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Volume 2/3

As a matter of fact, I've completely finished writing and drawing a story. It will be in the January 6, 1990 issue of Big Comic Original.

Editor's Note: This would have been Extra-Large Size Happiness.

Volume 8

It's the height of ski season, but as expected I don't know if I'll be able to go skiing this year.

Volume 27

No comments.

Volume 28

My current assistant is shocked by the news of Hiroyuki Sanada's engagement. I hope she is able to recover.

Editors Note: Hiroyuki Sanada is a Japanese actor who has appeared in several American films such as Rush Hour 3, The Last Samurai, and Speed Racer.

Volume 29

We're in the midst of the rainy season now. Without being able to go out it makes it difficult to concentrate on work.

Volume 30

After a long time, I finally had the chance to go out to the theater and see "Atami Murder Case" (Atami Satsujin Jiken).

Volume 31

The One Pound Gospel volume 2 goes on sale July 5th. Best wishes.

Volume 32

Ranma ½ tankobon 12 will go on sell July 18th. Best wishes.

Volume 33

I lent the rookie some horror comics about an OL who happened to enter a house without a toilet, and the rookie was pleased.

Volume 34

This autumn I'll be doing a new Mermaid Saga story, but right now I'm still having to polish the idea up a little more. I hope you'll look forward to it.

Volume 35

Recently I read back through a cardboard box full of fan letters. They'll be very useful for reference.

Volume 36

The man in charge recommended I see the video "White Snake Legend" (Hikiji Densetsu). It was pretty funny for a horror movie.

Volume 37

The man in charge showed me the autumn schedule, and I was surprised. There was a bit of a gap.

Volume 38

I'm working on a plot for the Mermaid Saga. This time I think I'll set it in a city perhaps.

Volume 39

On August 14th, I had hoped to go to the "Tama" concert, but I've given up all hope. My work load this summer is just too much.

Volume 40

This summer the air conditioner was broken. With the rain, it made things very, very tough.

Volume 41

Yoshinori Kobayashi-sensei and I worked on the next issue's cover together. We put a lot of effort into it, and I enjoyed it.

Volume 42

When I was drawing the Mermaid Saga one of my old assistants joined me. I think it was a very festive feeling.

Volume 43

Because of the Mermaid Saga story coming out on October 9th, I'll be going to Chichibu to do some research.

Volume 44

Next week Mermaid Saga's "Tomorrow's Promise" will be published. I hope you're looking forward to it. It'll be very scary.

Volume 45


Volume 46

Please send me your thoughts on "Tomorrow's Promise" (Mermaid Saga storyline). The next chapters should be out next year, probably in the spring or summer.

Volume 47

Ranma ½ comics have now sold over 20,000,000 copies. Thank you so much.

Volume 48

A certain department store had a "Mexican/Mayan Exhibit" and I bought an owl ornament which I like a lot.

Volume 49

The Ranma anime's CD is quite popular. Personally I think it's quite good too.

Volume 50

Now on sale is the "1991 Ranma Calendar- Even better than last year's". Best regards.

Volume 51

I recieved an invitation to Hidenori Hara-sensei's wedding. His bride is very cute! All the best!!

Editor's Note: Hara is best known for his manga adaptation of Densha Otoko (Train Man).

Volume 53

Next year's Ranma calendar is already very popular. I hope the man in charge can get one for me.


Volumes 1 - 44

No comments.

Volume 45

When I was collecting data for the Mermaid Saga I ate udon. Even though I didn't have bonbons and koshi, I really desired their taste.


Volume 44

I had a very pleasant party with the voice actors from the Ranma anime. Thanks so much everyone!!

Volume 45

I'm already working on getting my work done for the end of the year. This year it seems to be especially tough to do...

Volume 46

Thanks so much for the birthday presents.

Volume 47

The catchphrase of the last half year has been "Thank you for the dream". It was bad luck for Hanshin.

Editor's Note: Takahashi's favorite baseball team, the Hanshin Tigers.

This issue also included a special message from Takahashi that states, "I'm already a quarter of the way to chapter 1000!? Time really flies, huh. But this is a checkpoint. I'll do my very best to continue to make it fun!!

Volume 48

On November 27th and December 11th I'll be publishing "The One Pound Gospel" again after a long time. Please give it a read.

Editor's Note: Takahashi is refering to the "Tears of a Lamb" two-part story.

Volume 49

I went to see the musical "Miss Saigon". Minako Honda was really a tour de force.

Volume 50

I went out to do some research for a story recently. I was looking for a good building in Tokyo.

Volume 51

Next year in issue 5/6 I'll have a new Mermaid Saga story. After all this time doing 100 pages was hard!

Editor's Note: Takahashi is refering to the "Mermaid's Gaze" two-part story.

Volume 52

On December 19th the "Mermaid's Scar" book will come. It's been four years since the last Mermaid book!

And in the "Sunday Fan" section of this issue Takahashi responds to fans asking about Ryoga's family, school and home by saying... "Tankobon 11 has a story set at the Hibiki home. Please give it a read."


Volume 1/2

I went to see Takarazuka again. This time I really got into it. Next time I want to see Hyogo.

Volume 2/3

I tried playing the Super Famicom Ranma game. When the guy in charge saw that I got a blister on my right hand he nearly passed out.

Editors Note: The "guy in charge" at the time was Ichirou Horie.

Volume 5

This week and next week I'll be having double features. I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks.

Editors Note: Takahashi also wrote on the Mermaid Saga "Mermaid's Gaze" chapter that was also published in this issue...

"For this story I needed to collect information on old Western style buildings here in Tokyo. After travelling down a busy street, suddenly the atmosphere completely changed. Thank you to everyone who helped me collect the information I needed. Also please remember the "Mermaid's Scar" tankobon is out.

Volume 6

They're making a movie of "24nin no Billy Milligan". I look forward to hearing more.

Editors Note: Known in English as "The Minds of Billy Milligan" by Daniel Keyes.

Volume 10

Takazeki, congratulations on your promotion. Of course next will be Wakahanada's turn, right!?

Editors Note: These are two sumo wrestlers.

Volume 16

Among my staff there are many fans of Shiina-sensei. Please tell "P" to come and get their prize.

Editors Note: Takashi Shiina is the mangaka of Ghost Sweeper Mikami.


Volume 7

Perhaps you don't still get New Year's presents, but what's the best thing you've gotten recently?
I made an impulse buy and got a toaster oven. It's more convenient than a range stove.

Editor's Note: Takahashi also said in this issue, which featured the Mermaid Saga story "The Last Face"...

Responding to a letter asking to see more of Akane, she stated, "after this we'll see a lot more of Akane. I hope you look forward to it."

Volume 8

When you're feeling tired, what do you do for a change of pace?
I call a friend on the phone or go and see a play.

Takahashi also said this, as the issue featured the second part of "The Last Face"... "I spent my entire New Year's break working. I hope you'll give it a read."

Volume 9

What are some things that annoy you and how do you deal with them?
With the exception of work I don't have many troubles. None honestly.

Volume 10

What are the best presents that you've ever given or recieved?
The best I've gotten was an HDTV. The picture is amazingly clear and sharp.

Volume 11

If your current serial were turned into a film, who would you want to play the protagonist? How about the heroine?
I would like a panda from the Ueno Zoo for Genma...

Volume 12

What sort of television or radio programs do you watch or listen to in your workplace?
Mostly TV news.

Volume 13

What sports figure have you been cheering on lately?
I'm assuredly a Hanshin fan, so it's Yakult's Lord Furuta.

Volume 14

Has there been a movie or novel that has made a strong impression on you?
Miyuki Miyabe's "Kasha" was very good.

Editor's Note: Miyabe is a Japanese author of popular fiction. Kasha is her most well known work in Japan and was translated into English under the name "All She Was Worth." In America, her most well known work is "Brave Story."

Volume 15

What country would you like to visit and what would you like to do there?
I'd like to go to Mexico and climb a Mayan pyramid.

Volume 16

It's spring break!! Parks or amusements parks... what's your recommendation for a place to go for fun?
I'd probably go to Takarazuka Theater or Korakuen Hall.

Volume 17

If you could return to your high school days, what's the first thing you'd do?
In those days NHK was showing "Shin Hakkenden". I'd like to watch that.

Volume 18

Here is something we don't know about you, who is something that you admired when you were a teenager?
Ryoichi Ikegami-sensei and Hanshin's Tabuchi.

Volume 19

In spring one sleeps a sleep that knows no dawn", please tell us about your best dream.
Long life and happiness, lotus blossoms, and sea breams.

Volume 20

Spring is the exciting season when both flowers and women are at their most beautiful. That being said, which woman is currently most on your mind?
After all is said and done, it's novelist Miyuki Miyabe.

A reader also asked a question about Ranma, Akane and Ryoga's height and weight and provided her with government statistics stating that the average high for a 15 year old Japanese boy was 168.2cm and weighing 59.3kg, while a girl was 157.2cm and 52.2kg respectively. Takahashi's response was... "Short or tall... they're all average size for high school students."

Volume 21/22

Please recommend a book for Golden Week.
I recommend the works of Yukito Ayatsuji!

Volume 23

Sweet memories, bitter memories... please tell us the theme songs of your youth!
Takuro, Tulip, Princess Kaguya, and Yuming.

Volume 24

At a restaurant I recently had some delicious things. Please tell us what delicious menu items you've had lately.
I had some delicious food at a Chinese restaurant in Shibuya.

Volume 25

It's the rainy season and my sports day keeps getting postponed! What's a challenging sport that you'd like to try?
After all this time, I think I'd like to try skin diving.

Volume 26

I'm in the middle of school. Please tell us what you favorite subject in middle school or high school was and why.
I liked Japanese history because it was so dramatic...

Volume 27

It doesn't matter if its a man or a woman, but please tell me who you think is a cool television talent.
I think Yumi Adachi's "Ie Naki Ko" (Homeless Child) is really good.

Volume 28

Where is your hometown? What kind of place is it?
Niigata. The home of delicious seafood.

Volume 29

Since its the rainy season and the weather changes frequently, please recommend a funny movie or video.
Yoshinori Shimizu's series of novels is quite light-hearted!

Volume 30

Who (or what) have you ever been told you resemble?
My name is similar to the idol Yumiko Takahashi.

Editor's Note: Thirteen years later, Yumiko Takahashi would go on to play Akemi Roppongi in the live action Maison Ikkoku drama.

Volume 48

If you were to compete in the Olympics what event would do?
Being a member of the audience would be best.


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