TV Episodes

This page provides a guide to all 195 Urusei Yatsura television episodes that aired from 1981 to 1986. Every single episode is listed along with brief summaries of what happens in each installment.

Episodes 1 - 21
October 14, 1981

Episodes 22 - 43
April 7 , 1982
Episodes 44 - 54
October 13, 1982
Episodes 55 - 77
January 5, 1983
Episodes 78 - 106
July 27, 1983
Episodes 107 - 127
April 18, 1984
Episodes 128 - 149
October 17, 1984
Episodes 150 - 165
April 3, 1985
Episodes 166 - 195
July 24, 1985


Unlike today when TV anime is made in seasons of 24 episodes, Urusei Yatsura was produced non-stop from beginning to end with no seasonal breaks, at the same time as producing 4 movies (No wonder the animators were always so exhausted). So it's hard to divide it up into seasons since as far as I can tell, there was no differentiation. Instead for the purpose of this page, I've divided up the episodes based on when the opening or ending theme song was changed. We'll call these "seasons" but really don't take it literally.

In the creation of these summaries, the entire 50 volume set of laserdiscs were viewed in their original Japanese. Since the writers of these summaries were not completely fluent at the time, there are more than a few mistakes within. But overall they present a good look at the entire television run.


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