The Principal

The principal of Tomobiki High School is a subtle person. He's most often seen in his office drinking tea with his partner Kotatsu-neko. The principal has a very slow and proper way of talking and he has a tendency to spew out boring speeches about school spirit that never seem to go anywhere.

He's a very calm old man who rarely acts in anger and always keeps a straight face. Or rather he only becomes angered at school related infractions like students cutting class or wearing a uniform incorrectly. All of the truly insane things that happen in the school every day don't seem to have any affect on him. You'd think he should become irate over the constant alien invasions, destruction, parties, chases and such, but it doesn't really phase him at all. He takes it as if it was nothing more than a normal part of the curriculum. But be seen running in the halls and you'll be holding buckets of water in the hall. He reminds me of a lot of teachers and principals I had growing up. Many of whom had tunnel vision and treated students as if school was the only thing happening to them in their lives. Anything that happened outside the context of school simply didn't exist.

It may seem strange that the more out of the ordinary happenings don't bother him, but as a matter of fact, much of this mayhem is his doing. He will often initiate and organize strange competitions and outings that are intended to increase school spirit, but they go too far and eventually turn into full blown life or death situations.

Voice: Nishimura Tomomichi

Tomomichi is the seiyuu for the revered "Kocho-sensei" of Tomobiki High School. He was Rei's Grandfather in Sailor Moon and Detective Matsui in Patlabor.

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