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Shonen Sunday Zokan - July 25th

Lately my stomach has been in bad shape, it always feels full even though I haven't eaten. It's frustrating!

Shonen Sunday Zokan - August 25th

A ten minute walk from a certain train station in Tokyo, along a cluttered shopping street lies Rumiko-sensei's abode. Her room is on the second floor of an old, wooden apartment building. This male reporter pierced the inner sanctum where men are not typically allowed. Therefore I had to be secretive as I snuck inside.

Strewn about the room were intimidating books like "Keibatsu no Rekishi" (The Judgement of History), "Keibatsu to Kokkakenryoku" (Judgement and Power of the State), "Tokugawa Kinnrei" (The Tokugawa Embargo). Rumiko-sensei fixed me with a disdainful glance and said, "they're for my bachelor's thesis. But as with manga ideas, I am struggling to make progress with it." For the time being it seems Rumiko-sensei will continue wearing two hats, but everyone will be rooting for her.


Volume 1/2

1983 was another good year. Every year notwithstanding your heart is renewed. This is one of those days.

Volume 11

Ah... Number 97 was pulled. They transfered him after how many years? He did his job perfectly!

Volume 32

Everyone likes summer. Even though I'm busy, I like to swim at the pool. I'm determined to do it.


Volume 13

Congratulations on your 25th anniversary, Sunday. Do your best for more interesting years ahead!

25th Anniversary Special

Other than Urusei, I really like the old gag manga. When they were good, it made me happy.


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