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Episodes 128 - 149
From October 17, 1984
Opening Theme: Chance on Love
Ending Theme: Open Invitation

Season overview:
This season continues the quality animation and storytelling of the previous season.
Yamazaki's UY continues to get better and better. Strangely there still are a few episodes with old-looking 1982 animation style, but for the most part this is the best Urusei Yatsura has looked. Comparing these episodes made near at the end of 1984 with the TV show a couple of years earlier, you'd think there was 6 year difference between the two. The fact that UY upgraded its look so drastically over such a short period still amazes me.

The 3rd movie Remember My Love also started going into production later on in this season, but didn't debut until well into the next season.

Mason's 10 favorite episodes:

  1. (132) Hell Encounter! Armored Girl; Beauty or Beast? Part 1
  2. (133) Love of the Armored Girl! Maidenly Feelings Reeling Part 2
  3. (137) Lum's Courageous Duel! An Ironic Victory
  4. (129) Attack your Seniors! Revenge of the Infamous Three Daughters
  5. (131) Don't Die! Ryoko Special Straw Doll
  6. (145) Return of the Three Daughters! The Great Scheme to Seduce Darling!
  7. (144) To Dreamland! Darling Battle Royal Abduction
  8. (136) The Birth of Ten-chan's Son? I Didn't Know a Thing
  9. (142) Snow Panic? The Mendo Family Cherry Blossom Display Banquet!
  10. (130) Blaze, Secret Powers! Stick to the Straight and Narrow Path

Honourable mentions:

(148) Spring Blossom! Frozen by Oyuki's Cold
(135) What Do I Care for Talking Flowers!
(147) Ryunosuke's Father's Self Sacrificing Devotion! His Wife is Within Images!

Episode 128
Hito ka tori ka? Gokakenran seigi no mikata
Man or Bird? Gokakenran, Champion of Justice!

Jariten meets and helps revive an aging superhero. This superhero, who has a terribly long and silly name, helps train Jariten to be his replacement by giving Jariten a costume and some items.

Episode 129
Senpai wo yattsukero! Gosannin musume no gyakushuu
Attack your Seniors! Revenge of the Infamous Three Daughters

The sukebans return and fail to best Oyuki or Benten, so they try to get Lum. Ataru and Lum make a deal that for one day, Ataru may chase all the girls he wants if he will date Lum. Lum never even notices the skebans, although she zaps them several times; until the end when they outright confront her. So she zaps them again.

Episode 130
Moeyo kakushi gei! Kono michikazu chokusen
Blaze, Secret Powers! Stick to the Straight and Narrow Path

Lum brings a red oval-shaped alien to class and makes the kids preform a talent show to his liking or they will not be allowed to leave.

Episode 131
Shinda akan! Ryoko no tokusei waraningyou!!
Don't Die! Ryoko Special Straw Doll

Ryoko makes a voodoo doll of her brother Shutaro and gives it to Ataru, only telling him that it's important and he should always keep it close to him. During the day, Ataru unknowingly causes Mendo great pain and finally Mendo figures out how.

Episode 132
Omiai jigoku! Yoroi musume wa bijyo? Kaijin?
Hell Encounter! Armored Girl; Beauty or Beast? Part 1

First episode with Asuka Mizunokoji, younger sister to Tobimaro. Mendo's parents and the Mizunokoji parents are arranging a marriage between Shutaro and Asuka, but all we've seen of Asuka is a hulk of Armour. Tobimaro and Shutaro fight over the marriage. Ataru catches a glimpse of Asuka and pursues her. When he finally catches her, Lum zaps him which causes the Armour to fall off.

Episode 133
Yoroi musume no koi! Otome gokoro wa guragura yurete
Love of the Armored Girl! Maidenly Feelings Reeling Part 2

We find out that Asuka was raised never seeing a male, and Ataru makes a bad first impression, causing Asuka to be terrified of males. After a lot of fighting and running, Asuka is captured and Ataru and Mendo fight over who will marry her. Tobimaro nobly defends his sister causing her to fall in love with him. The episode ends with Ryoko, who loves Tobimaro, entering and blowing up everything.

Episode 134
Shiruhodo kaitakute! Junjyou Kitsune futatabi
I Dearly Need You! Return of the Honest Fox!

Kitsune is told a story about a Kitsune who uses magic seeds to turn a woman into a fox, Kitsune gets some of this seed and tries to get Shinobu to eat it but everyone ends up having some after it is put into Cherry's cooking pot.

Episode 135
Oshaberi hana nanka douwaikkirai!
What Do I Care for Talking Flowers!

Thanks to Cherry, some flowers of Ran's are set loose and quickly multiply. These flowers can repeat anything they hear and end up doing so in very bad places and times. Everywhere, things are going into panic because of the flowers, but Lum and Ran manage to collect and contain them all...they think.

Episode 136
Ten-chan no musuko tanjou!? Wai wa shirando
The Birth of Ten-chan's Son? I Didn't Know a Thing

A space carrier passing Earth accidentally drops some weird eggs on it. As Ten soon finds out, these eggs attach them selves to one's belly and after a little time, hatch a bee that looks like the person. The little Ten-bee causes Ten a lot of problems, but soon Ten isn't the only one being bee-set. Finally, the delivery duck picks up the bees he dropped at the beginning.

Episode 137
Lum no yuukiaru kettou! Shouri wa sekoi te de
Lum's Courageous Duel! An Ironic Victory

A junior female student at Tomobiki is bring bothered by Soban and his flunkies, but Lum zaps them and saves her. Lum then promises the girl that she will fight Soban for her and win. However, Lum finds that getting the strength will not be easy, so she uses a pair of strength wristbands and some special pills that temporarily give her super strength and she fight Soban.

Episode 138
Shuushoku taiganbo! Kaette kita nukenin kaede!!
Job Hunting! Sneaky Return of the Reject!

Kaede, the ninja girl, is found by Mendo and gives her a job as bodyguard in order to hide her. The old lady ninja master shows up and Ryoko sets up a race for Kaede to see if she's good enough for her job.

Episode 139
Tomobiki koukou sabaibaru! Ikkinokoru no wa dare da!!
Tomobiki High School Survival! Who Are the Survivors!

Three boys at Tomobiki High school have a motherly love for tomatoes, and when Jariten accidentally burns their green house, they beat him up. Jariten takes revenge by sinking the school roof high into the ground. Everyone gets uneasy and blame falls on the three tomato boys, who start fighting back.

Episode 140
Nazono kyodai kekki! Koi no touhikou panikku!!
The Mysterious Giant Cake! Love's Fleeing Panic!!

Ryoko invites everyone to a party inside a giant cake hall. Once everyone has arrived, Ryoko lets it be know that the cake is infested with bombs all set to go off soon. With a bomb detector, Lum and the other's try to find all the bombs and end up at the top of the cake. Where Ryoko is waiting with a machine gun, tries to convince Tobimaro to marry her. But a puppeteer tells Ryoko it's time for the bombs to detonate, so she leaves unscathed.

Episode 141
Makyou denshyou! Darrin wa nani wo kangaeteruccha!?
Underground Reincarnation! What's Darling Thinking Of!?

Ataru, Lum, Shinobu, and Mendo planes crash on an island and meet a girl and her father in a village where large bamboo shoots instantly grow at noon. The village also has special mushrooms that make one fall asleep in a burst of light and the surrounding area becomes one's dream world. The kids each eat one, but only Ataru's is special.

Episode 142
Oshibai panikku! Mendo-ke hanami no utage!!
Snow Panic? Mendo Family Cherry Blossom Display Banquet!

The kids are having a celebration outside and end up all getting intoxicated and performing a play that takes place in feudal Japan.

Episode 143
Harudoo karaji! Sabishi gariya no youseimonogatari!!
From the Far Spring! The Tale of the Lonely Fairy!

A snow fairy is watching Ataru during the day and makes a date with him for tomorrow. When Tomorrow arrives. Shinobu is telling Lum's Stormtroopers about snow fairies while Ataru is meeting with her in the forest. She speaks with him in a way that makes him think of his relation with Lum and when he returns home, he's in an odd mood.

Episode 144
Yume no naka he! Darrin soudatsu batoru roiyaru
To Dreamland! Darling Battle Royale Abduction

Lum is growing some special Dream-Fruit berries and Ten-chan secretly gives on to Sakura, and Lum gives one to Ataru. Every night, Sakura and Ataru meet in there dreams, which is very unpleasing to Sakura. Thrice is too much and Sakura demands an explanation. Lum takes a dream-berry and all three of them have a fight in dreamland over who will marry who, since there are two Ataru's in this dreamland, the real one and the dream one.

Episode 145
Matamoya sannin musume! Darrin yuuwaku taisaku ikusa!!
Return of the Three Daughters! The Great Scheme to Seduce Darling!

Sugar, Ginger, and Pepper try to seduce Ataru, but fail miserably. So they use an aphrodisiac spray which causes Ataru to fall in love with just about everyone and everything but the three girls.

Episode 146
Kakeru kemeguru Kotatsu-neko! Naniga nandemo atatamaru
The Scampering Kotatsu Cat! Anything to Get Warm

Kotatsu Neko buys a Kotatsu that refuses to let a blanket be put on it. After examination, Ataru discovers the Mendo crest on it calls idiot; but that summons Mendo just as easily. After a fashion, the kotatsu meets another living kotatsu and the two go off together.

Episode 147
Ryunosuke no chichi·junjousu! Suma wa omokage no naka ni!!
Ryunosuke's Father's Self Sacrificing Devotion! His Wife is Within Images!

Ryu is again pressing her father if information about her mother. Mr. Fujinami tries to get a new wife to be Ryu's mother, but his silly attempts are useless. Finally Mr. Fujinami takes Ryu to a amusement park where he and Masako (Mrs. Fujinami) used to work before marriage, and he gives Ryu, Masako's work outfit.

Episode 148
Haru ranman!? Oyuki no kaze de mizu duke!!
Spring Blossom! Frozen by Oyuki's Cold

Ran needs money for a date with Rei, so she convinces Oyuki to help her and they set up a stall at a festival. But Ran tries to sneak away with the money after she had promised to give half to Oyuki, so Oyuki freezes Ran and takes all the money. Next day, both Ran and Oyuki have a cold, but Oyuki's cold causes her to uncontrollably freeze everything around her and her cure requires capturing Kotatsu Neko.

Episode 149
Yuujou panikku! Wai wa fugu ga tsuki yanen
Panic Among Friends! I Love to Eat Blowfish

Lum and Ataru buy a blowfish. Jariten likes it as a pet, but Ataru wants to have it grow so he can eat it. Jariten gives the fish the same snack he gave the swallow back in story 4 and the fish can now fly and spit electricity. The fish goes out and gets into frays with Cherry, Kotatsu, Mr. Fujinami, and causes Mendo and some girls to get mad at Ataru.




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