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On October 10, 1957 one of the most significant creators in Japan was brought into this world in Niigata, Japan. Rumiko Takahashi had a normal childhood, but her interest in manga seemed no more developed than that of most Japanese adolescents. She occasionally doodled in the margins of her notebooks while attending Niigata Chuo High School, but never considered tackling the difficult life of a manga creator as a profession....

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Our massive archive of interviews with Rumiko Takahashi, in various media, spanning over 35 years in the industry. There is no better way to gain insight into her characters, stories, and the themes of her works and life than to read Takahashi's own words about the manga that she has dedicated her life to producing.

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This prolific artist has been pumping out the hits non-stop for 35 years. See the chronology of her entire career.

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