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Page 1


Panel 1

An exterior shot of a home in a quiet neighborhood.


Narration: After having moved away for work seven years ago…


I’m finally able to come back home.


Panel 2

A grumpy looking man brushes his teeth while someone passes through the hallway.


Narration: There’s a boy here that I don’t recognize.




Panel 3

A tiny dog barks in the hallway.


Narration: There’s even a dog I’ve never seen before either.


Panel 4

Masahiko listlessly wanders past the breakfast table as his parents watch him.


Mom: Oh, Masahiko, are you leaving already?





Page 2


Panel 1

The view of the food on the table.


Pop: Hey, who the hell is that guy anyway?


Mom: What…?


Panel 2

Mom looks confused.


Mom: You mean Masahiko?


He’s your son.


Panel 3

Mom and Pop stare at one another across the table while the dog continues to yelp.


Pop: What’s his problem?


He doesn’t even look me in the eye.


Mom: He’s just at that age…


Maybe you should talk to him?


Panel 4

Pop’s sick of the barking dog and angrily shouts at it.




Mom: Aww, he’s a scary old man isn’t he Momo-chan?


Panel 5

Pop looks really irritated now.


Pop: Don’t call me “old man” again.


Mom: Okay, okay, I’m sorry.



Page 3


Panel 1

A shot of the sky.


Narration: Thing’s were fairly uncomfortable at home.


I guess it’s because of me.


Panel 2

The train is crowded but Pop see’s Masahiko standing at the other end of the train car.


PA System: Local Express… next stop Ikebukuro…


Pop: Eh, it’s Masahiko.


Panel 3

Pop stares at him over his shoulder.


Pop: So, we’re on the same train…


… even though he left the house long before me. Looks like he’s trying to avoid me after all.


Panel 4

Pop returns to staring out the window of the train.


Pop: Sigh…


Narration: Masahiko’s already a freshman in high school and we’re not getting along well.


Panel 5

Back home Mom looks a little depressed.


Mom: When Masahiko was in elementary school, they got along so well.


I guess seven years is a long time to be apart…


Narration: My wife said with a deep sigh...




Page 4


Panel 1

A shot of the train traveling down the tracks.


Narration: I don’t know how my son wound up this way.


Maybe things will settle down soon though.


Panel 2

A black panel with blood oozing down it.


Narration: And so, these seemingly small troubles were brushed aside…


When an even more despicable event plagued our home.


Panel 3

At night, a close-up view of a wall with the word “SEX” spray painted on it. The “E” is written backwards.


Pop: …



Page 5


Panel 1

Pop storms into the house looking pissed off.


Pop: Hey!


What’s that outside!?


Mom: Hmm?


Panel 2

Mom and Pop head outside to examine the wall again.


Mom: Oh no!




Pop: Hurry up and erase it, it’s indecent!


Panel 3

Mom scrubs the wall with a brush to no avail.


Mom: It’s no good.


It’s not coming out…


Panel 4

Suddenly Masahiko appears behind them, startling Pop.


Mom: Oh, welcome home Masahiko.


Panel 5

Masahiko stares blankly at the wall.


Masahiko: The “E” is backwards.


Panel 6

Mom is surprised, though Pop, as always, just looks irritated. We can see the family name written on a placard above the graffiti says “Hayashi”. 


Mom: Oh, you’re right.


Pop: Who cares!?



Page 6


Panel 1

Mom and Pop sit on the couch together. Pop is drinking some whiskey, while Mom holds her dog, which stares angrily at Pop.


Pop: Look, is Masahiko always going to be like that?


Mom: Hmm?


Panel 2

Mom shoots an angry sideways glance at Mom who looks worried.


Pop: Coming home late, I mean.


Where the hell’s he been that he comes home so late anyway?


Mom: Well…


Why don’t you try talking to him and see what he says?


Panel 3

Pop glares angrily at Mom while her dog growls at him.


Pop: Why would I?


Mom: He doesn’t really speak to me either.


Panel 4

Mom looks sad as she explains things to Pop.


After he failed to get into the high school he wanted,


He became so quiet.


Panel 5

Pop stares straight ahead looking slightly remorseful while Mom looks at him.


Pop: So that’s it.


Well, it’s not the end of the world.


Mom: Yes,


That’s what I told him.



Page 7


Panel 1

Another bloody panel.


Narration: But there was no time to worry about that.


Panel 2

A piece of paper has been taped over the graffiti with the words “grafittied” written over it.


Panel 3

Pop stares angrily at the wall.



Pop: Why that little…


Panel 4

The paper has been ripped off and more graffiti has been added to the original.



Page 8


Panel 1

Pop clenches his fist with rage as flames billow up behind him.


Pop: I won’t stand for this!


I wanna know who the hell did this!?


Panel 2

Inside Mom tells Pop who might be behind it.


Mom: It’s the Kano’s boy from the third district.


Panel 3

Mom sits on the couch while Pop stands beside her.


Pop: What?


Mom: He’s always been a mischievous child.


Panel 4

The doorbell rings.


Pop: Hmm?


Panel 5

A group of women from the neighborhood gather inside the doorway.


Woman #1: We heard that someone defaced your home.


Mom: Yes, well…



Page 9


Panel 1

Two of the women speak to Mom.


Woman #1: We all feel that we should go to the Kano’s house and complain about this.


Woman #2: You should demand that they pay to repaint your wall.


Panel 2

Pop steps in front of Mom looking all-business.


Pop: Let’s go.


Panel 3

The women look surprised to see him.


Woman #1: Oh, your husband is coming too?


Woman #2: That’s even better if we have him with us.


Panel 4

At the Kano house, Mrs. Kano looks indignant and her son, Tsubasa, looks a bit shifty.


Mrs. Kano: My child!?


Do you have any proof?


Tsubasa: …



Page 10


Panel 1

One of the women glances at Pop and pulls out a photo from her purse.


Pop: What’s that?


Woman #2: I took it secretly.


Panel 2

The picture shows Tsubasa stopped on his bicycle, spray painting the new second bit of graffiti on the wall.


Pop: Grr!


Panel 3

Pop grasps the photo angrily sweating while Mrs. Kano looks at her son, seemingly unimpressed by the evidence.


Pop thinks: Th-there’s no doubt that’s our house…


Mrs. Kano: Now Tsubasa-chan, tell the truth…


Panel 4

Mrs. Kano presses her son to tell her the truth.


Mrs. Kano: You didn’t do this, did you?


Mama will believe you, no matter what.


Panel 5

Tsubasa calmly looks back at his mother.


Tsubasa: I have no reason to do something like that.


That’s nonsense.


Panel 6

Pop and the women stare in disbelief.


Woman #2: But…


Woman #1: That photograph proves it!



Page 11


Panel 1

Mrs. Kano examines the photograph closely.


Mrs. Kano: You can’t even see his face.


Panel 3

Everyone stares blankly at Mrs. Kano, who yells back at them.


Woman #2: I saw this with my own eyes…


There’s no mistake.


Mrs. Kano: Well the person in question says you’re wrong!


Panel 4

Mrs. Kano puts her arms on her son’s shoulders and continues to yell.


Mrs. Kano: Let me tell you what is really going on here!


Stalking after other people’s children late at night, trying to claim that they’re criminals!


It’s absolutely intolerable!


Pop: Wh-what… his mother is…



Page 12


Panel 1

That night back home, the wind whistles outside the graffiti covered wall.


Panel 2

Mom pours a cup of tea for Pop.


Mom: Mrs. Kano is famous for never seeing fault in her family.


Panel 3

Mom and Pop sit on the couch sipping their tea.


Pop: With a mother like that it’s no wonder that boy turned out the way he did.


Mom: Yes, well…


Panel 4

Mom looks at Pop.


Mom: Now that everyone has complained?


Hopefully we frightened him enough to make sure he doesn’t graffiti the wall again.


Panel 5

The next evening Pop comes home to find the misspelled word “Idiot” spray- painted on his wall.


Narration: We were overly optimistic though.


Pop thinks: That stupid punk must never even go to school…



Page 13


Panel 1

Pop clenches his fist with rage.


Pop thinks: I’ll have myself a little stake out, and then dole out some punishment.


He won’t get away with this!


Panel 2

The alarm clock goes off at 5:00am.


Panel 3

Mom rolls over sleepily in her bed and looks at Pop who is awake and wearing a track suit while clutching his golf club.


Mom: Hmm? Are you playing golf today?


Pop: I’m standing guard.


Panel 4

Mom comes outside in a shawl while Pop is hidden behind his wall, his golf club ready to strike.


Mom: Oh, do be careful dear.


Panel 5

Mom looks a little worried.


Mom: He doesn’t seem like the type to scare easily.



Page 14


Panel 1

Pop glares angrily while listening to his wife.


Mom: I’m just not sure you should hit him.


Panel 2

Pop still stands perched with his club at the ready.


Pop: He’s gonna pay for this.


Mom: But still…


Panel 6

After waiting for awhile Pop stops to have a smoke.


Pop: Bah.


I guess he’s not coming today.


Panel 7

Tsubasa comes riding along on his bicycle.


Panel 8

Pop spots him.


Pop: Grr!


It’s him!


Panel 9

As he rides closer, Pop sees that Tsubasa is smoking a cigarette.


Pop: H-he’s smoking?!



Page 15


Panel 1

Pop’s heart is beating loudly as Tsubasa approaches.


Pop thinks: He’s not just some mischievous kid…


He’s a full blown delinquent!!


Panel 2

A black panel with writing.


Pop: Wh-what should I do!?


It might be dangerous to make eye contact with him…


Panel 3

Tsubasa stops his bicycle in front of Pop, but Pop refuses to look at him and just keeps staring straight ahead.


Pop: …


Panel 4

Pop stares at the ground.


Pop: He sees me…


Panel 5

Pop tries to psych himself up.


Pop thinks: My eyes are averted…


If I don’t meet his gaze then I’ve lost!


Pop: Hey, you!


Panel 6

Tsubasa slouches over still sucking on his cigarette while Pop hides his golf club behind his back.


Tsubasa: Whaddya want?


Pop: You’re still in junior high school!


What’re you doing smoking?


Panel 7

Tsubasa’s cell phone starts ringing, he ignores Pop and answers it.



Page 16


Panel 1

Tsubasa talks on the phone.


Tsubasa: Yeah, Mama?


Uh-huh, I’m at the cram school.


Thanks, I’ll do my best.


Panel 2

Tsubasa hangs up the phone and glares at Pop.

Tsubasa: …


Panel 3

Tsubasa rides off on his bicycle, flicking his cigarette at Pop.


Tsubasa: Die, you dumb old shit head.


Pop: …


Panel 4

Nighttime, a shot of the city downtown.


Voice: You should feel relieved boss, you did the right thing, that kid’s just a brat.


Panel 5

Pop walks through the city with two of his coworkers.


Pop: Yeah, I am relived.


But my house was built in a bad neighborhood.


Panel 6

Continuing to walk and talk to one another.


Coworker: Oh yeah, boss.


I guess your house was built while you were transferred away.


Pop: Yeah.



Page 17


Panel 1

Pop looks down sadly.


Pop: When I go home, I have to deal with all these problems.




Panel 2

Pop sees Masahiko waving to a passing car. He appears to be working for a night club.


Pop thinks: Eh!?


Panel 3

Pop looks confused.


Pop thinks: Ma…




Panel 4

Masahiko looks depressed as the car passes without stopping.


Pop thinks: Is he…


Working at a nightclub?


Panel 5

Pop watches in silence as his coworkers look at him curiously.


Coworker: Boss?


Pop: …


Panel 6

A black scene transition panel.


Pop thinks: I must have mistaken him for someone else.


That couldn’t have been Masahiko!



Page 18


Panel 1

A shot of the graphitized wall outside the house.


Pop thinks: What reason would he have for being in a place like that?


Panel 2

Pop enters his house and frowns at the barking dog.


Pop: Hey, wife…


Pop thinks: Is she asleep?


Panel 3

Pop opens the fridge and pours himself a drink.


Pop: Sigh.

Panel 4

Pop closes the refrigerator and notices his wife sitting in the dark.


Panel 5

Pop starts yelling at his wife.


Pop: Wh-what the hell are you doing?


Why’re the lights off?


Mom: Dear…


Panel 6

Mom looks over her shoulder at Pop.


Mom: Masahiko’s high school called…


He hasn’t been going to school…


Panel 7

Pop looks really irritated.



Page 19


Panel 1

Pop remembers Masahiko staring at the passing car.


Pop: Maybe…




Panel 2

Mom and Pop sit in silence, when the phone suddenly rings.


Panel 3

Mom answers the phone.


Mom: Yes…?


Oh, Masahiko?


Panel 4

Mom continues to talk.


Mom: Uh-huh.


I see…


Panel 5

Mom hangs up and turns to Pop.


Mom: He said he was staying at one of his upperclassmen’s house from his club at school.


Pop: Hmm!?


Panel 6

Mom starts to yell at Pop and the dog barks at him too.


Mom: You need to talk to Masahiko yourself!


Pop: Eh!?


Panel 7

Mom continues to yell at Pop, who sweats nervously.


Mom: Because I’m afraid of all the things we’ve left unsaid!


Pop thinks: And you think I’m not, dummy!



Page 20


Panel 1

White transition panel.


Pop thinks: Why…


Is he doing this?


Panel 2

Pop leaves the house the next day and stares at the graffiti on the wall.


Pop thinks: Grr… is that…


Panel 3

Pop stares at the graffiti, unable to make it out. It appears to say “Kuri Oyaji” which is gibberish.


Panel 4

Pop looks at the wall, puzzled and irritated.


Pop: “Kuri Oyaji”?


Panel 5

Pop slams his fist into the palm of his hand as he realizes what it says.


Panel 6

Close up of Pop’s face.


Pop: “Kuso Oyaji”!! (Old shit head)


Panel 7

Pop walks away angrily.


Pop: Grr,


Old shit head, huh?



Page 21


Panel 1

White transition panel.


Pop thinks: What is this?!


What have I done to deserve this?!


Panel 2

Pop remembers Masahiko when he was a small child and a younger Mom.


Pop thinks: I was transferred away from my family for seven years…


But I did it for the sake of my wife and child.


Panel 3

Outside the house at night.


Panel 4

Pop returns home from work as Mom looks up the staircase.


Pop: Masahiko?


Mom: He’s in his room.


Panel 5

Pop clenches his fist with determination.

Pop thinks: Let’s do this.


Panel 6

Pop pounds on Masahiko’s door.


Pop: Hey, Masahiko,


Open up!



Page 22


Panel 1

Masahiko opens the door and stares down at his father.



Masahiko: What?


Panel 2

Pop angrily stares up at his son.


Pop thinks: Wh-when did he get so tall!?


Panel 3

Black transition panel.


Pop thinks: He’s looking down at me…


Panel 4

Pop yells at his son.


Pop thinks: Have I lost?


Pop: Masahiko, your school said you haven’t been coming!


Panel 5

Masahiko looks taken aback.


Masahiko: …


Panel 6

Pop stands outside Masahiko’s room.


Pop thinks: Yes, that brought him down to size.


Pop: Its okay, Masahiko. Just tell me.


I’m listening.



Page 23


Panel 1

Pop continues talking to his son.


Pop: I know it’s tough for you that you didn’t get into the school you wanted.


Everyone messes up at one time or another.


You can’t run away when things get tough though.


Panel 2

Pop looking down, his fist clenched.


Pop: Even I have tough times at work, but I don’t run away.


Because of you and your mother.


Panel 3

A profile shot of Masahiko.


Masahiko: Yeah.


Panel 4

Masahiko and Pop stare at one another.


Pop: You understand then?


Masahiko: Yeah.


Panel 5

Pop looks down, sighing with relief.


Pop: Good.


Panel 6

Pop waves at Masahiko as he leaves, still sweating a bit.


Pop: Okay, tomorrow you’re going to school like you’re supposed to.


Dad believes in you.


Panel 7

Masahiko stares at Pop.


Masahiko: …



Page 24


Panel 1

Pop clenches his fist, feeling victorious.


Pop thinks: Great.


We should have talked like that before.


Panel 2

An exterior shot of Pop’s office building.


Panel 3

Pop at his desk talking on the telephone.


Mom on telephone: H-honey, I need you to hurry home.


Pop: Huh?


Panel 4

A profile of Pop on the phone.


Pop: What is it, I’m at work?


Mom on telephone: It’s Masahiko…


Panel 5

Pop looks stunned as he listens to Mom on the phone.


Mom on telephone: He’s going to run away from home.


He didn’t want to make us pay his tuition anymore, so he’s quit school.


Panel 6

Pop rushes home through the city.


Pop thinks: What’re you doing, Masahiko?


Didn’t you understand our talk?



Page 25


Panel 1

Speed lines.


Voice: Leave my child alone!


Panel 2

Pop turns around after hearing the shouting voice.


Panel 3

Mrs. Kano stands between her son and a pair of store clerks outside on the street.


Male clerk: Let’s step into the office.


Mrs. Kano: How rude!


Panel 4

Pop stares at the scene.


Pop thinks: It’s them…


Panel 5

The clerks continue their discussion with Mrs. Kano as Pop watches.


Pop thinks: The graffiti punk and his mom.


Male clerk: The person on duty saw it all.


Mrs. Kano: I’m not going to sit here and listen to these false allegations!


Female clerk: Well then, if you’ll allow us to investigate…


Panel 6

Tsubasa sees Pop in the crowd of on-lookers.


Pop: …


Panel 7

A close-up of the male clerk.


Male clerk: Ma’am, this isn’t the first time we’ve caught your son shoplifting.


Last time we just warned him and made him return what he took.



Page 26


Panel 1

Mrs. Kano talks to Tsubasa as Pop watches.


Mrs. Kano: Tsubasa-chan, you didn’t shoplift did you!?


Mama will believe you, no matter what.


Panel 2

Black background.


Pop: Ma’am…


Just be quiet for a minute.


Panel 3

Pop approaches the group.


Pop: What… the hell are you doing?


Panel 4

Pop looks sad.


Pop: Is it because you don’t have anyone to listen to you?


Is that why you do it? Or not?


Panel 5

Tsubasa looks disgusted.



Tsubasa: …


What do you care?


Panel 6

Mrs. Kano looks concerned at her son’s statement as he holds up a small item that he stole.


Mrs. Kano: Tsubasa-chan!


Tsubasa: Fine, here it is.


Panel 7

The clerks escort Tsubasa back into the store.


Male clerk: Come along.


Female clerk: Ma’am, you too.


Mrs. Kano: Wait…



Page 27


Panel 1

Mrs. Kano turns to walk inside, but Pop’s voice stops her.


Pop: Ma’am.


Panel 2

Pop talks to Mrs. Kano.


Pop: Perhaps it’s too much for you.


But I think you to know the sort of person your son really is.


Panel 3

Mrs. Kano turns around, looking angry as Pop continues to talk.


Pop: There’s never a good time or place to find out something like this.


Panel 4

Pop looks apologetic.


Pop: But now that you know…


Perhaps it’s enough time to fix things.


Panel 5

Pop remembers his discussion with his son in the hallway.


Pop thinks: When I had my chance,


I did all the talking.


Panel 6

Transition panel.


Pop thinks: I didn’t try to hear Masahiko’s side of the story.



Page 28


Panel 1

Pop remembers seeing his son in front of the night club.


Pop thinks: I never asked why he stopped going to school.


Or why he was in a place like that.


Panel 2

Pop rushes down the street.


Pop thinks: I didn’t try to find out.


I was too afraid to find out.


Panel 3

A profile shot of Pop running.


Pop thinks: Will I make it in time, Masahiko?


Will you tell me your side of the story?


Panel 4

White transition panel.


Pop thinks: What’s troubling you?


What’re your hopes and dreams?


Panel 5

Another white panel with speed lines.


Pop thinks: Please tell me, Masahiko.


Panel 6

Pop runs into the house.


Pop: Honey,


Where’s Masahiko…?



Page 29


Panel 1

Masahiko and Mom are sitting at a table, staring at Pop.


Panel 2

Mom gets up from the table and approaches Pop.


Pop: What is it…?


Mom: I just sent away one of the upperclassmen from his club.


Panel 3

Mom looks angry and turns to Masahiko.


Mom: Masahiko, tell him.



Masahiko: Sorry.


Panel 4

Pop approaches his son.


Pop: No, it’s my fault.


Masahiko: Eh…?


Panel 5

A close up of a tea cup and tea pot.


Narration: We sat and listened to my son’s story.


All about why he’d been missing school…


Panel 6

Pop sits at the dinner table.


Narration: He said not getting into his choice of schools was tough on him.


Pop thinks: So it’s as we thought?



Page 30


Panel 1

A shot of Masahiko standing in front of the night club.


Narration: As for why he was working at the club…


The upperclassman from his school club had begged him to fill in for him, just part-time for a week.


Panel 2

The family sits at the dinner table and talks.


Pop: But the upperclassmen from your club…


Masahiko: He quit school…


To work at the club.


Panel 3

Masahiko looks down at the table sadly.


Masahiko: When I saw him working there…


I thought he seemed so independent.


Panel 4

Pop looks concerned as Mom frowns at him.


Pop: Why did… you feel like you had to be independent?


Mom: This is because of what you said…


Panel 5

Pop looks at Mom.


Pop: It’s okay, dear…


Masahiko: …


Panel 6

Masahiko looks down.


Masahiko: I guess maybe you guys think it’s funny, but…


Panel 7

Mom and Pop both smile a little as they listen to their son.


Pop: Yeah?



Page 31


Panel 1

Masahiko looks relieved as his parents look on, his glasses fogged over and sparkling.


Masahiko: I want to become the number one host in the country!


Panel 2

A shot of stars in the night sky.


Voice: I give up.


Narration: And so, we had a talk that night.


Panel 3

Pop walks out to work one morning, staring at the wall as the graffiti is painted over rather sloppily.


Narration: By the way, someone painted over the graffiti on our wall with white paint.


Pop thinks: Looks like the graffitist’s work…