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Volume 7

Last year, after a long time I remembered to go skiing. This year I'll try to go too. What do you think?

Volume 23

I went to see some Kabuki today. Truthfully I prefer it to pro-wrestling.


Volume 52

All of Urusei Yatsura is coming out on Video Disk. It will be all 50 disks, which is impressive.


Volume 8

Thank you for reading this work for such a long time. I'm in the midst of concieving my next series.

Editors Note: This issue was the final chapter of Urusei Yatsura.

Volume 36

At last my new series has begun. Please wait to form your impressions.

Editors Note: This issue contained the first chapter of Ranma ½.

Volume 37

There are some new items to commemorate my new series. It's just what I wished for.

Volume 43

How do you like the cover and color illustrations? They were a fun marriage.

Volume 47

Your Excellency Demon Kogure, I'm sorry we weren't able to meet up. We will next time for sure.

Editors Note: Demon Kogure is a Japanese musician who claims to be a demonic heavy metal musician from hell. He was the vocalist for SEIKIMA-II, a band Takahashi previous mentioned having an affinty for.


Volume 9

The Urusei Graphic is coming out at the end of January. The planners worked hard on it.

Editors Note: Takahashi is talking about the special Shonen Sunday Graphic dealing with the end of Urusei Yatsura and UY Movie 5.

Volume 11

I've been following Seikima-II and this time I went to an American club to see their concert. It was a lot of fun!!

Editors Note: Seikima-II is a Japanese heavy metal band with a demonic gimmick. In 1988 they released one of their most mainstream albums.

Volume 30

I went to Ise Shima and ate at a seaside restaurant that had superb seafood.


Volume 8

I was worried about various things, but it's already worked out. Do your best.

Volume 22

I cried after watching "Inochi... Waga Chichi Tezuka Osamu" (Life... Our Father Osamu Tezuka) on NHK.


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