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Episodes 55 - 77
From January 5, 1983
Opening Theme: Lum no Love Song
Ending Theme: I, I, You and Ai

Season overview:
Pretty much everything I said about the previous season applies to this one, only moreso. This is a great season with a lot of laughs. This is probably the funniest UY has been up to this point. On the flipside, there are also a few episodes that are all drama with few laughs. While not true to the manga, such episodes are pretty interesting to watch. Without a doubt, out of all the seasons directed by Oshii, this season is his strongest one.

While movie 2 is still a ways away, the character designs and animation style of Beautiful Dreamer are beginning to show up in a few episodes.

Mason's 10 favorite episodes:

  1. (61) The Mendo Family's Masquerade War
  2. (70) Dramatic Appearance! Mizunokoji Ton-chan!
  3. (63) Ryuunosuke Arrives! I Love the Sea!
  4. (72) Lum-chan the Ruthless Rebel
  5. (76) Firefighter Mommy Visits!
  6. (57) Is a Husband & Wife Quarrel Survival of the Fittest?
  7. (65) Ran-chan's Great Date Plan
  8. (75) And Then There Were None
  9. (66) Happy Birthday My Darling
  10. (56) Risking One's Life in Class

Honourable mentions:

(55) Children in Vain, Musashi, Signs of the Times
(64) Goodbye Season
(69) Bottled Letter Seashore Mystery!
(60) Love, Love, Catchball!

Episode 55
Damekko Musashi fuuun roku
Children in Vain, Musashi, Signs of the Times

The normal cast is again put into an ancient Japanese story with Ataru as a food thief with Onsen-Mark and Cherry as his occasional companions. Ataru ends up running from Sakura, Lum and Mendo with a giant monkey. In the end however, it is Onsen-Mark who comes out ahead.

Episode 56
Inochi kakemasu jugyouchuu
Risking One's Life in Class

Ataru and friends defeat Jariten with a barrage of snowballs, so Jariten seek to take revenge in the classroom. Unfortunately, today Onsen-Mark demands complete silence in the class and the students do their best to comply.

Episode 57
Fuufugenka kuukakuwareruka!?
Is a Husband & Wife Quarrel Survival of the Fittest?

Lum's mother boots father out of the house, so he comes to stay with Lum. He then visits the school for a day and gives a speech about being married, which ultimately gets interrupted by Lum's mother.

Episode 58
Misu yuki no jyoou kissu wo ubae!
Getting a Kiss from Miss. Snow

Lum gets Ataru to go on a ski trip with her, but Mendo, Shinobu, and Lum's guards find out and tail along to cause static, Ataru enters a ski contest. The one who finds a small treasure chest on the mountain and bring it in, wins a kiss from Miss Snow!

Episode 59
Kyoufu no sei Barentaindee
St. Valentine's Day Horror

Mako, a small girl, falls in love with Ten-chan, but Ten can't stand her. Lum and Ataru prove to be only more trouble for Jariten as both of them try to help Mako get Ten-chan; when Lum and Ataru aren't too busy fighting amongst themselves.

Episode 60
Rabu rabu cyattchi booru!
Love, Love, Catchball!

Lum brings Jariten a pair of crystal spheres which each has an eye on it; one is red with a heart for females, the other blue with a star for males. If the correctly gendered person gazes into the eye, it will reveal one's destined mate?. Lum, Shinobu, Sakura, and Ran all meet to use these crystals; Ataru, Mendo, and Tsubame also show up; and everyone ends up in a fight.

Episode 61
Mendo kamen budoukai
The Mendo Family's Masquerade Ball

Ryoko invites Ataru over for a masquerade and Mendo gets a billion others to also show up for a masquerade battle. Ataru tries desperately to get to Ryoko despite the attempts of Lum, Mendo, and others.

Episode 62
Uchuu kaze panikku!
Space Cold Panic!

Lum catches a cold from her daddy when he visits and she wears a surgeons mask to keep the virus from spreading. Megane and friends pay Ataru to get them Lum's mask since it was on Lum's face, but it turns out the virus has a weird effect on humans. It causes contacted areas to become orange-green striped.

Episode 63
Ryunosuke toujou! Umi ga suki!!
Ryunosuke Arrives! I Love the Sea!

First appearance of Ryunosuke and her father Mr. Fujinami. Ataru, Lum, Shinobu, and Mendo go to the beach and meet Ryu and her dad who break into fights every few minutes. Next day Ryu and dad show up at school for Mr. Fujinami just got a job running the bookstore, and we continue to hear more of Ryu's problem of wanting to be feminine.

Episode 64
Sayonara no kisetsu
Goodbye Season

Ataru and Megane spend an afternoon talking and Shinobu eavesdrops on the conversation which makes everyone think Ataru is going to give up Lum to someone. Shinobu believes Mendo will be the first choice so she sends a secret force out to intercept Ataru but Megane shows up to see Ataru gets to school and deliver a speech that shocks everyone.

Episode 65
Ran-chan no deeto taisaku ikusa!
Ran-chan's Great Date Plan

Ran meets and falls in love with Ryu and asks Ryu out on a date. Ryu agrees because she wants to learn how to be feminine by watching Ran. Despite Lum and Ataru's efforts, Ran refuses to believe Ryu is a girl.

Episode 66
Happi baasudee mai daarin
Happy Birthday My Darling

It's Ataru's birthday and Lum wants to know what he wants. He wants to be free from her for at least his birthday. So Ataru goes through the entire day never meeting Lum till an accidental meeting at night when he's happy to meet her.

Episode 67
Jigoku no kyampu ni tougenkyou wo mita!
Seeing Shangri-La as a Hell Camp!

Lum, Ataru, Mendo, Megane, and Perm are camping. Mendo, Megane, and Perm painfully find out Lum's cooking is terribly hot and spicy; and Ataru, Mendo, and Perm set out at night to go hunting. They find a rabbit, bit it tries to offer other meaning of getting food. Next day, the kids are fishing and discover a huge peach and Cherry, Cherry shows them where to get the peaches and they end up meeting some priests and having a race.

Episode 68
Hanamako no na wa Ryunosuke
The Groom's Name is Ryunosuke

Kurama's karas-tengus meet Ryu and decide she's perfect for their princess, until they discover Ryu's a girl. So they get a sex change gun which accidentally hits Ataru.

Episode 69
Bindzume retaa umibeno kai!
Bottled Letter Seashore Mystery

Lum, Ataru, Ten, Shinobu, and Mendo are vacationing at the seashore. The boys each get a bottles love letter from a young woman who convinces them to stay at a weird hotel run by an old woman and a giant man.

Episode 70
Gekiretsu toujou! Mizunokoji Ton-chan!
Dramatic Appearance! Mizunokoji Ton-chan!

First appearance of Ton-chan (Tobimaro). He is first seen hit in the face with a baseball, which he swallows. Tobimaro is Mendo's childhood rival and Ryoko's love interest as we find out in this episode.

Episode 71
Shinobu no shinderera sutorrii
Shinobu's Cinderella Story

Shinobu helps a handsome dashing young man hide from some ugly dagger street rejects. Buts the goons continue to track both Shinobu and the man. Even some police are after the man, and Ataru, Lum, Megane and friends get into the act.

Episode 72
Lum-chan no ryuunakihankou
Lum-chan the Ruthless Rebel

Lum, Ataru, Mendo, Ryu, Shinobu, and Lum's Stormtroopers make a movie featuring Lum, Shinobu, Ryu, Mendo, and Perm as super powered beings with Ataru as the saint of love.

Episode 73
Taishoubu! Sakura vs. Sakuranbo!!
The Big Showdown! Sakura vs. Sakuranbo

One day, Lum makes some of her wonderful cooking for Ataru. But Sakura and Cherry show up and have a psychic battle.

Episode 74
Kaidan! Yanagi no ojiji!!
Ghost Story! Old Man Willow!

Onsen-Mark tells the students a few ghost stories related to the high school, in particular, about a willow tree. In mock of the story, Ataru writes "Mendo's an idiot" on the willow in marker. The tree sprouts forth an old man who tries to avenge itself on Ataru by tricking him into searching for treasure on the school grounds. But Mendo and Onsen-Mark are also at the school that night checking about ghost stories.

Episode 75
Soshite daremo inakunattaccha!?
And Then There Were None

Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, Mendo, Onsen-Mark, Sakura, Cherry, and Lum's guard are all at a mansion on an Island by invitation. by and by our friends are each found dead until only Ataru is left.

Episode 76
Hikeshi mama sanjou!
Firefighter Mommy Visits!

First appearance of Ten-chan's mother who is a fire fighter. She gives Ataru a bell to ring in case he happens to find a fire that needs extinguishing, namely one by Ten-chan. Ten desperately tries to fry Ataru without letting him ring the bell, but Mother keeps popping up with a storm of water.

Episode 77
Darrin ga shinjau!?
Darling's Dying

Ran makes some special cakes for Rei for a picnic. These act as about 10 times the food they are. Ataru accidentally eats one of these and goes under. Lum trues desperately to save Darling and ends up trying to track down Ran in another world to find a cure.




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