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Episodes 78 - 106
From July 27, 1983
Opening Theme: Dancing Star
Ending Theme: Yume wa Love me More

Season overview:
Finally after nearly 2 years since the first episode, a new opening theme song. I know a lot of people like Lum no Love Song, but frankly I was getting sick of it. But that's beside the point. How do the episodes themselves rate?

This is a season that inspires more conflicting feelings for me than any other. There are some true moments of genius, but some other episodes are utter disappointments. In terms of the bad, there are a lot of filler episodes. For example near the end there's slew of flashback episodes for Mendo, Sakura and Ran right alongside episodes that aready focused on those characters. Completly redundant. And there are a few episodes such as the Miss Tomobiki contest, or the Lady Ryuunosuke episode where the creators bastardized Rumiko Takahashi's original vision.

But on the other hand, the episodes that are good, are so perfect in every way, that they leave me with a big stupid grin just thinking about them. The animation quality, acting and direction of these episodes show the series' finally reaching its full potential.

Near the end of this season, the show approaches the halfway mark. UY movie 2 went into production around this time and the main staff had to juggle the movie and TV series. So the mix of good and bad episodes is understandable.

A note for those following the AnimEigo subs, they've currently released up to episode 98 (volume 25).

Mason's 10 favorite episodes:

  1. (106) A Fight to the Death! Ataru vs. The Mendo Brigade!
  2. (81) Ah, Mother of My Memory
  3. (86) Hysterical! The Nasty Brat Shutaro!
  4. (105) Scramble! To the Rescue of Lum!
  5. (79) The Mendo Family's Summer Christmas
  6. (101) Operation; Peek in the Woman's Bath
  7. (96) Shine! The Blessed Bra!!
  8. (97) Duel! Benten vs. the Three Daughters
  9. (89) Lum and Ataru, A Night Alone
  10. (88) The Wrathful Lum-chan!

Honourable mentions:

(92) Strange! The Wonder Medicine of Selflessness
(98) Plenty of Lum-chans!
(80) Panic at the Ghost Inn
(102) Sakura, Sad Years of Youth
(82) Plenty of Sun, Plenty of Sickness
(85) Revenge of the Planetary Instructor CAO-2

Episode 78
Mijime! Ai to sasurai no haha!?
Pitiful! Mother of Love and Banishment!?

Ataru's mother is knocked unconscious during a fight at the mall and has several nightmares that each begin with her waking from unconsciousness. One time she comes home to find she's grown old. Another time she comes home to meet herself.

Episode 79
Mendo-ke samaa kurisumasu
The Mendo Family's Summer Christmas

Ryoko invites our cast to a summer Christmas party, where chained in pairs, they must try to climb to the top of a giant Christmas tree for a banquet.

Episode 80
Panikku in yuurei minshuku
Panic at the Ghost Inn

On vacation at the seashore again, Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, and Mendo stay at a hotel run by a weird old couple who like to scare their guests. But they have a real ghost of a beautiful young woman who spends a day with the kids at the beach.

Episode 81
Aa mabuta no haha
Ah, Mother of My Memory

Ryunosuke has dinner at the Moroboshi's house after are turning Ten-chan who she found. Returning home, Ryu has a fight with her father about Ryu's mother. Ryu returns to see Mrs. Moroboshi who that night had been so motherly. Later, Ryu forces her father to show her the family album so she can see her mother, but Mr. Fujinami had anticipated this and surprises Ryu.

Episode 82
Taiyou ga ippai uwaki ga ippai
Plenty of Sun, Plenty of Sickness

Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, Ten, Mendo, and Sakura are at the beach. Jariten has a neat little wand that turns sand object into real ones. So Ataru and Mendo make three sand Sakura's and bring them to life. In the second part, Lum meets a dolphin and with the help of a disguising earring, She tries to make Darling jealous by having the dolphin pose as a handsome lover.

Episode 83
Daigekitotsu! Ten vs Ataru
Big Bang! Ten vs. Ataru

Ten has numerous little fights, all which Ataru wins. So Cherry helps Ten by convincing him to wear weighted shoes to build strength. This only succeeds in hurting Ten more, so one morning he and Ataru have a duel. Ataru arrives at school with a cast on his arm and blames Ten, but that's not quite the end.

Episode 84
Kyoufu! Tororo ga samete kuru!!
Horrors! Attack of the Slimy Potatoes!

Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, and Mendo all stay at a house in the wilderness and are attacked by some slimy potatoes blobs which turn out to be delicious. They eventually break out of the house and flee, but ultimately end up where they started.

Episode 85
Wakusei kyoushi CAO-2 fukushuu
Revenge of the Planetary Instructor CAO-2

Lum, Benten, Oyuki, Ran are reminiscing about a past robot teacher CAO-2. Ataru, and Mendo show up and are soon followed by CAO-2. Our friends then set up a big plan to get CAO-2 in a night fight at the school.

Episode 86
Gyakujou! Mijimekko Shutaro
Hysterical! The Nasty Brat Shutaro!

Lum, Ataru, Mendo, Shinobu, and Ryunosuke go back in time and meet Mendo as a little boy in order to find out why he is claustrophobic. The younger Mendo proves to be more than a brat and Ataru and the older Mendo get caught. Lum, Shinobu, and Ryu come to the rescue and we find out how Mendo acquired his fear.

Episode 87
Souzetsu nazono matsutake nabe!!
Wonderful! The Magic Mushroom Pot!

Cherry brings some magic mushrooms to school and the students cook and eat the. But these mushrooms has a strange affect on everyone except Lum; and they all start preforming acts.

Episode 88
Okori no Lum-chan!
The Wrathful Lum-chan!

In a fight with Ataru, Jariten accidentally burns a scarf Lum has just made for Ataru. Ataru tries to get Lum angry with Ten, but Ten goes off thinking of how he can apologize. He ask many people for help, but Sakura is ultimately the one who get Jariten to set things right.

Episode 89
Lum to Ataru futari dake no yoru
Lum and Ataru, a Night Alone

Mr. & Mrs. Moroboshi win a trip for a weekend and leave Ataru and Lum alone for the first time. Ataru tries desperately to seek sanctuary elsewhere, but Lum gets him home and cooks dinner. Mendo, Megane, and Lum's Stormtroopers try to keep the two apart, but Lum and Ataru manage to get rid of them. By then it's time for bed.

Episode 90
Redeii Ryunosuke!
Lady Ryunosuke

Onsen-Mark gives Ryunosuke lessons in how to be feminine and finally takes her to a wrestling match. The wrestlers get too out of hand and accidentally rip Ryu's beautiful dress and get her mad.

Episode 91
Dokyumento misu Tomobiki wa dare da!?
Document: Who Will Be Miss Tomobiki?

The school has a contest for the title of Miss Tomobiki. Lum, Shinobu, Ran, Ryunosuke, and Sakura are the contestants; and Ataru is the final judge.

Episode 92
Kikai! Muga no miyouyaku
Strange! The Wonderful Medicine of Selflessness

Cherry gives Kotatsu an enchanted fish cookie and Kotatsu in turn gives it to Ataru, upon eating it, Ataru falls asleep. His spirit escapes from his physical body and he goes spying on Sakura and Shinobu in his new ghost form.

Episode 93
Shutaro fukouno asa
Shutaro, Miserable Morning

One morning Shutaro is recalling unpleasant memories Lum's and Ataru's relation has had on him and how he's lost to Ataru so many times. Cherry shows up only to help Mendo remember and cause more grief.

Episode 94
Tabi no yuki daruma jyouwa
Tales of the Wandering Snowman

A snowman arrives from space and accidentally gets Jariten angry at it. Ataru unknowingly saves the snowman many times so it thanks Ataru with a late night encounter.

Episode 95
Lum-chan no nihon mukashi hanashi
Lum-chan's Ancient Japanese Fairy Tales

Cherry tells an ancient fairy tale involving kiddie versions of an elderly Lum and Ataru who have Jariten as a son who grows up to fight an evil Rei who captured a princess Lum.

Episode 96
Kagayake! Akogare no bura!!
Shine! The Blessed Bra!!

First episode with Soban, the beady eyed, big lip bald goon who loves Shinobu. Soban's flunkies try to get Shinobu to date him, but Shinobu seeks safety with Ryunosuke making the flunkies think Ryu's her boyfriend. The jerks find out Ryu's a girl and bribe her with a bra to get her to pose with Shinobu for some date photos.

Episode 97
Ketsu! Benten vs sannin musume
Duel! Benten vs. the Three Daughters

First appearance of Sugar, Ginger, and Pepper; the three skebans who attend the same school Lum, Benten, and Oyuki did. The skebans are trying to prove themselves greater than their seniors by humiliating them. This time their scheme is stealing Benten chain and the skebans go through utterly silly lengths.

Episode 98
Lum-chan ga ippai!
Plenty of Lum-chans!

Ran kidnaps Lum and makes a copy of her. Ran sends the copy off to go zap Ataru so he'll be mad at Lum. However, electricity causes the copy to act like the original, but Ran doesn't realize until after she's made 6 copies, all which now think and act like Lum.

Episode 99
Hissatsu! Tachigui waoozu!!
Certain Death! Stand-Up Eating Contest

Mendo's company hosts a noodle eating contest with some of our normal cast and some others. Two of these others have a love tragedy which is remedied at the end of the contest.

Episode 100
Taikin kura! Kesshi no sabaibaru!!
The Great Vault! Courageous Survival!!!

Mendo is showing off a large vault of his to Ataru when they are accidentally locked in and spend the rest of the episode trying to get out.

Episode 101
(Hi)sakusen onna yu wo nozoke!
Operation: Peek in the Woman's Bath

Ataru, Mendo, Megane, Chibi, Perm, and Kakugari are at a bath house trying to peek over at the women's side. As the story continues, more of the female cast members show up.

Episode 102
Sakura aishuu younenki
Sakura, Sad Tears of Youth

Cherry puts something in Sakura's food so that when she sleeps, a copy of Sakura as a young girl appears.

Episode 103
Moeyo Ran okori no bideo meeru
Burning Ran's Emotional Video Mail

Ran get some videotapes in the mail filled with bad moments in her life. Good thing there's no return address.

Episode 104
Wagasei shun no Sakura-san
Sakura-san of Youth

This episode is narrated by Ataru who is recalling memories of Sakura and her influence.

Episode 105
Sukurenburu! Lum wo dakkai seio!!
Scramble! To the Rescue of Lum!

After a fight with Darling, Lum returns to her UFO which crashes overnight on the Mendo estate. Lum's lost her memory and Mendo convinces her she's his fiancee. Ataru and Lum's Stormtroopers together fight to free Lum.

Episode 106
Shitou! Ataru vs Mendo gundan!!
A Fight to the Death! Ataru vs. the Mendo Brigade!

Part 2 of Story 105, in which the five heroes scramble across the Mendo estate to try and save Lum




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