie, looking serious.

Angela: Someone is waiting on me.

Panel 3
A black panel with Angela's thoughs written on it.

Angela thinks: Mr. Hatanaka, I'm on my way.

Panel 4
An exterior night shot of the coliseum where the boxing match is being held.

Angela thinks: Please let me be in time...

Page 24

Panel 1
Angela rushes down the hall, past photos of other boxers hung on the wall.

Loudspeaker: And now for tonight's main event...

Panel 2
Angela sees Shunpei, the dark-haired boxer, Ishida and Mukoda standing up ahead in the hallway.

Shunpei: Hey, it's Sister Angela.

Mukoda: She came?

Panel 3
Angela has a smile on her face and her hands clutched together looking hopeful, Mukoda just looks at her.

Angela: The match, has it...

Mukoda: It's over.

Panel 4
Angela wobbles a bit upon hearing this.

Panel 5
Angela continues to clutch her hands together while Mukoda gestures towards Kosaku.

Angela: And Mr. Hatanaka...

Mukoda: He's crying over there.

Panel 6
Kosaku is slumped over on a couch, his arms hanging loosely between his legs as he stares at the floor.

Angela: H-he lost...!?

Mukoda: Naah, he won actually.

Page 25

Panel 1
Kosaku looks down, his hair covering his eyes.

Kosaku thinks: I guess she didn't come after all... Sister...

Panel 2
Angela timidly approaches Kosaku.

Angela: Mr. Hatanaka...

Panel 3
Kosaku looks up, his face badly bruised, with bandages under his eye and cheek, tears streaming dowh his face.

Panel 4
Angela smiles.

Angela: I'm sorry I'm late...

Panel 5
Kosaku stands up, looking a somewhat bewildered.

Kosaku: S... Sister... you came...? Why...?

Panel 6
Angela looks at Kosaku with a concerned expression.

Angela: Because, you invited me...

Panel 7
Kosaku still looks sad and doesn't look Angela in the eye.

Kosaku: I... didn't think you'd come...

Page 26

Panel 1
Angela and Kosaku in profile looking at each other.

Angela: Well, I don't go just anywhere.

Narration: She came back...

Panel 2
An exterior shot of the church.

Voice: So... Mr. Wakaoji left for Italy today...

Panel 3
Angela and Auntie sit across from one another at a table, Auntie sips some tea.

Angela: And how was the party?

Auntie: Quite the success.

Panel 4
Angela watches as Auntie blots her mouth with her handkerchief, looking as if she's going to be sick.

Auntie: Except for the lamb. I think it was the white sauce.

Panel 5
Wakaoji and Morishita are sitting next to each other on an airplane. Morishita studies a recipe card.

Chef Wakaoji: I looked at your recipes so I could make the sauce. I don't know why it tasted so bad.

Morishita: This is a recipe for making my favorite amazake.

    Translation Notes
  • "Amazake" is a low-alcoholic drink made from rice. It's milky white in color and has a sweet taste.
  • The fact that Wakaoji seems to have trouble cooking lamb is telling within the context of the series. Each chapter of One-Pound Gospel has "lamb" in the title, which is usually a reference to Kosaku, and it also coincides with the common Christian imagery of Christ's followers being compared to "lambs" or "sheep", with congregations called "flocks".
  • Regarding Shunpei's girlfriend's name. Megu is most likely an affectionate abbreviation of the name Megumi. The "tan" part is an alternative to the "chan" suffix.
Translation by Harley Acres. Please do not reproduce or repost this translation elsewhere.