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Page  1


Haruyo cooks in the kitchen beneath the title.


Positive Cooking


Page  2


Panel 1:

A purple rectangle.


Voice: Honesty is the best policy.


Panel 2:

A closeup of a tasty dish sitting on a table.


Voice: Well, how does it look?


Voice: I used baked ginger as usual, but changed things up a bit.


Panel 3:

The Hara family sitting around the dinner table.

Shinichi: Oh, you don’t say.


Gramps: It’s delicious Haruyo.


Haruyo: Really!? Thank goodness.


Panel 4:

A closeup of Haruyo looking happy.


Narration: My wife had started taking cooking classes.


Haruyo: I tried to make an ethnic dish.



But they haven’t taught us how yet.



Page 3


Panel 1:

Shinichi looking unenthusiastic.


Shinichi: Oh, you don’t say?


Narration: Honestly I really did like this baked ginger dish-


Panel 2:

A gray rectangle.


Narration: For five years my wife took care of my bedridden mother.


Panel 3:

A family shrine to Shinichi's mother.


Narration: Last year Mom passed away,


Panel 4:

Haruyo holding a platter at the table as she talks to her family.


Narration: We just passed the anniversary of her death, actually.


Haruyo: What should I do?


Haruyo: My friends invited me to join a cooking class with them.



Shinichi watches baseball with his father, not paying any attention to his wife.


Shinichi: You don’t say. Go, I guess.


Haruyo: But what about the money?


Panel 5:

Grandfather looks to Haruyo.



Gramps: Haruyo, you don’t need to learn to cook, you’re already great at it.


Haruyo: Really, father -in-law?



That makes me happy to hear.


Page 4


Panel 1:

Haruyo blushes and touches her cheek.


Haruyo: It’s just when I was taking care of your mother for so long,



My cooking skills have suffered and I’m a bit out of practice.


Panel 2:

Grandfather excitedly makes his offer to his daughter-in-law.


Gramps: Oh, I can pay the tuition fees then.



You took such good care of her after all.


Haruyo: Oh please, I simply couldn’t…


Panel 3:

Various dishes and bowls on the table.


Narration: One thing lead to another-



Haruyo: I made three different sauces.



That’s what I learned.


Panel 4:

Shinichi is still in a daze as he and his father sample Haruyo's new dishes.


Shinichi: Oh, you don’t say.


Gramps: It’s delicious Haruyo.


Narration: I don’t mean that she didn’t make a significant improvement,


Panel 5:

A blue rectangle.


Narration: But it became a way for my wife to relax,



And it made Dad happy.





Page  5


Panel 1:

A shot of the rooftops in the neighborhood.


Narration: As for my wife’s cooking abilities,



I honestly didn’t care.


Panel 2:

Haruyo screams with excitement.


Narration: Until that day-



Haruyo: Kyaaaaa!


Panel 3:

Shinichi opens the bathroom door, grumpy from hearing his wife scream.


Shinichi: Wh-what is it?!


Haruyo: Oh, I don’t believe it.



It’s written right here.



Shinichi looks over his wife's shoulder to see what she is reading.


Shinichi: What!?



Haruyo: Here.


Panel 5:

Shinichi takes the magazine from his wife and begins to read.


Shinichi: Hm?



A recipe idea contest?




Page 6


Panel 1:

A recipe card.


Haruyo: Remember this?


Beside Crown: Easiness Prize

 Negitoro Wonton

Tokyo, Haruyo Hara



pack of negitoro

Beefsteak plant, minced and boiled bamboo shoots.

A suitable amount of soy sauce


Wonton shell (store bought)


Sauces made from vinegar.



Comments: Leaving out the meat makes for a healthy alternative.


Panel 2:

Shinichi stares absentmindedly at his wife.

Shinichi: Wha-?



Haruyo: I made it before. Around when your mother passed away.


Panel 3:

Shinichi looking bored and uninterested.

Shinichi: Is that so?



Haruyo: C’mon, you don’t remember!?


Panel 4:

Shinichi walks away in a daze as Haruyo stares at the ringing phone on the table.


Shinichi: Oh well.


Panel 5:

Haruyo answers the phone.


Haruyo: Oh, hello there.



Oh!? You saw the book!?


Panel 6:

Haruyo scoots onto a pillow on the floor as she talks on the phone.


Haruyo: Yes well, there’s only a few applications inside,



And I think eventually I’d lke to pass the Chef’s exam.



Yeah, that’s my plan.





Page 7


Panel 1:

Haruyo looking extremely happy.


Haruyo: It was around the time that I was helping take care of my mother-in-law.



You think that makes sense? Oh, I’m so happy.


Narration: They egged her on and my wife got caught up in the excitement.


Panel 2:

A flashback to a hospital room as Shinihi and his father watch on as Haruyo helps Shinichi's mother who is in bed.


So while she was taking care of Mom-


Shinichi: You’re doing such a great job Haruyo.


Gramps:  You’re such a great help Haruyo.


Haruyo: Oh?


Panel 3: Several days later.

The front of the Hara house at night.


Shinichi: I’m home.



Panel 4

Haruyo and two cute, younger friends of hers.

Haruyo: Oh, you’re home early.



Friend 1: Sorry, I hope we’re not disturbing you.


Panel 5:

Shinichi entering the kitchen as he undoes his tie.


Shinichi: Your friends?



Haruyo: We met in our cooking class.  They’re young, hm?



Page 8


Panel 1:

Haruyo talking outside her house with her two friends.


Friend 1: Thanks, Ms. Hara.


Friend 2: You were a lot of help.


Haruyo: Oh, don’t mention it.


Panel 2:

Haruyo and Shinichi sitting at the kitchen table.


Shinichi: You’re teaching them to cook? You?



Haruyo: Yeah.



Just making sure they don’t leave out any steps and follow the recipes.


Panel 3:

Haruyo holding up her finger making a point.


Haruyo: They’re both newlyweds,


So they aren’t very good cooks.



They said cooking at the classroom is too difficult because of all the equipment.


Panel 4:

Haruyo and Shinichi at the kitchen table.


Haruyo: So would it be okay if I invited them over from time to time?


Panel 5:

Shinichi looking bored again.


Shinichi: Well… yeah, I guess so.


Narration: And so-


Panel 6:

Haruyo's friends arriving.


Narration: Almost every week-


Friend 1: Good afternoon.



Page 9


Panel 1:

Shinichi getting home from work as Haruyo and her friends are busy in the kitchen.


Shinichi: Again.



Haruyo: C’mon in.



Friend 2: Oh, sorry.



Friend 1: Time for us to go.


Panel 2:

Annoyed, Shinichi goes to his father's room to eat.


Shinichi: Geez, in my own home.


Gramps: Shinichi, you’ re eating in here too?


Panel 3:

Shinichi looks back into the kitchen over his shoulder.


Shinichi: Figured I’d better be careful.




Panel 4:

Grandfather smoking.


Gramps: Well…



You don’t say?


Panel 5:

Shinichi leans in to talk to his father.


Shinichi: But it’s so annoying.



It’s making you uncomfortable too, Pop.


Gramps: Naah.



As long as it makes Haruyo happy…





Page  10



Shinichi frowning, getting angry.


Shinichi: Why’s he being so modest?



I’m going to have to lay down the law.


Panel 2:

Shinichi sits on his bed later that night, as Haruyo puts her hair in curlers, getting ready for bed.




Shinichi: Time to be strict.



Um, your friends, don’t you think they, uh, have been coming by a lot?



Haruyo: Huh?


Panel 3:

Haruyo's face is hidden from view as Shinichi speaks.


Shinichi: It’s just they’re always in our kitchen…



I mean, you’re teaching them for free right?




Panel 4:

Haruyo turns around to reveal a very happy expression.


Haruyo: Should I start charging them!?



You think so too!



Shinichi: Wha!?






Page 11


Panel 1:

Stars sparkle around Haruyo as she begins to get more and more excited. Shinichi is far from excited however.


Haruyo: That’s it!



I’ll teach my simple recipes to all the ladies in the neighborhood and become famous!



Everybody will love it!



Shinichi: Positive.


Panel 2:

Haruyo turns to Shinichi.


Haruyo: I could open the classroom again, right?



Shinichi: Aiyiyi.


Panel 3:

Shinichi looking helpless.


Shinichi: Is that right?



Look, do you really think that everyone is really going to want to learn these recipes?


Panel 4:

Shinichi shakes his head looking nervous.


Shinichi: In other words, do you think anyone has even thought this through?



I mean, there will be tuition to pay and all that.


Panel 5:

Shinichi turns to see that Haruyo is already in bed and going to sleep.


Shinichi: You’re not listening.




Page 12


Panel 1:

A recipe card.


Narration: Then it happened again, my wife got another recipe in a magazine.


Best Use Prize



Potherb Mustard Pasta and Tofu Steak


 Tokyo, Haruyo Hara

 Pasta (thin type)

A) quality potherb mustard, fan-shaped kinoku

 bacon, pine nuts

1/2 clove of garlic

Add to B at the end.


 B) a suitable amount of butter and olive oil

a suitable amount of soy sauce and white wine


 tofu streak

1/2 cup of cotton tofu



Comments: Whatever is left in the pot can be saved for later use.


It’s good with meat or fish!


Panel 2:

Outside the Hara's house.


Narration: That’s when my wife really got carried away.



Shinichi: I’m home.


Panel 3:

Shinichi enters the kitchen to find his father and son alone at the dinner table.


Shinichi: Hm? Where’s Mama?



Grandpa: Cooking class.


Kid: She moved into the upper level class.


Panel 4:

Shinichi loosens his tie and looks around.


Shinichi: But at this time of night…



Grandpa: Well… it can’t be helped.


Page 13


Panel 1:

Shinichi sits angrily at the foot of his bed as Haruyo puts curlers in her hair.


Shinichi: Look, I’m glad you like cooking, but c’mon.



Haruyo: Mm-hmm, I’m really getting motivated.


Panel 2:

Shinichi is getting angrier but Haruyo is not paying attention to him.


Shinichi: You weren’t even here tonight…



Haruyo: Mm-hmm, mm- hmm.


Panel 3:

Haruyo turns around, oblivous to her husband's mood.


Haruyo: Do you think I should get a part-time job?



Maybe at the neighborhood deli.


Panel 4:

Shinichi is stunned.


Shinichi: Huh?



Haruyo: I’ve already made up my mind.


Panel 5:

Shinichi explodes with anger as Haruyo puts on facial cream.


Shinichi: Wha-!?



Haruyo: Don’t worry, I can still do the cooking class too.



Panel 5
Shinichi yelling.

Shinichi: And what about us?



It’s just all about you!





Page 14


Panel 1:

Shinichi continues to yell at Haruyo.

Shinichi yelling.


Shinichi: Lately, where have your easy-to- do



Recipes been at our dinner table!?



You make more meals outta the house than in it…


Panel 2:

Haruyo stares her husband down with sweet yet intense eyes.


Haruyo: Oh,



Don’t worry about that.







Panel 3:

Shinichi sits in stunned silence as Haruyo goes back to her nightly routine.

Page  15

Panel 1
Shinichi sweats nervously as Haruyo begins blow drying her hair, no longer listening to him.


Shinichi: Wh-what are you saying?



I-I’m not some idiot y’know.



I-I-It’s not that simple.



Haruyo: It’s no big deal.



Panel 2:

A dark rectangle.


Shinichi: She didn’t get it.



Then one night my wife was out somewhere.



Panel 5
A book laying on a table.

Chef Examination Questions and Answers


Panel 4:

Shinichi comes home from work and notices the book.


Shinichi: Hmm?



Chef Examination…?


Panel 5:

Shinichi flips through the book.


Shinichi: She’s planning on getting her license?






Page 16


Panel 1:

A closeup of a page  of the book.


Shinichi: Examinee qualifications…?



Must have two years or more of business related cooking experience?


Panel 2:

A flashback of Haruyo, her hair in curlers looking back at her husband.


Haruyo: Do you think I should get a part-time job?



Maybe at the neighborhood deli.


Panel 3:

Shinichi's face looks dark as his father appears in the doorway behind him.


Gramps: Shinichi, maybe you…



Should throw that away.






Page 17


Panel 1:

Shinichi is caught off guard by his father's sudden appearance.





What is it Pop, this is a little sudden.



Gramps: It’s not sudden.


Panel 2:

Grandfather in profile.


Gramps: Haruyo… her face looks so happy but,



You have some misgivings, don’t you?


Panel 3:

Angry Shinichi.


Shinichi: Misgivings…



Lately she’s just doing as she pleases, right?


Panel 4:

Grandfather and Shinichi having a discussion.


Gramps: But what about before that.



When she was taking care of your mother…


Shinichi: Mom?


Panel 5:

Grandfather looking down sadly.


Gramps: We really depended on Haruyo.





Panel 6:

Shinichi realizes he can't convince his father of his point of view.


Gramps: So I want to see her happy.



Shinichi: You too, huh.



Grandfather looking sad.


Gramps: So… maybe we shouldn’t grumble about this stuff.








Page 18


Panel 1:

Shinichi takes off his coat and walks away from his father.


Gramps: She loves cooking, and wants to make this work for her…


Shinichi: Psh, yeah right.



You’re over thinking this.


Panel 2:

Grandfather nervously tries to continue the conversation with his son.


Gramps: How could y-you…



She’s so relaxed but,



You’re going to drive her to divorce…


Panel 3:

Grandfather gets into a begging position on the floor, tears flowing from his eyes as his soon looks down on him in disbelief.


Gramps: Who will take care of me when I get too sick to go on!?



Shinichi: Wha… so that’s what he’s so worried about.


Panel 4:

A dark rectangle.


Shinichi: My wife had completely abandoned us it seemed and was always out of the house.


Panel 5:

Shinichi shakes his head from side to side.


Shinichi: But even if she gets her license,



We’ll still be eating amateur cooking at best…





Page 19


Panel 1:

Grandfather and Shinichi both freak out as they turn to see Haruyo in the doorway.


Haruyo: I’m home.


Panel 2:

Shinichi sweating and looking cross.


Shinichi: H-how long have you been there!?


Panel 3:

Haruyo looking pleasant.


Haruyo: I just got here.



What were you talking about?


Panel 4:

 Father and son sweating nervously, but relieved.

Gramps: Oh… nothing.



Shinichi: Did she hear us?


Panel 5:

Haruyo's face is turned, her expression is a mystery.


Haruyo: Oh, okay.


Panel 6:

She turns around with a nervous smile on her face.



Haruyo: Guess what? I’m…



Going to be onTV!





Page 20


Panel 1:

Shinichi and his father stand in shocked disbelief.


Shinichi: Huh!?



Great! Now what!?


Panel 2:

A television screen with lots of young women wearing aprons.


Host: We’re the Easy Cooking Expedition Group.



Today we’re visiting the Setagayaku cooking school.


Panel 3:

Haruyo and Shinichi watch TV as she explains the situation to him.


Narration: It was a segment on a variety show,



Haruyo: See.



They’re going to come to our class.



They’re going to tape a segment and everything.



Narration: She came to their attention through the simple recipes for housewives she had made.


Panel 4:

Haruyo turns away from the TV to her husband, who is frowning.


Shinichi: So… you’re going to make something on there?


Haruyo: That’s what they said, the teacher is going to choose one of my recipes.



Don’t you think that’s amazing?





Page 21


Panel 1:

Haruyo in profile.


Haruyo: Wow, TV. TV!



Think what this could do to my reputation,


Panel 2:

Haruyo getting carried away as sparkles fill the air.


Haruyo: I could become the Charismatic Housewife.



Narration: There was a certain feeling in the air.


Panel 3:

Shinichi looking confused.


Shinichi: Huh? Charismatic “Housewife”?


Panel 4

Shinichi stares at his wife.


Shinichi: … she hasn’t been much of a “housewife” lately.



Panel 5
Haruyo's face can't be seen.

Haruyo: How about that.



Panel 6
Shinichi looking nervous.


Shinichi: Huh!?





Page 22


Panel 1:

The couple go back to watching TV, but Shinichi's mind is racing.


Shinichi: What does that mean!?



Does that even make any sense!?


Panel 2:

A black rectangle.


Shinichi: I’m scared!



I’m scared to hear anymore of this!!


Panel 3:

Evening clouds.


Shinichi: Maybe she really is dissatisfied with me?



Is all of this just some elaborate plot to leave me!?


Panel 4:

A note on the refridgerator



I’ve gone to class. Please order something for dinner. -Mama



Panel 5:

Shinichi digs through the cabinets as his son approaches from behind.


Son: Wha-, Dad’s cooking dinner!?



Shinichi: We just ordered out the day before yesterday.


Panel 6:

A dark rectangle.


Narration: Haruyo was getting ready for her TV appearance,



And had stopped cooking for us entirely.





Page 23


Panel 1:

Shinichi pulls some oysters from the fridge.


Shinichi: Oh, we have oysters.


Box: Raw oysters



And we have bean sprouts and eggs too…





Panel 2:

Grandfather looks nervously at his son.


Gramps: Shinichi…



Is this special training for the days ahead?



Shinichi: What?  No, today’s the day.


Panel 3:

Shinichi's odd looking dish.


Shinichi: Ta-daa, my special oyster ramen.



See, even I can cook.


Panel 4
The three guys sampling the dish in silence...

Panel 5
And spit it out.


Grandson and Grandfather leave the kitchen as Shinichi yells at them.


Son: He can’t be serious.



Gramps: We’ll order out.



Shinichi: Oh, you’re not gonna eat it, eh!



Fine, more for me!





Page 24


Panel 1:

Shinichi begins to cobble down his nasty food in frustration.


Shinichi: It’s awful!



I’m already full too.



Narration: But I persevered through sheer willpower because of…





Panel 2:

The local hospital.


Narration: And so-



General Hospital


Panel 3:

Haruyo rushes into the hospital room.


Haruyo: Honey!



You collapsed at the train station…?


Panel 4:

Shinichi weakly lies in bed while the doctor offers his prognosis.


Shinichi: ... 


Doctor: He’s got food poisoning.


Panel 5:

Haruyo looks concerned as she comes to the side of her husband's bed.







Page 25


Panel 1:

Haruyo looks down on her husband with concern.


Haruyo:I’m sorry…


If I had just made some rice for you…


Panel 2:

Shinichi's sickly face.


Shinichi: Haruyo…


Panel 3:

Shinichi looks guilty while Haruyo looks on.


Shinichi: Uh… Haruyo…


Haruyo: Hmm?


Panel 4:

Haruyo's profile.


Shinichi: I know up until now... a lot of things have been bad…


Panel 5:

An overhead shot of Shinichi in bed.


Haruyo: What?



What do you mean?



Shinichi: Various things…


Panel 6:

Shinichi looking sick as he talks to his wife.


Shinichi: Leaving you to take care of Mom…






A closeup of Shinichi and Haruyo's faces.


Shinichi: And… your cooking…





Page 26


Panel 1

A profile of Shinichi in bed with Haruyo standing over him.


Shinichi: I want things like they were. To eat your food again…





Panel 2:

A flattered looking Haruyo.


Shinichi: It was so… tasty….


Panel 3:

Shinichi is exhausted as his wife beams excitedly down at him.


Haruyo: Really!? Oh honey.




I’m so happy.





Panel 4:

A white rectangle.


Narration: What, it was that easy all along?



If I had just said something nice early this would have all been over so quickly.


Panel 5:

Shinichi weakly raises his hand to his wife.


Shinichi: Haruyo, please, I beg of you. Stay with me.



Fix something just for me…



Haruyo: Ah.




Page 27


Panel 1:

Haruyo's shadowy profile.


Haruyo: Sorry.



I’ve gotta run.


Panel 2:

Shinichi's face enters the shadows as well.


Shinichi: Huh!?


Panel 3:

Haruyo dashes out the door waving goodbye to Shinichi.


Haruyo: I have to go tape the show.



See ya.


Panel 4:

Shinichi is sucked into the vortex of deep space, wailing as his wife leaves him.


Shinichi: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?





Page 28


Panel 1:

Shinichi sits in the darkness, hanging halfway out of his hospital bed.


Shinichi: It’s hopeless.


Panel 2:

The roof of the hospital.

Panel 3:
Haruyo turns to see her father-in-law as she leaves the hospital.


Gramps: Oh, Haruyo.



Haruyo: Ah, father-in- law.


Panel 4:

Patients milling around the hospital.


Gramps: I see… today’s the taping.



Haruyo: Uh-huh, until now they were just compiling footage.


Panel 5:

Grandfather walking beside his daughter-in-law.


Haruyo: What is it, father?






Page 29


Panel 1:

Grandfather looking sad as Haruyo speaks to him.


Gramps: Haruyo, when you become famous and all…



Haruyo: Huh!?


Panel 2:

Haruyo looking back at her father-in-law.


Gramps: You’ll get even busier and,



Have less time to be with us…





Panel 3:

Haruyo gets excited.


Haruyo: Nooo, that won’t happen.



This TV show is just a one time thing that I wanted to try.


Panel 4:

Grandfather and Haruyo continue to walk.


Gramps: Really!?



Haruyo: Mm-hmm. I’m already satisfied with it.


Panel 5:

Haruyo in profile.


Haruyo: Father-in-law, I…



Know things must have been tough on you.



It’s just so many things…


Panel 6:

Haruyo looking down as she begins to outpace her father-in-law.


Haruyo: I just wanted to take a shot at doing something I loved outside of the house.





Shinichi, I made a mistake.




Page 30


Panel 1:

Haruyo looking upwards in profile.


Haruyo: When you said my cooking was delicious…



It made me so happy.





Panel 2:

Grandfather looking nervously happy at Haruyo as she smiles back.


Gramps: I see…



Well, that’s good.



Haruyo: I’m sorry about everything.


Panel 3

The number and patient name outside of Shinichi's room.


Gramps: Shinichi Hara… here we go.



Haruyo: What…? He was moved to a private room…?


Panel 4

A dead body is being wheeled out of the room.


Panel 5

The doctor approaches Grandfather and Haruyo.


Doctor: Are you Shinichi Hara’s family?



Gramps: Umm.



Haruyo: Yes, but…






Page  31


Panel 1:

A close-up of the dead body. Its face covered with a blanket.


Doctor: I’m so sorry.



You weren’t in time I’m afraid.


Panel 2:

Haruyo and Grandfather looking grim.


Haruyo: Wh…



It can’t be.


Panel 3:

The pair fall to their knees in shock.


Haruyo: Th… that’s…


Panel 4:

Crawling on the floor they begin to cry.


Gramps: Sh… Shinichiiiiii.



Haruyo: Honey…



I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!!


Panel 5:

Shinichi rushes around the corner, hearing their sobbing, holding onto his IV for support.


Shinichi: Huh?


Panel 6:

A dark rectangle.


Narration: There was a patient with the same name as me.





Page  32


Panel 1:

A television set with many pretty, young girls visible on the screen, Haruyo is only half in the frame.


Host: We’re the Easy Cooking Expedition Group.


Panel 2:

Shinichi stares blankly as Haruyo frowns at the screen.



Shinichi: Oh, there’s those young friends of yours.



Haruyo: Mm- hmm.



Friend 1: We really can’t cook well,



Friend 2: But this is simple enough even for us.


Panel 3:



Narration: My wife quit going to the cooking class after that.



She also quit her job at the deli when the time came.



Panel 4:

Haruyo and Shinichi sitting at the dining room table.


Narration: Now I make sure to praise her cooking from time to time.



Shinichi: This is really good.



Haruyo: Oh, it’s just the usual.