If you have an interview to share, send it to mason@proulx.ca with the subject line "Interview for Tomobiki-cho". As long as the interview is with someone who is a fairly prominent figure in relation to Urusei Yatsura or any of Rumiko Takahashi's works, it'll be posted here.

Rocketbaby talks with UY composer/arranger Fumitaka Anzai
Urusei Yatsura has undoubtedly some of the most lively and varied music of any anime series, and Anzai is responsible for a lot of it. Here in an interview for anime and game music web journal RocketBaby, he talks about his work experiences with Urusei Yatsura and his life since then.

A Talk with Takahashi
by K.J. Karvonen (Animeco fanzine)
Not so much an interview than a report of a Q&A session with Takahashi at the 1994 San Diego ComiCon.
Does Takahashi reveal any secrets? Read to find out.


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