Kitsune is a cute and honest, pudgy little fox spirit with an acorn around his neck and amorous thoughts on his mind.

Kitsune developed a major crush on Shinobu after she saved him from getting beat up by a gang of punk dogs. Forever indebted to her, Kitsune comes to see Shinobu all of the time. Often he brings some magical forest items and takes everyone on fantastic adventures (Yeah I know it sounds sappy, but it's still fun).

Shinobu loves to play with him but she never realizes how he feels about her. Like foxes of mythology Kitsune can polymorph. His transformation power allows him to make himself look like a short fox version of the other UY characters. He doesn't seem to realize that his transformations aren't fooling anyone since he keeps trying to impersonate people. He's set apart from the rest of the cast in the fact that he's the only character in all of Urusei Yatsura who isn't obnoxious or dangerous. Well, maybe a little.

Notes about the name

Kitsune simply means "fox". Like calling your dog, "Dog."

Voice: Masako Sugaya

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