Inaba is a boy who wears a rabbit costume and appears near the end of the series. He works for the Destiny Production Bureau, A subspace organization made up of sentient rabbit creatures who control the fates of every living thing in the universe. It mainly consists of an endless room with a nearly infinite number of doors floating everywhere. These doors lead to many possible destines which may or may not come true. Inaba who has the position of apprentice had always been an unreliable screw-up but the rabbits took it in good humor.

One day while lost on Earth, Inaba met Shinobu and was smitten yet Shinobu who was a little more apprehensive first thought that he was just another jerk. Inaba, saw that Shinobu seemed depressed with her life, so he tried to show her a better future. Soon Shinobu began to fall for Inaba. She could see that he was a bumbling fool but was genuinely earnest and kind-hearted. It seems that after all of her bad experiences with men, that Shinobu had finally found what she'd been looking for.

Trying to alter destiny and letting mortals into the room was strictly forbidden so the rabbits had to stop him, and a long and aggressive chase ensued which caused much damage to the Bureau. After it was over, the rabbits decided that severe punishment was needed. At first they were going to boil him alive, but after they had a chance to calm down they just put him to work putting doorknobs on those seemingly infinite number of doors.

Eventually he's let out and begins to court Shinobu. They have their initial misunderstandings, but it's smooth sailing from then on. Although Shinobu wishes he didn't have to wear that dumb costume all the time. Kind of makes it hard to show him off to her friends.

Notes about the name

Inaba's name comes from a children's story called "The White Rabbit of Inaba"

Voice: Hirotaka Suzuoki

Other roles of Hirotaka include Tenshinhan from Dragonball and Tatewaki Kuno from Ranma .

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