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Volume 1

What song do you listen to to get your fighting spirit going?
Traditional Japanese music from the hit charts.

Volume 2/3

When you were a kid, what presents did you hope Santa Claus would bring you?
A canopy bed.

Volume 4/5

Please tell us what kind of year would you make 2000?
If it was a safe and healthy world, I would be at peace.

Also included in this issue was a New Year's card in which Takahashi said, "This year will be awesome! The Hanshin Tigers will be Class-A. Even if they don't win a championship they'll be great!"

Volume 6

What do you do when you have a good or bad fortune?
I watched my horoscope on TV one morning and then went back to bed. It had no meaning.

Volume 7

Please tell us the person you've paid the most attention to this year!!
Hanshin's Yano. Do your best.

Volume 8

What book do you find yourself coming back to read over and over?

Editor's Note: Kojien is a famous Japanese dictionary.

In response to the same question Detective Conan's Gosho Aoyama said "Touch and Maison Ikkoku".

Volume 9

What's the most expensive impulse buy you've ever made?
A Yumeji Takehisa first edition.

Editors Note: Yumeji Takehisa (1884-1934) was a Japanese artist who was one of the foremost creators in the Taisho period.

Volume 10

What is something that you've gotten angry about?
Since it's not really a funny story I won't tell it, but I got really angry!!

Volume 11

Traditionally chocolates are given on Valentine's Day, but what would you like?

Volume 12

When you're drawing your manga, what is a necessary item you must have?
When doing storyboards I listen to music, when doing the actual art I watch comedy videos.

Volume 13

Please tell us a time in which you thought, "I have to taste it just one more time!"
Very recently when I had some ankimo. It was delicious.

Also in this issue Takahashi discusses the Inuyasha stage play... "To be honest, I'm a big fan of this troupe and have seen many of their plays. I'm excited that they're adapting Inuyasha. The perspective of manga is different, but I think you will enjoy this. The Shinkansen Troupe has a funny manga-style and their costuming and battles are great fun. I think it will be an interesting play to see.

Volume 14

When is a time in which you've thought "I'm a hero/heroine!"?
I've never thought that.

Volume 15

Sensei, what's the wildest partying that you've ever done?
I spent as much as ten people when I was on a trip to Mexico about a decade ago.

Volume 16

Sensei, what made you all buy your first issue of Shonen Sunday?
I really liked "Osomatsu-kun" and "Obake no Q-Taro".

Volume 17

Please tell me what you remember about your graduation ceremony?
I've already forgotten.

Volume 18

What item would you most like to collect?
I'm currently satisfied with what I have, so there's nothing really.

Volume 19

What celebrity would you like to have for a brother or sister?
Someone like Tsuyoshi Doumoto would be a good brother. (Or son actually).

Editor's Note: Born in 1979, Doumoto is an actor. He played the role of Hajime Kindaichi in the Kindaichi Case Files drama.

Volume 20

Please tell us your favorite fairytale and the reason.
"Gura and Gura". The spongecake in it sounds delicious.

Volume 21

When you were a kid, what sort of things would you lose yourself in when you were playing?

Takahashi also had this to say... "I'm excited to announce that it has been decided that Inuyasha will be animated. I hope it will be action packed and fast-paced. I'll do my best to make the Inuyasha manga interesting so that the anime won't be defeated.

Volume 22/23

Sensei, if you had a national holiday, what would it be and when would it take place?
A day where I wouldn't have to work for the entire holiday.

Volume 24

What do you do to make sure you stay healthy?
My handmade onion dressing helps blood circulation.

Volume 25

If you were a genius scientist, what would you invent?

Volume 26

What's the most pressure you've ever been under?
Waiting for the results of my high school entrance exams.

Also, this issue featured a few of the storyboards for the Inuyasha anime, with a message from Takahashi saying, "Without worrying about the original manga, please do your best (on the anime).

Volume 27

If you had a door to anywhere (a "Doko Demo Door" a device from Doraemon) where would you like to go first?

Volume 28

What is the best fashion from the past?
I can't think of anything.

Volume 29

What item in your house do you use most often?
A tracing table someone gave me.

Volume 30

Please tell us a riddle common to your profession?
I seem to forget. Why?

Volume 31

Other than working, what is something that you do everyday without fail?
Eat rice.

Volume 32

When you were in junior high school, what was your favorite school lunch?
Roast pig.

Volume 33

What is your best recommendation from the horror genre (book, game, movie, etc.)?
Joyuurei (aka Ghost Actress aka Don't Look Up).

Volume 34

Who is an attractive member of the opposite sex and what is so appealing about them?
Wada from the Hanshin Tigers, because he hits for a good team.

Volume 35

If you had to do a research paper right now, what would you write it on?
Why someone can't hit.

Editors Note: At this time, the Hanshin Tigers were having difficulties hitting.

Volume 36

What would you add to "I demand that today's Japan should...!!"
Never fail to reward good conduct or punish evildoers.

Volume 37/38

Sensei, how do you beat the summertime heat?

Volume 39

What is a food that you hate?

Volume 40

What lessons did your parents impart upon you when you were growing up that you appreciate now?

Volume 41

What is something that you can't stop doing?
Smoking cigarettes and watching the Hanshin Tigers.

Volume 42

If you could lay your own railroad tracks, where would you connect it to?
You mean a train?

Volume 43

What sort of museum would you like to visit?
A clothing museum, but I would never have any free time to visit.

Volume 44

Sensei, what's the best thing on Earth?
To eat all the food that's served to you.

Volume 45

Please tell us something that's on your mind or that worries you?
Why do I get hungry?

Volume 46

Up until now, when have you been suddenly scared?
All the weight I lost in the last six months I gained back after five days in America.

Volume 47

When you're feeling blue, what music do you like to listen to?
When I feel depressed, I sleep.

Volume 48

If you had a press conference, what would you talk about?
Leave me alone.

Volume 49

What makes you think of an old sweetheart you're now separated from?
Tameiki Rock-a-Billy

Volume 50

What is a great original dish that you can cook?
Negitoro Wonton.

Volume 51

Please tell us a four-letter word (in Japanese) you've coined that best describes you?
Hiroukonpai (total exhaustion).

Volume 52

This is the time of year for delicious nabe (hot pot). Sensei, what do you like in your nabe?
Splendid alfonsino with chicken, seafood and vegetables.

Volume 53

What are you planning on doing on the last day of the 21st century?
Eating soba on New Year's Eve.


Volume 1

Please tell us your wishes for the beginning of the 21st century now that it is 2001?
For the continuance of Inuyasha. Thank you.

Volume 2/3

Sensei, who is your favorite athelete? Or favorite sporting stadium?
Hanshin's Shinjou. It's a cool place.

Volume 4/5

Sensei, what is your favorite song to sing at karaoke?
Manatsu no Yuru no Yume (Midsummer Nights Dream).

Volume 6

What is the most unneccessary thing in the world?
Excess fat.

Volume 7

Please tell us about any mutations you may have.
I can't think of any.

Volume 8

Has there ever been a time in which you've said, "I wish I had a camera"?
Once when I was a student, and I saw a red sky. It made me feel bad.

Volume 9

If you could make a law, what would it be?
I want laws that would protect us.

Volume 10

Tell us about someone or something you'd like to discuss.
The new power of supervisor Nomura and the Mets.

Editors Note: This was a very difficult question to understand. I think she is talking about Don Nomura, a former Japanese-American baseball player who was responsible for bringing many Japanese players to America.

Volume 11

Sensei, what instantly makes you think of Spring?
When I see the cherry blossoms bloom.

Volume 12

How does the IT Revolution affect you?
I am outside of the sphere of influence of it.

Volume 13

If you had to be in an eating contest, what would you eat?
Beef or crab.

Volume 14

I'm currently working a part-time job, if you had one, what would it be?
Side-jobs are good, mine would be something with flowers or stuffing envelopes.

Volume 15

When was the last time you cried and why?
About a month ago when I was watching TV.

Volume 16

Please tell us about a dream you've had recently?
I had one where I was tricked into drawing 200 pages.

Volume 17

Tell us about what clubs you were in during your youth?
I was in the manga club, literature club and art club.


Volume 34

What sort of things do you like to eat in the summer?
Chilled Chinese noodles.

Volume 39

Who do you think is the greatest villain?
Raoh, Jagi, and Lord Heart (Fist of the Northstar)

Volume 41

With autumn here, please tell us what sort of food you'd like to eat at least once in your life?
Something delicious! Like 100,005 manju!!

Volume 45

What catch copy stands out in your mind from a television commercial?
Hama no hito.

Editors Note: (Catch copy is text that is designed to grab your attention in advertising).


Volume 1

Is there something that you've gotten regardless of it's price?
A Bustamante necklace.

Volume 2

What sort of smells do you like or hate?
Curry and freesia.

Volume 11

When you were a child, what was something harsh that your rememeber your parents saying?
Before they would say anything, they would hit me.

Volume 20

What is something that you always wanted but never got?
A long vacation.

Volume 25

Please tell us about the first time you recieved a fan letter.
It's a joy I'll never forget for my entire life.



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