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Episodes 22 - 43
From April 7, 1982
Opening Theme: Lum no Love Song
Ending Theme: Kokorobosoi na

Season overview:
This is where the series starts getting good
. With the first 21 episodes having been a success, the animators got a lot more funding and the result is a higher quality show. This is also the point when Mamoru Oshii became the series director. This had an enormous impact as the stories are better constructed than the previous season. The past season felt like a light snack compared to this season which provides anime you can really sink your teeth into. Since he just came on board, It's not easy to discern Oshii's influence this early on, but there are glimpses of his style here and there.

I'd actually recommend newcomers to the series start with this season instead of the first to get a better idea of UY's potential. With the exception of the painfully cheezy episode 37 "Appearance of the Red Phantom!" all of the episodes here are really fun and entertaining. It still has the kids-TV style of the early episodes, but the series does feel like it's starting to grow up.

Mason's 10 favorite episodes:

  1. (28) Lum's Educational Therapy for Little Boys
  2. (36) Rei Returns! Crisis in the Classroom
  3. (38) Steal Darling! The Copy Operation!
  4. (39) Pitter Patter, Summer Date
  5. (42) Drunken Boogie
  6. (27) What a Dracula!
  7. (34) Yearning for the Sad Monster
  8. (30) The Beautiful Maiden Comes with the Rain
  9. (22) The Great Space Marriage Plan
  10. (31) Give Me Back My Horn!

Honourable mentions:

(40) So Long, Bye-Bye, Summer Days
(35) Darling's Had It This Time!
(29) From Speechless with Love
(43) Fear of Meow

Episode 22
Supeesu omiai taisakusen
The Great Space Marriage Plan

First appearance of Primu, the winged and horned lady; and the Prince of the Underground. Lum's dad has set up a party for suitors to Lum. When Ataru finds out; he, Jariten, and primu arm themselves to save Lum. But they arrive just in time to see Lum betrothed to a unicorn boy who is really in love with another girl. Ataru, Ten, Primu, the Prince, and the other girl all kidnap Lum and Uni and finally get all the couples straightened out. Lum-Ataru, Uni-girl, and Primu-Prince (against his wishes).

Episode 23
Haru ranman pikinikku daisoudou
The Spring Blossom Picnic

In the first part, Ataru is kidnaped by a kappa, a kind of turtle/lizard humanoid, and taken to her palace beneath the water. But he returns with a mermaid to an unwelcomed group. In the second part, Lum, Ataru, Mendo, and Shinobu explore a cave and get lost. They eventually wind up in a buried UFO and snack on the canned goods therein.

Episode 24
Iyaamaffuru ni goyoujin
Beware the Earmuffs!

An alien sells Ataru and Ten some earmuffs that have a slight effect of switching maids. Ataru tries to use these to his advantage and ends up dragging Ten, Cherry, his parents, Lum, Shinobu, and Sakura into a mess.

Episode 25
Tobeyo Imo-chan!
Fly, Imo-Chan!

At School, a little worm starts eating everyone's food and Ataru and Lum try to save it from the wrath of the others. By the end of the day, the worm has spun a cocoon and hatches into a beautiful fairy.

Episode 26
Ten-chan no koi
Ten-chan's Love

Jariten and Sakura go on a double date with Lum and Ataru in order to appease Jariten recent moodiness. Kintaro also appears every so often. The story ends with an emotional scene between Ten and Sakura.

Episode 27
Tonda Dorakyura
What a Dracula!

A elderly vampire wants blood of a young girl, and with the help of his daughter, he get Ataru and Lum to help. They end up tricking Ran into coming to the vampire and Ataru tries to kiss the daughter. When Ran figures out what's going on, she sends the vampire to a blood donor wagon.

Episode 28
Lum-chan no otoko no ko kyouikukouza
Lum's Educational Therapy for Little Boys

Lum goes back in time through a tea cup in order to train Ataru to be a faithful boy by planting a doll of her on his head that zaps him any time he touches another girl and gets ideas. The older Ataru accidentally falls through the time tea cup and tries to stop Lum's plot. In this episode we get to see a young Shinobu, Lum's guards, a high school Sakura, and a newlywed Mr. & Mrs. Moroboshi. Cherry is still the same.

Episode 29
Kuchinashi yori ai wo komete
From Speechless With Love

Ataru and Ten buy a flower in an attempt to appeal to the flower shop girl. They almost kill the flower, but Jariten uses some device to make the flower grow to about 3 meters. This also happens to give the flower more life and a will of it's own.

Episode 30
Bishoujo wa ame totomoni
The Beautiful Maiden Comes With the Rain

Ataru manages to get a date with a new girl at school, Tsuyuko, who is always preceded by rain. This is caused by a curse put on Tsuyuko's dad, who as a child made friends with a bad weather spirit and promised never to lever her. But his family moved so she cursed him.

Episode 31
Waino tsuno wo kaeshite kure!
Give Me Back My Horn!

Jariten loses his horn and powers in a nasty fight with Ataru, who then begins to really torment Jariten. Ran, finding the horn thinks it's Lum's and she uses it to curse the horn's owner to grow a cactus in it's place.

Episode 32
Dokkiri toshokan oshizukani!
All Quiet at the Library!

In the school library, Ataru meets a girl named Wendy who he helps with her library chores. After Lum arrives, the books start coming to life and the characters within help to cause a lot of chaos. At the end, we find out Wendy herself is from the book Peter Pan.

Episode 33
Hanawa sensei toujyou! Kore ga seishun da ne
Teacher Hanawa's Arrival! Such is Youth!

First appearance for Hanawa-sensei. It's Hanawa's first day as a teacher and Lum's first day as a student. Ataru tries to make Hanawa go crazy by showing Lum's abilities, but Hanawa is too placid. Later, We meet Natsuko as Lum and Ataru join the volley ball team. Natsuko has had a great hatred of men since she was dumped by her boyfriend, whom she thinks Mendo looks like. Ataru, Lum, and Mendo try to give Natsuko a second chance at love.

Episode 34
Kanashiki youkai hitokoshikute
Yearning for the Sad Monster

At a pool, at one of Mendo's hotels, a little blue monster has set up his home and is visited by an unconscious Ataru. Eventually the goblin is seen by all, and all evacuate the pool. Mendo orders the goblin to leave, so it does...for the Moroboshi house. So the next day, the kids take the goblin to the beach to find it a new home.

Episode 35
Daarin zettai zetsumei!
Darling's Had it This Time!

In an ice cream cafe, Lum and Ran are reminiscing about childhood times. of course, Ran is getting very angry and their waiter very hurt. Next day Ran leaves some candy for Ataru which when he eats causes him to get sick. As he goes to the nurse, Ran grabs Lum and ties her up in a closet. Ran then also goes to the nurse's office feigning sickness so she can try to kiss Ataru and suck his youth. But Sakura doesn't want to allow this.

Episode 36
Rei fukkatsu! Jishuu daisoudou
Rei's Return! Crisis in the Classroom

First appearance of Onsen-Mark sensei, who has little hot spring symbols on his clothes. Rei comes to school and spends all day eating other people's food. Ran tries her best to win Rei's affections. He then leaves so he won't be late for dinner.

Episode 37
Kaijin aka manto arawaru!
Appearance of the Red Phantom

At school, there is a dance, and Onsen-Mark tells of how when he was a student, a mysterious phantom man in black and red stole away with Onsen-Mark's girlfriend. This same phantom shows up again this year, but by now he's fat. Lum tries to lift his spirits, but the fat phantom makes a fool of himself and gets carried off by his wife, Onsen-Mark's girlfriend from years ago who is now grotesque.

Episode 38
Daarin wo ubae! Copii sakusen!
Steal Darling! The Copy Operation!

After their usual fight Ran plans to kiss Ataru, but Lum finds out and uses a gun that make's an Ataru double. Ran also has a gun, and by the end of the show there's an army of Ataru's!

Episode 39
Tokidoki samaa deeto
Pitter Patter, Summer Date

Lum blackmails Ataru into dating her by taking his book of girl's addresses. On the date, Lum tries to act like a normal Earth girl would. They go swimming and rollerskating, and later meet Perm who also has a date.

Episode 40
Sayonara bai bai natsuno hibi
So Long, Bye-Bye, Summer Days

In the first half, Ataru, Lum, and Shinobu are looking for a watermelon to eat on the beach, but no one will sell one. But they do happen to find a giant watermelon...I mean a GIANT watermelon which turns out to be a watermelon god; and he attacks them. In the second half, they join Sakura and Cherry for a party. But they are joined by a lizard-goblin who is always crying.

Episode 41
Panikku in taifuu
Panic in the Typhoon!

A typhoon is set to hit Tomobiki and the Moroboshi's are preparing by boarding up the house. Lum has a small capsule that has an effect on water which ultimately causes Lum and the Moro boshi's to be in a level of air between two levels of water in the house.

Episode 42
Yopparai bugi
Druken Boogie

At school, Ataru feeds Ten and Lum each an umeboshi, a cherry flavored with alcohol, and finds out Lum's race has no tolerance to alcohol. In a drunken rage, Lum flies about zapping people and trying to get more alcohol. Onsen-Mark thinks someone has sake in school because it is impossible to get drunk just on umeboshis.

Episode 43
Nyaon no kyoufu
Fear of Meow

Atop the Moroboshi house, Ataru, Ten, and Lum meet a half cat/half woman named Misuzu. As a human, Misuzu was drying and she melded with her cat to her present state. Ataru and Ten fight a cat with an eyepatch to see who will get to kiss Misuzu, and turn her into a full human or cat.




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