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Volume 16

What character from the foundation years of Shonen Sunday would you like to be for a day?

Volume 17

What is something from now or in the past that you can't change but would like to?
The time I met the bookstore owner and got nervous.

Volume 18

If you could move somewhere? Where would it be?
Next to a convience store.

Volume 19

What is the best movie of the last two or three years?
"Dororo" and "Sin City". More recently, "Elizabeth: The Golden Age".

Volume 20

Sensei, what is one of your "small pleasures"?
When I'm not working, I like to watch TV and read.

Volume 21/22

Please tell us what has inspired you recently?
I saw "Houbekki" (aka Saraba, waga Ai Haoubekki or "Farewell My Concubine") recently. Yukio Ninagawa is awesome.

Volume 23

If a museum had an exhibition on any subject, what would you want it to be about?
I would probably like to see something about mammoths.

Volume 24

If you could make one law, what would it be?
Probably something to make people grow their own food and be self-sufficient.

Volume 25

Could you tell us what is a book that has made you cry?
The volume of Inusenryuu where his pet dog died.

Volume 26

Sensei, who is one of your idols?
Hanshin's Akahoshi.

Also, this issue is a tribute to Mitsuru Adachi for selling 200 million copies of his works throughout his career. Various artists congratulate him and here's what Takahashi, who listed her favorite series as "Cross Game" and "Touch" had to say... "Congratulations on selling 200 million copies. That's very impressive, Adachi-sensei. We've both been working together here at Sunday since the same era, which has always been encouraging to me, and is a fact I'm very proud of. As you pass 200 million, please take care of your health and keep drawing more manga. I'll do my best to keep up.

Volume 27

What would you like most right now?
NHK's "Shin Hakkenden" complete DVD set (since I never see it).

Editors Note: Takahashi last discussed "Shin Hakkenden" way back in 1994 volume 17.

Volume 28

Of all the presents you've gotten up until now, what is the most memorable?
My first fan letter (even now I think it's delightful).

Volume 29

Tell us about a good store that is near your home.
I want to thank you for continuing to read Inuyasha for such a long time. I was able to do it because of your support. Thank you.

Editors Note: Takahashi didn't answer the question, instead choosing to thank the fans for their support of Inuyasha, who's final chapter was published this week.


Volume 21/22

Out of manga, anime and film, please tell us a character that you like.
Hello everyone, it's been awhile. I'll do my best with the new serialization and ask for your support!

Editors Note: Takahashi didn't answer the question, and instead commented on the beginning of her series Kyokai no Rinne.

Volume 23

Is there a show you'd like to see brought back to television?
"Gebageba 90 Bun!" and "The Best 10" (Za Besuto Ten).

Volume 24

Up to now, what's the best thing you've done for your parents?
Making a living through my manga.

Volume 25

Was there something or someone that you yearned for when you were a kid?
I wanted a canopy bed.

Volume 26

What is a food that you associate with your mother?
Fried eggs.

Volume 27

Please tell us about something you've recently discovered.
Even though it's late, "Kamen Rider Dennou".

Volume 28

Is there a piece of furniture you'd like to see evolve and why?
The personal computer. Even though I don't have one.

Volume 29

Please tell us who you think the funniest celebrities in showbiz are.
Taka and Toshi are still funny.

Volume 30

What manga character's ability would you like to have?
Pa-man's ability to fly.

Volume 31

What's a messy or cute thing you've seen recently?
I cat I saw on TV.

Volume 32

Please tell us about a television performance you enjoyed recently.

Volume 33


Volume 34

Please tell us your most favorite manga, drama or anime.
The Karasawa version of “Shiroi Ooatama”.

Volume 35

When have you felt the most Japanese in your life?
Every year on New Year’s Day.

Volume 36

Has there been a word whose name you don’t understand?
The formal name of puchipuchi (Japanese for bubble wrap).

Volume 37

What’s the most amazing place in your neighborhood?
A local gourmet restaurant called “Italian”.

Volume 38

What is one thing you’d like to see before you die?
I’d like to see the aurora.

Volume 39

What is something that’s been an impulse buy?
Work related books.

Volume 40

What do you think are some of the true evolutions that will be made in the 21st century?
Probably the DVD.

Volume 41

What’s one place you’d like to go at some point in your life?

Volume 42/43

What is one advanced function you’d like added to cell phones?
They’re fine as is.

Volume 44

When you were a kid, what was your favorite giant monster?

Volume 45


Volume 46

If asked by a foreigner what a typical Japanese gag is, what would you tell them?
Atari maeda no cracker (This is a pun based on “Atari mae da.” or “Naturally.” “Maeda no Cracker” is a brand of crackers in Japan).

Volume 47

Do you have an embarrassing childhood memory that you can’t forget?
When I was in kindergarten it rained and I fell into the gutter. My chest got all wet.

Volume 48

When you go to sleep, what’s a dream that you can remember having?
I’m faraway from home somehow and I have no money and I’m running out of time to get back.

Volume 49

What’s a film that you might say “is a difficult film to understand, but it’s one of my favorites!”?
Marie Antoinette.

Volume 50

Please tell us your favorite kanji character and the reason.
The kanji for "tora" (tiger). We'll do it next year!

Editors Note: Takahashi is referencing her favorite baseball team the Hanshin Tigers.

Volume 51

Assuming you could take a ride in a time machine, what era would you go to?
I can only ride it one time?

Volume 52

What sort of background image do you have on your cell phone?


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