Lum's Parents

Lum's father, the great Oni warlord named Invader initiated the attack on Earth. An gigantic figure of a man who is very menacing and intimidating (although he doesn't seem to realize how fearsome he is). He has a weight problem and tends to raise his voice a lot. But sometimes he's kind of goofy. He's an old fashioned war-mongering guy with chauvanist values about women, although his wife doesn't let him get away with that.

As for Lum's mother, she doesn't speak a word of Japanese. The only thing you can hear from her is a jibberish-like Oni language often depicted as mah-jong tiles in the manga. Strangely enough many people don't have any trouble understanding her. She is much like an older version of Lum, she even has the same powers of electricity and flight.

The two are such difficult and temperamental people that they fight a lot. You soon start to see where Lum's temper comes from.

Voices: Ritsuo Sawa, Reiko Yamada

Invader's voice is by Ritsuo Sawa

Lum's mother is voiced by Reiko Yamada

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