Ataru's Parents

They're the average lower-middle-class couple who had given birth to the most hopeless cretin on the face of the earth, and forever regretting it.

Together they have an annoyingly common domestic relationship that is either dull as dirt, or on the rocks. They spend much of their time reminiscing about their younger days when they were newlyweds wishing for a girl when instead they got Ataru.

Ataru's father is a whimpy, whiny bundle of stress. He slaves all day at a dead-end job, comes home to his bossy wife and idiot son and constantly worries about money. Ataru's bad luck costs him a lot, especially when the house keeps getting blown up. Ataru's father usually finds refuge from the everyday chaos by always hiding behind the newspaper.

Ataru's mother is a homemaker. Loud, high-strung and a constant nag. She's severely embarrassed by her son who is always making her unpopular with the neighbors. She often proclaims that she should have never had him. But despite all of her insults, she still sees Ataru as her baby and couldn't stand for him to leave. She bosses her husband around a lot who just sits there reading his newspaper hoping the insanity will stop.

Voices: Kenichi Ogata, Natsumi Sakuma

Mr. Moroboshi's voice is provided by Kenichi Ogata who some may recognize as the seiyuu for Genma Saotome of Ranma .

Mrs. Moroboshi's voice actress is Natsumi Sakuma

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