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Page  1


Panel 1:

Kamimoto stands in an empty apartment, surrounded by boxes.  He stares out at the mountains surrounding him while he smokes a cigarette.




Page  2


Panel 1:

A city in the mountains at night.


Voice on Telephone: Papa, have you gotten settled in?


Kamimoto: Uh, not really.


Panel 2:

Kamimoto sits on the mattress of his bed, opened boxes all over the floor.


Voice on Telephone: I feel bad about not being there to help you.


I’ve just been so busy…


Kamimoto: I know.


Panel 3:

A photo of Kamimoto’s wife and daughter, and the family dog.


Voice on Telephone: Its either the neighborhood meetings or the PTA.


Just so many things.


Kamimoto: Oh yeah. That’s fine. Fine.



Page 3


Panel 1:

Kamimoto presses the “end call” button on his cell phone.  He looks tired.


Kamimoto Narration: I’ve been transferred and had to leave my family behind.

Unfortunately, my wife couldn’t come out to help me get relocated.


Panel 2:

The morning sun shines down on the mountain town Kamimoto now calls home.


Narration: And so, the next morning…


Television: And next in entertainment news…


Panel 3:

Kamimoto ties his necktie as he watches television.


Kamimoto: Hmm,


It’s different from the channel in Tokyo.


Television: We’re coming to you live from the Narita Airport.


Panel 4:

A blurry crowd of people are shown on the television screen.


Person on TV: He’s such a cool guy.


Reporter on TV: Everyone’s here to catch a glimpse of the new star from Korea


Panel 5:

The crowd on television becomes more visible as the reporter interviews a familiar looking woman.


Reporter: How about you, in the front, ma’am…


Kamimoto’s Wife: Hohohoho, well, I’ve been staying at the Narita hotel since yesterday…


Page 4


Panel 1:

A close-up of Kamimoto’s wife, laughing happily.


Reporter: I see, and what does your husband think about that?


Kamimoto’s Wife: Hohohohohohohohohoho, it’s a secret.


Panel 2:

Kamimoto stares at the screen sadly


Kamimoto Narration: My wife…




Reporter: Oh, here he comes.


Crowd: KYAAA!



Panel 3:

A view of the city.


Kamimoto Narration: And so, this is how my lonely job transfer began.

Panel 4:

Kamimoto sits quietly at his desk staring at his computer screen.


Kamimoto Narration: After being alone for awhile, I began to feel like a bachelor again.


Kamimoto thinking: I’m getting old…


Panel 5:

The front of a small restaurant where Kamimoto goes for dinner.


Television: There was quite the line to see the celeb from Korea


Page  5


Panel 1:

Kamimoto watches the TV from across the restaurant.


Voice on TV: Now this lady seems to be the biggest fan here, and she’s been standing here since last night…




Panel 2:

Kamimoto’s wife smiling brightly on the TV screen.


Reporter: Ma’am, what does your husband think of all this?


Kamimoto’s Wife: Hohohohohohoho, he doesn’t know. It’s a secret.


Panel 3:

Kamimoto eyes the screen sadly.


Kamimoto narration: It was my wife.


Kamimoto’s thinking: That idiot…


Panel 4:

A blank panel.


Female voice: Would you mind changing the channel?


Panel 5:

A woman sits at the bar of the restaurant, the chef lifts the remote to change the channel.


Chef: Sure thing, you don’t like him?


Woman: Yeah.


Panel 6:

A close-up of the woman. She has short hair and is very pretty, with a beauty mark under her left eye.


Woman: I just don’t like his face.


Kamimoto narration: She’s gorgeous.


Panel 7:

Kamimoto stares at the woman from across the restaurant.


Kamimoto’s thinking: Hey, she doesn’t like him.




Page 6


Panel 1:

Kamimoto stands up and considers walking up to the woman from behind.


Kamimoto Narration: She was a regular at the restaurant.


Kamimoto’s thinking: I’d like to go over.


Chef: Welcome, c’mon in.


Panel 2:

The beautiful woman pours herself another drink as Kamimoto watches her, unnoticed.


Kamimoto Narration: I wonder what sort of woman she is…


She’s alone and taking her time with her dinner…


Panel 3:

Kamimoto moves to a table directly behind the woman.


Kamimoto’s thinking: She’s about…30?


She’s on her own, I guess.


Panel 4:

The woman leaves suddenly, without Kamimoto noticing.


Kamimoto’s thinking: Huh? Where’d she go?


Kamimoto Narration: From then on,



Panel 6:

Kamimoto lying on his bed, daydreaming happily.


Kamimoto Narration: I’d see her at the restaurant,


Kamimoto’s thinking: She had pike for dinner again.


She must really like pike.


Kamimoto Narration: She had become like honey to me, so sweet.



Page 7


Panel 1:

Kamimoto walks into the restaurant for dinner.


Kamimoto Narration: And then one day,


Chef: Hello there.


Kamimoto thinking: Wha, she’s already gone.


Panel 2:

A dark panel.


Kamimoto Narration: Maybe she’s never coming back.


Panel 3:

Kamimoto sits in a barber chair, getting his hair cut.


Kamimoto thinking: What should I do?




Panel 4

Kamimoto leaves the barber shop sighing over his dilemma.


Kamimoto: Sigh


Barber: Thanks, come again.


Panel 5

Kamimoto looks at a salon across the street and sees the beautiful woman from the restaurant.


Woman: Thank you very much.


Kamimoto: !


Panel 6

A close-up of the pretty woman, with Kamimoto blushing excitedly.


Kamimoto thinking: Th-the girl…


Page 8


Panel 1:

Kamimoto watches as the woman turns to re-enter the salon.


Kamimoto thinking: She’s a hairdresser…hmm….


Panel 2:

The woman turns her head and sees Kamimoto.


Panel 3:

She smiles sweetly at Kamimoto before going inside.


Panel 4:

Kamimoto gets excited, his mouth hangs open with surprise..


Kamimoto thinking: She smiled!


At me!?


Panel 5:

Kamimoto slowly walks toward the salon across the street.


Kamimoto thinking: …she doesn’t have the hots for me, does she?


Panel 6:

Kamimoto continues toward the salon.


Kamimoto thinking: It’s just my imagination.




Panel 6:

The salon door closes behind Kamimoto as he enters the shop.


Voice: Hi, welcome.


Kamimoto: I’d like a p-perm, please.



Page 9


Panel 1:

Kamimoto sits in a barber chair as the beautiful woman stands behind him.


Kamimoto thinking: Argh, I’m such a moron…


Woman: Hmm.


Well, it doesn’t look like you need a hair cut.


Panel 2:

A close up of the woman’s face, looking down at Kamimoto.


Woman: Um, sir…


Pardon me for asking but,


Panel 3:

Kamimoto blushes and looks excited.


Woman: Haven’t I seen you at the restaurant?


Kamimoto thinking: S-She remembered me!?


Panel 4:

Kamimoto faces forward, still blushing as the woman begins to prepare to perm his hair.


Kamimoto: S-so, do you go there often?


Woman: I did, but I got tired of always going alone.


Panel 5:

The woman begins to prepare to tease Kamimoto’s hair.


Kamimoto: Oh… alone.


Woman: My husband passed away.


Panel 6:

Kamimoto frowns as the woman smiles and  begins on his hair.


Kamimoto: Oh, sorry I brought it up.


Woman: Oh, it’s fine, that was ten years ago now.


Kamimoto narration: I was surprised by how open she was.


Page  10


Panel 1:

A voice in the shop calls to the woman and she leaves Kamimoto with curlers in his hair.


Voice: Suzuka, could you come here for a minute?


Suzuka: Sure.


Kamimoto narration: Her name’s Suzuka.



Panel 2:

Suzuka walks Kamimoto to the door and he leaves, clutching his hand to his chest in happiness. The sun shines down on his newly wavy hair.


Suzuka: Thanks so much.


Kamimoto thinking: Suzuka, Suzuka.


What a beautiful name.


Panel 3:

Suzuka cutting a woman’s hair as the woman reads a magazine.


Kamimoto narration: That’s really refreshing how she can be so open about her husband’s death.


Panel 2:

Kamimoto sits in his office, staring at the ceiling.


Kamimoto thinking: Nevertheless…


Why’d she stop coming to the restaurant?


Panel 3:

Kamimoto walks into the restaurant.


Kamimoto narration: I soon began to unravel the puzzle.


Voice: Hey there.


Panel 4:

Suzuka is sitting at the bar, and turns around to see Kamimoto enter.


Suzuka: Oh, Mr. Kamimoto.


Panel 5:

Kamimoto gets excited upon seeing Suzuka again.


Kamimoto thinking: Suzuka.


How does she know my name?


Panel 6:

Suzuka holds her hand up to her mouth, slightly embarrassed, as Kamimoto begins to blush.


Suzuka: Oh, I’m sorry…


I read your name off the business card you left at the salon.


That’s how I learned your name…


Kamimoto thinking: And she remembered it too.



Panel 7:

A boy sitting next to Suzuka turns to face her.


Boy: Mom…


I want some juice.


Panel 8:

Kamimoto looks stunned.


Kamimoto thinking: Mom?


Panel 9:

A blank panel.


Suzuka: I really need to get back to the salon.


But we’ve waited so long to live together again.



Page 11


Panel 1:

Kamimoto sits down at the bar next to Suzuka, her son sits on the opposite side of her.


Kamimoto thinking: So… she has a kid.  That’s not unusual I guess.


Suzuka: He takes turns living with me and my parents.



Panel 2:

Kamimoto talks to Suzuka as she eats her dinner..


Kamimoto: Oh…


It must be tough, with you living alone.


Suzuka: Naah,


I’ve gotten used to it.


Panel 3:

Suzuka smiles brightly at Kamimoto.


Suzuka: My late husband was just an unemployed lush.  He’d get into drunken fights with me.


He used to beat me black and blue.


Panel 4:

Kamimoto’s head moves back, surprised at Suzuka’ frank honesty.


Kamimoto: Wow… sounds rough.


Kamimoto thinking: Geez, that’s something alright.


Page 12


Panel 1:

Suzuka looks sad as she remembers the past. Kamimoto watches her as her son is busy playing his Gameboy.


Suzuka: I was deceived by his good looks.


He looked like that Korean celebrity.


Kamimoto: Ah.


Panel 2:

Kamimoto stares at Suzuka, realizing why she asked the chef to change the channel that night.


Kamimoto thinking: They looked alike.


Her husband was just some violent, drunken maniac.


Panel 3:

Suzuka in profile, looking sad.


Kamimoto thinking: What a shame.


Suzuka: You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.


It’s what’s inside that counts, y’know.


Panel 4:

Kamimoto pumps his fist with excitement.


Kamimoto thinking: Yes!


Somehow it’s all falling into place.


Panel 5:

Kamimoto walking down the street at night.


Narration: Several days later.


Kamimoto thinking: She hasn’t been at the restaurant lately.


Panel 5:

Kamimoto hears a voice and looks up.


Boy: You’re such a dummy Mom. Lemme alone!


Page 13


Panel 1:

Kamimoto is concerned as he sees Suzuka’s son running away from her.


Kamimoto thinking: Suzuka…


Suzuka: Wait, Sho.


Sho: I wanna go back to Grandma’s!


Panel 2:

Kamimoto hides behind a telephone poll to watch what’s happening.


Kamimoto thinking: Wh-what’s going on?


Panel 3:

Suzuka stares in silence, looking depressed.


Kamimoto thinking: Her voice…sounds so sad…


Panel 4:

Later that night at Kamimoto’s house he lays on his bed, smoking a cigarette.


Kamimoto thinking: I’m worried about her.



Panel 5:

Kamimoto sits up in bed and claps his hands together.


Kamimoto: That’s it!



Panel 6
The outside of Suzuka’s salon.


Narration: The next Sunday.


Voice: Hello, welcome.


Panel 7
Suzuka standing behind the counter Kamimoto in front of her.


Suzuka: What can I do for you today?


Kamimoto: How about a shampoo?



Page 14


Panel 1:

Suzuka scrubs washes Kamimoto’s hair as he wears a towel over his face..


Kamimoto thinking: Now what?


I want to ask what was going on but…


Panel 2:

Suzuka blow dries Kamimoto’s hair as he sits with a blank look on his face.


Kamimoto thinking: I have to be really careful.


She might hate me if I do.


Panel 3:

A profile shot of Kamimoto, looking despondent.

Kamimoto thinking: I mean…


Can I just go back to settling for seeing her face?


Panel 4:

Suzuka exhales, the frustration on her face is evident.

Suzuka: Sorry about being a little down in the dumps.


I got into a fight with my son the other night.


Panel 5:

Kamimoto sits in silence, as Suzuka continues to blow dry his hair.

Panel 6:

Seeing his opening, Kamimoto hesitantly  asks Suzuka about the fight.

Kamimoto: I…I see…


What about?


Suzuka: He’s just being spoiled.


Panel 7:

A close-up of Suzuka’s face.  She looks very concerned.

Suzuka: He asked me to come and see his soccer game.


To skip work.



Page  15

Panel 1
Kamimoto continues looking ahead as Suzuka bends to pick something up.


Kamimoto: …and you’re not going?


Suzuka: I can’t.  It’s this afternoon.



Panel 2:

Suzuka looking depressed.


Kamimoto thinking: She looks so lonely…


She’d really like to go and watch, wouldn’t she?



Panel 3
A blank panel.

Kamimoto thinking: I can let her see it.

Panel 4:

An image of the sky, clouds float by.


Panel 5:

A group of boys play soccer on a field.


Panel 6:

Kamimoto sits on a hill with a deteremined look on his face. In his hand he holds a video camera, taping the game for Suzuka.


Kamimoto thinking: Suzuka, this is your son’s finest hour.


Page 16


Panel 1:

Kamimoto holds the video camera up as he watches the game.


Kamimoto thinking: I’ll tape it, and then give this to you.

I hope I can figure out this Handicam I just bought.

Panel 2:

Two boys rushing for the ball.


Kamimoto thinking: But…

Panel 3:

Two more boys waiting in front of a goal.


Kamimoto thinking: Where’s her son?

Panel 4:

Another boy dives for the ball and hits it away with his head.


Panel 5:

Three boys sit on the bench with an arrow pointing at Sho, Suzuka’s son.


Kamimoto thinking: Isn’t that him warming the bench?

Panel 6:

Kamimoto watches from the hill, slightly less enthusiastic.


Kamimoto thinking: Well… this is akward.

Panel 7:

A blank panel.


Kamimoto thinking: Would seeing that make her happy?


Panel 7:

Kamimoto stares at the camera in his hand.


Kamimoto thinking: It’s not like she asked me, a total stranger, to…

Make this film for her…

Page 17


Panel 1:

A blank panel.



Panel 2:

Kamimoto crawls away on his knees, hiding his face.


Kamimoto thinking: I’d better go home.


Panel 3:

The referee holds up a sign, calling in number 16, Sho.  Sho runs onto the field.


Panel 4:

Kamimoto quickly turns around and begins videotaping again.


Kamimoto thinking: Oh, he’s in.


Panel 5:

A voice from behind Kamimoto calls out.


Suzuka: Do your best, Sho!


Panel 6:

Kamimoto turns around and panics as he sees Suzuka standing behind him.


Suzuka: Shooooooooooo!


Kamimoto thinking: Wha? It’s Suzuka!


Page 18


Panel 1:

Suzuka looks surprised to see Kamimoto.


Suzuka: Oh, Mr. Kamimoto.


What are you doing here!?


Panel 2:

Kamimoto sweats nervously as he searches for an anwser.


Kamimoto thinking: Suzuka…


You weren’t supposed to be here…


Panel 3:

On the field, a whistle blows and Sho has collapsed on the ground, holding his leg.


Panel 4:

Kamimoto and Suzuka look on with concern.


Suzuka: Sho…


Panel 5:

The sky above the town is getting darker as the sun sets.


Panel 6:

Kamimoto walks home with Sho on his back and Suzuka at his side.


Suzuka: My manager let me come after all. 


Kamimoto: Oh…


Panel 7:

Kamimoto blushes as he carries Sho.


Suzuka: But I’m glad you came Mr. Kamimoto.  You really helped us out. 


Kamimoto: Well, I’m just glad I happened to be passing by.


Page 19


Panel 1:

Kamimoto grins, very pleased with Suzuka’s attention.


Kamimoto thinking: Someone actually…


Appreciates me!?


Panel 2:

Suzuka smiles at her son as her compliment makes Kamimoto’s heart burst out of his chest.


Suzuka: It’s nice huh, Sho?


It’s almost as if he were your father.


Panel 3:

Kamimoto begins to sweat.


Kamimoto thinking: Su…Suzuka…




Panel 4:

Kamimoto attempting to get away from his wife and daughter who call out after him. Kamimoto has angel wings and is wrapped in chains.


Kamimoto thinking: If only…I didn’t have a family…


Narration: An angel with broken wings.


Panel 5:

Kamimoto rationalizes his situation and remembers his wife and daughter in another way: his wife holding up an image of the Korean pop-star, and his daughter ignoring him for her books.


Sign That Points to Wife: Pursuing someone else.


Sign That Points to Daughter: Rebelling.


Panel 6:

A shadow passes over Kamimoto’s face..


Kamimoto thinking: What the hell…


It’s okay…


Panel 7:

Sho yanks a hair out of Kamimoto’s head.


Kamimoto: Ouch.


Page 20


Panel 1:

Suzuka scolds Sho while Kamimoto looks very irritated at the boy’s revelation to his mother.


Suzuka: Hey, cut that out Sho.


Sho: It’s a gray hair.



 Panel 2:

Sho studies the back of Kamimoto’s head as Kamimoto hides his face in shame.


Sho: He’s got a ton of ‘em.


Kamimoto: Hahaha… well, people my age y’know.


Panel 3:

Suzuka looks at Kamimoto apologetically.


Suzuka: You’re too young to start going gray.


Would you like me to dye it for you?


Panel 4:

Days later, Kamimoto leaves Suzuka’s salon, clasping his chest happily, his hair newly dyed.


Suzuka: Thanks again.


Kamimoto narration: So I dyed my hair.


Panel 5:

Kamimoto sitting in his room, holding a hand mirror and studying his new hair color.


Kamimoto: Hmm…


A perfect match.



Page 21


Panel 1:

Kamimoto’s cell phone begins to ring on his table..


Kamimoto: Huh?


Panel 2:

Kamimoto opens his phone and studies the screen.


Kamimoto: E-mail?


Kamimoto narration: It was from my wife.


Panel 3:

Kamimoto looks stunned as he reads the text message from his wife.


Text Message: I’m in Jejudo. (^o^)  I’ll be back soon with lots of goodies from the event.


Kamimoto: Jejudo!?


She went to Jejudo in Korea!?


Panel 4

Kamimoto scrolls the screen to read the rest of the text message.


Text Message: Of course, this is a secret, my husband doesn’t know. (^_^;)


Kamimoto: Eh…


Did she send it to the wrong person?



Panel 5
Kamimoto leans his head back on his bed and stares at the ceiling.

Kamimoto: Feh, stupid woman…


I’m not going to let it bother me.


Panel 6
Kamimoto continues to stare at the ceiling.


Kamimoto: I guess living here….


Has been good after all.



Page 22


Panel 1:

A wide shot of the town at night.


Kamimoto narration: And then came the fated night,


It all happened so suddenly.


Panel 2:

Kamimoto walks home from work, checking his watch.


Kamimoto thinking: It’s late.


I really need to get to the convenience store too.


Panel 3:

Suzuka runs down the stairs of an overpass.


Kamimoto thinking: Huh!?



Panel 4:

Suzuka is wearing a sick mask and is covered in sweat. She clutches a cell phone to her chest and looks panicked.


Kamimoto thinking: Suzuka!?


Panel 5:

Kamimoto rushes up to Suzuka.


Kamimoto: Suzuka, what’s wrong?


Suzuka: Mr. K-Kamimoto.


Panel 6:

Suzuka looks worried and begins to cough.


Suzuka: My son…


I can’t find Sho.


Panel 7:

Suzuka’s eyes roll back in her head and begins to collapse.


Page 23


Panel 1:

Kamimoto kneels in front of Suzuka.


Kamimoto: S-Suzuka!


Panel 2:

Kamimoto leans in, concerned as Suzuka continues to cough.


Kamimoto: You’re burning up!


Suzuka: I-I’m sorry.


Panel 3:

Suzuka looks up at Kamimoto.


Suzuka: I’m so relieved to…see your face, Mr. Kamimoto.


Panel 4:
Kamimoto looks gravely concerned.

Kamimoto thinking: Suzuka.

Panel 5:
Kamimoto helps Suzuka to her feet and walks with her back to his apartment.


Kamimoto: My place is just up ahead.


You can rest there…


Suzuka: I’m s-so sorry…


Panel 6:

Suzuka lies in Kamimoto’s bed, coughing.


Panel 7:

Kamimoto bangs on the closed door of the convenience store.


Kamimoto: Excuse meee!



Page 24


Panel 1:

Kamimoto rushes back with a bag from the store in his hand.


Kamimoto thinking: Hold on Suzuka.


I’ve got it right here…


Panel 2:

A dark panel.


Kamimoto thinking: If you want.


I’ll throw everything away just for you.


Panel 3:

Kamimoto looks down as his phone rings in his pocket.


Kamimoto: Huh!?


Panel 4:

Kamimoto looks irritated as he answers the phone.


Kamimoto thinking: Who could it be at this hour?


Kamimoto: Hello?


Panel 5:

A close-up of the cell phone.


Kamimoto narration: My wife.


Wife’s voice: Papa, it’s me.


Panel 6:

Kamimoto’s jaw drops and he begins to panic.


Wife’s voice: I’m in front of your apartment.


Page 25


Panel 1:

Kamimoto continues to walk toward his apartment, talking on the phone.


Kamimoto: Wh-what’re you talking about?


Wife’s voice: Why? Are you out somewhere?


Well, I’ll just go on in and wait for you then.


Panel 2:

Kamimoto’s jaw drops as his wife suddenly hangs up.


Kamimoto: Wait…


Panel 3:

Suzuka lying in Kamimoto’s bed.


Kamimoto thinking: Dammit, this is bad!


Suzuka’s in my room…


Panel 4:

Kamimoto’s wife screaming with tears in her eyes as she clutches a heart-shaped box with the Korean idol’s face on it.


Wife: Papa,


What’s going on here!?


Panel 5:

Kamimoto hugs Suzuka as she clings to him in bed. Kamimoto’s wife hunches forward, crying in disbelief.


Kamimoto: Shut up, can’t you see?


Wife: You’re horrible!


How can you just toss me aside like this!?


Page 26


Panel 1:

Kamimoto outside as the sunlight cascades down on him. Suzuka in his arms and Sho looking on adoringly at his side.


Kamimoto thinking: Suzuka, could it be that we’ve been given a second lease on life together!?


Suzuka: Oh, I’m so happy Mr. Kamimoto.


Sho: Dad!


Panel 2:

Kamimoto snaps himself out of his daydream and continues back to his apartment.


Kamimoto thinking: On the other hand…


Perhaps this is fate guiding me on.


Panel 3:

Kamimoto’s apartment building.


Panel 4:

Kamimoto stands in front of his apartment door, breathing hard.


Panel 5:

Kamimoto’s hand on the doorknob.


Kamimoto thinking: Here we go.


Page 27


Panel 1:

Mrs. Kamimoto is sitting at a table with Suzuka, Sho and another man.  Everyone is smiling happily.


Wife: Welcome back, Papa.


Panel 2:

Kamimoto stands in the doorway, shocked by this odd scene.


Kamimoto thinking: Eh!?


They’re all smiling?


Panel 3:

Kamimoto stands in front of the man he’s never seen before, who looks quite a bit like a younger Kamimoto.


Kamimoto thinking: Who’s this guy?


Man: Thank you for helping Suzuka with all her problems.


Panel 4:

Suzuka smiling behind her sick mask.


Suzuka: I was feeling a little lonely, so I called my boyfriend.


When I told him the name of the apartment building, he came right over.


Page 28


Panel 1:

Kamimoto looks surprised and just stands there.


Kamimoto thinking: Huh!? I never heard about him.


Did she say boyfriend?



Panel 2:

Sho hugs his mother’s arm as she looks at him.

Suzuka: And then Sho showed up as well.


I was really surprised.


Sho: That’s because I called him since you had such a terrible cold, Mom.


Panel 3:
Kamimoto’s wife stares at the man intently as he looks on bashfully.


Wife: I’m so embarrassed…


You’re her boyfriend… You look just like him.


Suzuka: Oh, you mean that famous Korean guy, right?


Man: Oh, c’mon.


Panel 4:

Kamimoto’s wife waves her hand dismissively as Kamimoto frowns her way.


Wife: Well, the rumor was he made a secret visit to this area.  That’s why I came.


But no such luck.


Suzuka: I see.


Kamimoto thinking: She’s not even going to pretend she came to see me.


Page 29


Panel 1:

Kamimoto’s wife looks to her husband as she indicates to the Suzuka and her boyfriend.


Wife: Papa, these two are getting married.


Suzuka & Man: Yup.


Panel 2:

Kamimoto, surrounded by darkness, musters a smile.


Panel 3:

Kamimoto sits down at the table with everyone else.


Kamimoto: I… I see.  Congratulations.


Suzuka: Mmm.


Panel 4:

Kamimoto looks nervous as he engages the new couple in conversation.


Kamimoto: Oh yeah, he really does look a little like that Korean guy.


Kamimoto thinking: I thought she said she didn’t like him.


Panel 5:

Suzuka blushes nervously.


Suzuka: Eheheheheheh, with all the trauma from my husband before, I just wasn’t sure.


But I think I’m ready to take the plunge.


Page 30


Panel 1:

Suzuka begins to laugh happily and swats her fiancé’s chest.


Suzuka: It’s what’s on the inside that counts after all!


Kamimoto narration: Later on, we called a taxi to take them home.


Panel 2:

Suzuka, Sho and her fiancé stand outside Kamimoto’s apartment.  Suzuka bows to Kamimoto.  Kamimoto’s wife blushes as she stares at Suzuka’s fiancé.


Suzuka: Sorry to bother you.


Kamimoto narration: My wife was thrilled to meet someone who looked like her idol.


Panel 3:

The city at night.


Kamimoto narration: And so my sweet dream ended,


Without anyone being any wiser.


Panel 4:

Kamimoto’s wife closes the door and turns around frowning at her husband.  Kamimoto begins to sweat.


Wife: So,


By the way, Papa.


Kamimoto: W-what?



Page 31


Panel 1:

Kamimoto’s wife scowls at her husband.


Wife: What is up with your hair?


Maybe you did that just to make me happy but,


You look nothing like him.


Panel 2:

Kamimoto looks confused..


Kamimoto thinking: Huh!?




Panel 3

Kamimoto and his wife sit at the table, the entire apartment sparkles around them.


Kamimoto narration: My wife stayed and cleaned up the place.


Wife: What would you do without me.


Panel 4

A blank panel.


Kamimoto narration: I never saw Suzuka again after that.


I go to a different barber now.