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OVAs (often interchanged to OAV) stand for Original Video Animation. It's basically how the Japanese refer to anime that goes straight-to-video. OVAs are episodes usually from 30 to 60 minutes long that offer higher production values than TV animation, yet they aren't movies. After the TV show ended, the Urusei Yatsura manga continued to be written by Takahashi. The OVAs served to animate some of those manga stories for fans.

This section has short synopses for each Urusei Yatsura video release in the order they came out. These include the OVAs, music video collections and others.

July 18, 1987
Urusei Yatsura '87: Inaba the Dream Maker
Shinobu meets a boy in a rabbit costume named Inaba who drops a key. This key allows her to follow him into a strange dimension along with Lum and Ataru. They come to the room of destiny, a dimension filled with infinate doorways to possible futures upkept by a group of sentient rabbits. Lum, Ataru and Shinobu try and find an ideal future for themselves with Inaba as their guide but unfortunately each future is worse than the last. Soon the rabbits find out and try and put a stop to Inaba's little escapade. This 1987 special was debuted at the summer Kitty Animation Circle event held at Meguro Koukaido on the same day as its VHS release.

December 2 , 1988
Rage! Sherbert
Oyuki is planning to make a business out of sherberts, little bird creatures who produce eadible sherbert cones out of their beaks. Ran takes one to make some money on earth, but she overworks it in the summer heat and the little sherbert begins to get really irritated. It breaks loose immediately causing havok all over Tomobiki. Because it destroys Benten's bike she intends to murder the obnoxious bird. Now Ran has to save the pesky bird from Benten and catch it for fear of Oyuki's retribution.

December 8, 1988
Nagisa's Fiance
Ryuunosuke's father opens an abandoned tea shop on a remote island which Ryuu, Ataru, Lum, Shinobu and Mendo soon find out is still inhabited by the ghosts of it's former owners. The ghosts are none other than Mr. Fujinami's best friend and his lovely "daughter" named Nagisa who seems completely amourous of Ryuunosuke. It comes as a surprise to Ryuu that their two fathers had them engaged. Even after Nagisa is able to come back to life, it seems that "she" doesn't realise Ryuunosuke is a girl, but there's an ironic little story twist here.

August 21 , 1989
The Electric Household Guard
Mendo's father has gotten him a private bodyguard who turns out to be the brainless, illiterate and rather unintuitive Shingo, now a ninja. Shingo meets Ryoko and she decides to use him to cause some fun-filled trouble. She convinces Shingo to elope with her which causes Mendo and Ataru to follow in hot persuit. Of course Lum comes along to keep Ataru away from Ryoko. But as usual Shingo gets carried away and starts using his power and ninja tricks to fight back, with Ryoko intently helping to make things worse.

September 1, 1989
I Howl at the Moon
Lum makes Ataru some sakura-mochi for a night time picnic watching the cherry blossoms. But Lum had made a mistake and accidentally made tsukimi-dango instead (which are traditionally eaten during moon viewing). Supposedly when eaten at the wrong time, it causes lycanthropy in humans. The next day Ataru finds himself becoming a werewolf along with Onsen-Mark who also ate some. Lum must now force Ataru to take the antidote before 24 hours are up, or he'll remain a wolf forever. Ataru however doesn't realise this, so he keeps evading Lum all night.

December 21 , 1989
Goat and Cheese
This is where the OVAs started to lose continuity and use varying animation styles that didn't quite gel with Urusei Yatsura's established style. Still this is a pretty faithful adaptation of Takahashi's story. On a hill within the Mendo estate there is a statue of a goat. Mendo tells his friends that it is forbidden to take a picture in front of that statue for it brings bad luck since the real life goat hated getting his picture taken. But Mendo's father takes a picture of them together anyway. According to his father, a phantom of the goat will come to eat the photographs and when that happens, those in the photo will die as a consequence. So with the help of Sakura they watch over the photographs all night. A night of terror they would never forget.

December 27 , 1989
Catch the Heart
On her way to a date with Rei, Ran obtains a pouch of heart candies that cause a heart to appear over whoever eats one. That person will fall in love with whoever takes that heart. But when the heart is let go, that person will return to normal. Ran tries to use the candies on Rei, but fails completely. In exasperation she gives them to Lum. After the candies cause a situation between Ataru and Lum, he takes to fulfill for his own lewd wishes. Soon these candies are cirulating around the school as everyone else tries to use them for their own ambitions.

June 21 , 1991
Terror of Girly-eyes Measles
Ten has the measles and is trying to stay away from Lum who wants to give him a shot with a very big syringe. Because Ten may have given the measles to Ataru she wants to give him a shot too. Ataru runs away, not knowing that he's carrying the alien "girly-eyes" measles strain, which gives men big cute anime-girl eyes. Now Ataru has girly-eyes and can't pick up girls without scaring them away. What's worse is that Ataru is spreading the disease all over town. Try to imagine Cherry, Onsen-Mark, Ryuunosuke's Father and the Principal with girly eyes. It's not a sight for the faint-hearted.

June 21, 1991
Date with a Spirit
On the day Tsubame is supposed to meet Sakura for a date, he wakes to find a young teenaged girl in his bed. Dragging Ataru and Lum along, Sakura finds Tsubame with the girl and is angry, until they find out she's a ghost. The ghost girl is infatuated with Tsubame and doesn't want to leave his side so she decides to haunt him. Sakura begins to get jealous and question their relationship.

December 23, 2008
The Obstacle Course Swim Meet
The first new piece of Urusei Yatsura animation in 17 years. The students of Tomobiki High find themselves forced to compete in a swim meet from hell.

Other Specials...

March 1983
UY Video Special
A VHS release that contained the TV Specials "Urusei Yatsura All-Star Bash" and "Grade School Excursion! Run For It!" which could subsequently be found with most TV collection releases.

July 25, 1983
Love Me More
An hour long special with music from the series overlayed with scenes from the show and narration by Fumi Hirano. The songs include (in order) Lum no Love Song, Kokorobosoina, Lum no Ballad, Ucchu wa Taihen da!, Dancing Star, Symphony Douran (First Movement) Margarita, Kage fumi no Waltz, Hoshizora Cycling, Yume wa Love Me More, Moonlight Coaster, and Symphony Douran (Second Movement)

December 1, 1984
Chance on Love
The follow up release to "Love Me More" it contains more music videos and runs 43 minutes.

September 25, 1985
TV Titles
The opening and ending songs free of cast and credit listings. This one runs 22 minutes.

February 15, 1986
Making of "Lum the Forever"
A documentary on the making of the fourth Urusei Yatsura film.

June 1986
Fan Convention Live '86
A documentary made at a 1986 Urusei Yatsura fan gathering in Japan. Released on VHS only.

July 21, 1986
Symphony Kaisou Urusei Yatsura
A laserdisk to accompany the CD release of the same name. It contains highlights and reflections from the TV show put to a scored symphonic version of various background music pieces. The music was preformed by a group known as "Apricot Systematic".

July 21, 1986
Ryoko's September Tea Party
A highlight reel with approimately 15 minutes of all new animation. The old footage highlights the guests at Ryoko's tea party, with the new footage comprising the actual party.

December 5, 1986
Memorial Album I'm the Shuu-chan
A highlight special that uses scenes from the series to highlight the Mendo Family, with new animation to fill in the segues. Narrated by the Mendo family's personal satellite.

July 21, 1988
We Meet Again, Preview Collection
Known in Japan as Mata Aeru-ccha Yokokuhen-shuu, from the sound of it, I believe it's a collection of episode previews and clocks in at 1 hour and 12 minutes.

November 1989
UY Karaoke Music Party
A collection of UY songs complete with lyrics so you can sing-a-long. The songs include: Lum's Love Song, Dancing Star, Pajama Jama da!, Chance on Love, Rock the Planet, Tonogata Gomen Asobase, Ai wa Boomerang, Good Luck, Uchuu wa Taihen da!, Remember My Love, Suki~Kirai, Hoshizora Cycling, I, I, You and Ai, Yume wa Love Me More, Open Invitation and Moonlight Coaster.

December 1991
10th Anniversary
A special released to coincide with the release of the final UY film, Itsudatte My Darling, which marked the 10th Anniversary of the series. This special is now included as an extra on the Japanese TV DVD Boxset.

December 1993
Music Calendar '94
A video-only release that was a companion piece to the music calendars that were popular during this period.


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